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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Really Need Your Opinions On This One


There is so much being written about the soon to be demise of Google Friend Connect that I felt compelled not to be a techy, and tell you all about it, but rather tell you how I plan on dealing with it.

There are two types of Bloggers in blog land, “BLOGGERS!” and “BLOGGERETTES.” 

You will notice one word is bigger than the other. That is because there are those that are big time bloggers with lots of  followers that will really  work at creating more traffic in order to promote their blog for advertising purposes.

Not to say that they don’t entertain, and educate at the same time, but they have attached their blogs to advertisers, and sources to get their blog name out there in blogland.

These bloggers are using their blogs as a business of sorts. I commend them for doing so, and we all know that there are those who are really big enough to make an income doing so. They are the heavy hitters in blogland.


Now the smaller blogs, or Bloggerettes  like me, are blogging for a creative outlet  in hopes of inspiring, entertaining, and possibly teaching a few along the way.

We all have so many questions and concerns pertaining to this subject.


I am definitely not an expert in this techy world of blog land, but merely a person that is using my logic on how I will be  approaching this situation, and how I will be taking care of the Google Friend Connect demise on my own blog!


You will notice on my side bar I have a subscribe by email option.  I have always ascertained that this is probably a truer representation of who is really following along with me on my blog journey. These subscribers want to be sure they don’t miss one of my post by getting them sent via email.


This is probably the easiest and most straight forward way for a reader to follow along with our blog post. By putting their email address in the slot they will then become a subscriber via email and each time I write a post they will receive it in their inbox.

I know there are those that do not want their email jammed with blog post so there is another option on my sidebar. It is a way of getting my blog via an RSS feed.

Right now I only have it for Google reader, but I have  contacted my blog designer, Elizabeth Chaffee from the Mustard Ceiling blog about adding more RSS feeds so that you may choose which reader you would like to receive my post in.

If and when Google Friend Connect goes away so will the number count of followers. I am not sad about this at all. I find myself fixating at times about the numbers or the lack of numbers, and I never wanted to be, “ That blogger girl!”

I have thought about taking away the number many times, but did not know how to do it without making all of your images go away. I like seeing your faces over there on my sidebar!
That is the one sad part about GFC going away, all of your faces will disappear also.

So with all that being said I have a question for all of you my dear readers………

“Which readers (RSS feed) do you like to receive your blog post on?!”

I figure if I get your opinions I can add the most popular readers, and limit the amount of feeds on my RSS feed button.

Please leave me a comment I really need your feedback on this one.

I also want to thank each and every single person that follows me through Google Friend Connect, via email or through RSS feeds.

YOU my dear readers are the reason that I keep writing, and you have all made this process so enjoyable.
I will continue to:

“Enjoy the Process!” Of: