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Monday, October 28, 2013

How Do You CUFF!?


A New Way To Make A Cuff!

Who knew all these years I have been cuffing my shirts the same way, and now I read there is a new way to do it!?

No kidding! Now if you are like me you like to cuff your long sleeve shirts, in fact, I can say that I almost always do. 

There is something about a shirt with long sleeves that bug me, but the 3/4 sleeve shirts can tend to look a bit old ladyish.

Camel, Plaid & Pearls
Love this look and this is how I usually wear mine.

What I Wore | Glam Plaid, Jessica Quirk, How to wear a plaid shirt, whatiwore.tumblr.com
If I wear a jacket you will probably see me with a cuff peeking out underneath the sleeve of the jacket.

denim + blazer: I need to find a navy blazer
As you can see there are plenty of others that cuff the same way that I have been cuffing for years.

gingham shirt, pearls,leopard flats
Loving this whole outfit! Cuffs and all!

Are you ready to see the new way to cuff?
You will have to look at the image very closely to figure it out, but don’t worry I will have a diagram at the end of the post to show you how.

Vertical Stripe Blouse

Not as neat and tidy as the old cuff, but also more casual  and fun.

How to Roll Sleeves Like J. Crew be sure to do this with plaid and chambray blouses.

Apparently the key is to make it not look too, prim and proper, but more nonchalant.....

“Look I just pushed up my sleeves and this is how it turned out!”

exPress-o: How To Cuff Your Sleeves J.Crew Style.
I can not verify that Jcrew originated this new way of cuffing, but so far all roads have led me to their site.

I will leave you with just one more image to help you out in this new way of cuffing…..

REVAMP exPress-o: How To Cuff Your Sleeves J.Crew Style.
As you can see there is quite a technique in making it look so effortless.

I am not sure I will be wearing this new look, since I have personally not tried it out yet. It has just now gotten cold enough to get out the long sleeve shirts.

I will keep you posted on how it works for me, or if I will just continue, my prim, and preppy way of cuffing!

How about YOU, do you cuff the Jcrew way?