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Monday, August 26, 2013

I Can Hardly Wait!

Have you ever waited for a long time to have something done and when the day finally arrives to get it done, you can hardly believe it?!!

Well that is what is going on with me today. 

TODAY is the day an electrician is coming to my house! For those of you who know me, or who have been following along with my journey in blogland you might remember a few of the things I am about to show you….

Lighting #1

Lantern 005 (800x600)
Colorful? Yes! Big? Yes! Functional? NO!

This lantern will be going in this room…..
time to play

Right in the middle of the room hanging from the ceiling!


Lighting #2


Hanging already? Yes!  Pretty? I like to
 think so! Do they light up? A big fat NO!!

Lighting #3

I had a little fun on my Facebook page this weekend. I showed this image on my page, and asked everyone if they knew what it was…….

Capiz lights 001 (1024x768)

There were so many funny answers and guesses. Here are just a few:

1. a bait loader? you separate your bait, or your hubby does and when you want to load your hook you simply put the hook in the bait inside baggie so you don't have to touch the bait? or wind chime...

2. A floating device for children?

3. It's a device that scare seagulls away? Instead of a scarecrow, it's a scareseagull? Or white noise for when I take my nap at the beach it'll relax me? Or a dinner bell for people with very good hearing? Homing device for kids playing in the water to be able to find our beach blanket? Oh heck, I don't know. Can you tell I'm guessing?

4. Ah! Hah! , you'll be collecting sea shells and placing them in the bags to make a mobile. Being the clever interior designer that you are the sand will be contained in the baggies so it'll save you time when you do your dusting chores

In all fairness to them I did give them some hints that probably led the astray….

HINT: It has something to do with the BEACH!
HINT: It makes a noise.
HINT: It uses something you use to fish with!

All of my hints were true, but misleading, on purpose.

There were a couple of friends that guessed right!


West elm capiz

Here is mine hanging in the playroom reading nook. I used this handy dandy way to hang it while I unwrapped every single little bag that was protecting the shell strands as pictured above!

Capiz lights 004 (768x1024)

My last hint was that it looks good in the morning or at night…….

Capiz lights 008 (768x1024)

Here it is all lit up!! An extra bonus is the shadows it will cast on the wall.

My HINT about it makes a noise is very true, it makes the most wonderful tinkling sound.

I am mesmerized by these types of lights. I can not walk by one without touching them. 

I not only have one but I have TWO!! Now let me show you where they will be going……

master bedroom collage
One on each side of my king size bed in the master bedroom.

So now you can see why I a very excited, our handy-dandy electrician will be installing all of these lights today!
I will keep you posted!!