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Monday, March 26, 2018

My Final Choices For PINK SPRING Pillows!!


I have gone through my process of choosing fabrics and pillows for my SPRING PINK changes.

Let me give you a little background on my journey towards PINK in my home.

I know you all remember the slate blue and mauve movement. Well, I just could not get on board with mauve. It was way too muddy for me so I began an search for the right pink family for my own home. I found I liked a clearer version of pink, something between raspberry and a watermelon pink.

After several years, yes you heard that right, YEARS! I found the perfect plaid fabric on a trip to Sturbridge Village Massachusetts. You can say one thing about me, I am patient and persistent.

Since then I have tried two other times to add some pink to my home to no avail.

Here are several of my different attempts to add pink to my existing great room...

As the saying goes, "CLOSE only counts in horseshoes!" These all came very close but in my heart of hearts I knew they were just not QUITE right!!

One the pink was too pale, two the pink came off too coral! I am beginning to sound like the Goldilocks of PINK.

I am not Goldilocks but I am very particular and a detailed person. I also try hard to go with my instincts and to stay true to myself. 

Several years have gone by and PINK has been in the back of my mind every Spring.

After I used pink and red at Christmas I KNEW I HAD to find the right pink. I never tired of it and I was actually a little sad when the Christmas decorations came down.

My search began.....

First I put out all my possibilities and play with them for a couple of days in order to narrow them down. 

Next I make collages with the fabric choices that I have narrowed it down to and still do some eliminating.

 Tried adding a little more blue to the mix.

 I have to give a shout out to my talented DIL who suggested adding a monogram because she knows me soooo well, and I love a good monogram.

My beautiful and talented DIL Amy!!

 As much as I loved the idea of a monogram in actual theory it would not quite look right on the pink striped pillow, however I am keeping it in mind for a possible blue one in the future. She also had a great idea of adding some navy tassels to the pillow I use in the black and white chair. I am keeping that idea to try once the pillows arrive.

The other process I use is the, "Morning Test!" I look at my choices very first thing before my mind gets bogged down with other details and I am going on purely a gut instinct of what pleases my eye. 

If it doesn't pass the morning test and I seem to be talking myself into it, then I eliminate it. I have found this test to be full proof through the years for myself and my clients.

After going through this process and eliminating the fabrics that felt not quite right I came up with three fabrics that pleased my eye.

The three fabrics on the back of the chair are my final choices. 

The two fabrics and pillows are being made by Linda at West End Accents on Etsy. I have used Linda's workroom before, and  I am always pleased with the results. I also have to mention the fabulous selection of high end designer fabrics that she always seems to carry. She seems to stay up on the trends and has a fabulous offering. You can find her shop HERE!!  If you stop by or place an order with her, tell her Kathysue sent you!!

This fabric will be made into a 32in X 15in. lumbar pillow and I ordered it from Tonic Living. This is my first order with them.

  Here is the configuration of pillows that I am happy with and have already placed my order....

So there you have it!! Pink for my Great room! Now the waiting begins. Linda's lead time is 2-3 weeks so if I can wait several years for PINK to come into my home I guess 2-3 weeks of waiting isn't too bad!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

It's SPRING and I'm In The PINK!!


I am at it again!! It is that time of year for me to look at how I can brighten up my great room for Spring. Fabric samples have arrived and I am definitely going to be making some final decisions soon.

Of course sometimes there are snags in our plans and there was in mine when I found out the fabric I wanted to combine all the colors is no longer available ANYWHERE!! Sigh, ugh. Now onto plan B!

Here are some of the samples I am looking at getting, excluding the upper left from Studio McGee, "no longer available!"

In the past I have tried to add pink but it just was not working for me. I found that I need a brighter pink in my room for it to look like ME!! It's important to always stay true yourself when decorating your home.

I actually have two of these fabrics in other colors ways so I know I love the patterns.

Here are last years Spring pillows, the blue Chinoiserie pattern and the green feather looking pattern are the same patterns I have for my new selections but only in pink.

My next step is to find the right combinations to put in my great room. Yes, I take lots of time to plan it all out, but that is what designing is, making a workable plan for the homeowners home/room and making it come to fruition. Without planning expensive mistakes can happen. Why settle on something just because you can get it NOW. Take your time and.......