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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Great Ideas For A Saturday!

Saturdays seem to be the best day to be inspired! It is a good day to re-group and make plans on upcoming,
“To-Do’s.” and Honey-Do list.

If I see a good idea I pin it, or save it in my files so I can share it with YOU, my readers. This post is going to be a somewhat random post, but the common thread running throughout will be some Handy Dandy Ideas that you might like as much as I did.

Since Valentines Day is our next Holiday let’s start with something we can all do for our family to make the day feel a bit more special. You won’t believe how easy this one is….

I told you!! Easy peasy-Lemon squeezy!! A square pan and a round pan cut in half will make a heart. Who knew?

Here is another heart shaped product that has absolutely nothing to do with Valentines day………

I told you so!! I actually saw a make-up artist use a business card on top and bottom lashes. The premise is to have something that you can apply pressure too in order to get more mascara on your lashes, and keep them from clumping. I am actually thinking about getting this little $5.99 item!

How about drawer dividers with cup hooks to hang your necklaces!? I love this idea!

Now let’s talk about a family picnic! I told you this would be a random post, but this is another really good idea……

Did you know that if you put a bunch of corn on the cob in a cooler and pour bowling water to cover it and then shut the lid you will have perfect corn on the cob in a very large amount in about 30 minutes. Now don’t doubt me, this was on Bon appetit website!

Speaking of picnics or a backyard barbecue do you all have bugs that fly into your drinks? Here is a really cute idea to eliminate that problem all together……….

I told you it was cute! I just love the  black and white polka dots! Speaking of black and white, check out this next idea……..

Talk about being green and re-purposing. This clever person made a chalkboard desk out of their child’s outgrown crib!

If you have a small space available to do a coffee bar I think this design is so practical and decorative at the same time.

A dish drainer to hold all the plastic container lids, so simple and yet it is perfect. This is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of this,” ideas.

Pretty clever, no more messy cords hanging around.
I love cheese and I always have a cheese board when I have dinner guest here. This next idea is so doable and it would be so versatile as well…….

Never swear at a roll of tape again for loosing its edge, just place a bread tie on the end, and Voila no more swearing!

I kid you not!! This really works I tried it!!!

Since this is the time of year that we all seem to be reorganizing our homes I thought I would leave you with a few ideas that might help you enjoy the process a little bit more.

This is command central for the family. Each child's initial marks their board. They have a pocket for papers that need to be looked at or returned to the teacher.Lunches are ready and waiting. 

This does not take much space, and yet it covers all the bases for a family. Great idea, indeed!

For more great ideas like these on organization visit my friend Wendi from, "Classic Chic Home blog," she is doing a wonderful series on organizing your home.

Trust me she knows what she is writing about, she is the organizing Queen, you should see what she calls her junk drawer! She also did a post on organization  over at Carolyn's blog, "Sweet Chaos Home."

If your children are more of the adult variety this is another type of command center that takes up very little space.

This last idea is one that I really would like to incorporate into my garage when I attempt to clean it out. Boy, that is a whole other show. I am always in need of all of these boxes. You could title yours what ever you need. I think I would have dry cleaning instead of Library for my life. How about you all, what would you put on your box fronts?

I told you this would be a random post, didn’t I?
You just never know what will show up on my blog!

Hopefully you can use at least one or two of these in your future. If not, I still had fun rounding them up for you.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Taking time on a Saturday to dream about things you would like to do!!!

Closet update: I am still purging away!! I have purged one full bag of clothes and 19 pairs of shoes and 10 purses. I still have a bit more to do and then I will be done. Hopefully I will have an after picture to show you all. Thanks for following along with me. 

I just visited Mary Ann's blog Classic•Casual•Home and she is showing her beautifully organized closet. I got a few more great ideas that I might try in my own closet!