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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Natural Look at Christmas!

During the Holidays there are so many ideas that come out each year depending on where you are looking. A few years ago the natural look became very popular. It has emerged again this year.

I am not sure if it is because of the economy and people are using what surrounds them or if it is part of the green movement. Either way I think it is a great look when done well.

I found a few images that had a  natural look to me…….

17 (400x400)
This is the most over the top look that I have found.

I love the treatment around the mirror. I am not sure I would have made the mantle decor quite that busy, but this appears to be a very large traditional home so the look fits.

Notice all of the pinecones, wheat, nuts, and greenery that abound.  I sure wish I had some trophy cups, they are on my list!!!

6 (360x460)
They really used a lot of pinecones here!!  I like the idea of the garland and the pinecones used in urns.

9 (360x460)
Simple!, yet it makes a great statement.

8 (360x460)
I am starting to see a theme here. (pinecones in an urn!)

3 (600x332)
No pinecones here, but still lovely nature inspired decorations.

2 (800x533)
Natural elements of a different kind. Fruit, flowers and berries are use beautifully here.

11 (200x267)
For all of you lucky Southerners, berries mixed with magnolia leaves in an outdoor urn, lovely.

5 (383x344)
Very simple!!! No cloches here! Instead they have taken lanterns and filled them with various decorations. I like this allot.

14 (300x300)
Very clever!! Birch covered cylinders with varying shades of green plant life. I actually purchased some of these last year and used them in a center piece in my dining room. I will show you that in tomorrow's post!

12 (400x356)
More birch covers and this time it is on candles. Pottery Barn came out with this look a few years back and it is still popular today.

10 (800x535)
Back to pinecones!!! Simple and festive. I love the green plaid fabric that they used here for the letters on what appears to be linen or burlap.

1 (300x400)
Remember Lincoln logs? I don’t think we can go back anymore to nature than this cute tree made out of twigs. I think this would make a great craft for children. It could start out with a walk in the woods and they can find twigs to bring home to make a tree!!!

Can you see yourself using a Back to nature theme for Christmas this year?

Come back tomorrow and I will show you how I incorporated a touch of Nature in my dining room last year.

My friend Terri at La Dolfina did an amazing job of using pinecones in her Christmas decorating this year. Terri is an avid collector of sea shells. I told her that pine cones are her winter sea shells!! If you need more inspiration be sure and visit Terri's blog.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Going back to Nature for your Holiday inspiration!


Holiday Hints:

When you take your morning walks, look around you and see what you can take home to use for the holidays.

If you use pine cones you can add some cinnamon oil to them and they will make your house smell wonderful.

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On another note♫♪♫♪ literally
 I just added a Christmas playlist at the bottom of my page. Let me know if you like hearing Christmas music or not???!
I always have music playing at my house and this is sort of home away from home so I thought for Christmas it might be kind of nice. Let me know if you like it or not???