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Thursday, June 2, 2016



For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile you will know that I am trying to encourage all of you and myself to step outside of our comfort zone a little bit and try new things.

Do you ever see a darling outfit and think to yourself, " I wish I looked like her so I could wear that outfit,"? If you are like most women I am sure you have said it at least once in your life time

We all have our own personal challenges when it comes to our body types, however I feel it is important to embrace who you are, and dress your body according to what you feel great in. It is also important to always make an effort to look your best.

Let's face it when we get dressed it takes the same amount of time to put on a stylish well fitting outfit as it does a frumpy one. The only difference is usually our self confidence.

Today I want to talk about that moment when you see THAT outfit that you just love, but you know because of your body type or maybe even what you feel is appropriate for you it is just not quite right. This is an outfit you can't get out of your mind.


Let me tell you what I do...........

After I have seen an outfit I like but realize it is not quite for my body type or age, I analyze what is it about the outfit that I really love. Let's take a look at something I saw this week that I was immediately drawn to, but knew I would not wear it for various reasons.

I got this in my inbox yesterday and fell in love with it for the following reasons:

1. black/ink stripes
2. cool and fresh look
3. mix of stripes with larger scale floral
4. beautiful colors in the scarf
5. models hair
6. white pants

Now it is time for the honesty game, but when you do this do not be overly critical of yourself. 

We are trying to see ourselves from a different perspective. List the reasons it will not work. We are only doing this so we can find a remedy to what some would view as a problem.

Reasons this particular outfit won't work for me as shown......

1. I am not comfortable in puffy sleeves or off the shoulders type pieces.
2. When it is warm I won't be wearing a scarf that large no matter how beautiful it seems, however on an evening outing I just might wear it as a shoulder cover up.
3. Her hair, sigh!! I won't wear mine that short, or that blonde.
4. I don't look good in a billowy top.

It was so easy to list what I loved about the outfit and even pretty easy to list why this particular ensemble, as is, won't work for me.

Now for the solution part and this is the part I want you, my dear readers to start practicing more and more until it becomes a habit and you start enjoying shopping for yourself with excitement and anticipation. Take on the challenge!!

This is what I can wear and what looks best on my body. We all need to know what silhouette, colors and proportions are best on us in order to be successful at making an outfit fit our style and shape.

1. I can wear stripes and love to wear them
2. I can mix patterns and feel comfortable  in them.
3. I can wear cheerful colors.
4. I can wear my hair in a pulled back style that is a bit more sleek and cool looking.

Look at the two list, for every I can't or won't, I can make it an, "I Can!"
Trust me you can too.

Now let me show you how I will re-interpret this outfit to my body type and the silhouette that looks best on me.

I am only 5'4" and I have a curvy figure so a closer to the body fit on top is better for me. Adjust the fit of your top to your figure type.

Once I have my silhouette figured out then it is time to look for tops that could work.This is where you consider, color and pattern. 

The inspirational outfit has a solid, a stripe and a print so these are the patterns I will look for, for both my tops and bottoms.

Let's start with the tops. ...

 Hellooo stripe and print in one top, making my job easier!! Look at the colors as well, fresh and cheerful like the colors in the scarf. If a knit top is a bit more blousey than I like, if possible I size down for a closer fit.

I obviously would wear either a white skirt, white bermudas or white ankle pants with this top. I would pull my hair back in a classic pony tail and wear larger scaled gold hoops and I am good to go with a pair of leather gold flip flop type sandals.

In the summer months I find skirts to be cooler than even shorts so I often will wear a skirt when it is warm outside.

This outfit gives me the feel, fit, and look of my original inspiration piece.


This is another style of top that I know I can wear and it can give me that fresh look like the inspiration outfit.

I can actually do a couple of things with this top. I could use the floral scarf and wear white pants just like the inspiration outfit, or I can mix it up a bit and add a floral/print skirt on the bottom...

This skirt has the same bright cheerful colors as the inspiration outfit, not exactly but still fresh and cheerful. 

I would wear this skirt and the black striped blouse either tucked in or possibly wear it out, and tie the front to accent my waist. I would wear black patent simple sandals with this outfit.

 What if I decide to wear my stripes on the bottom?

I could do a couple of things with this skirt. I can wear a solid white top and a floral scarf or I could add a floral top.

This top would look darling with the above striped skirt and I would have my two patterns with fresh colors  in a nice mix.

Let's try one more mix!

What about a striped scarf with a floral skirt?

This skirt will call for a solid top if I am going to add a scarf to the mix.

Are you starting to see how an outfit can be re-interpreted to fit you body type and your own personal style?

Dressing in a style you are comfortable with is a trial and error proposition.

Don't limit yourself to wearing the same old thing, venture out a bit and try new things. We are only limited my our own imaginations.