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Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Day I Really Knew The Price Of Freedom


Sometimes I think we forget to celebrate our Freedom on the Fourth of July. You know we all get excited about family gatherings, fireworks and wonderful food and drink.
I wonder how many of us ponder the idea of Freedom and how much has been sacrificed over the years so that we may enjoy our lifestyle in the United States. 
I remember the first time I really felt the twinge of how important our Freedom is and how we often take it for granted. 
We decided to visit the East coast right after 9/11. I know many were frightened to fly at that time, but Hubby and I were not. 
We all knew the price of freedom on that dreadful day but it really hit home when we got off of the plane late one night in Baltimore, the airport was fairly empty, but what I was about to see when we got off of our flight will forever remain in my memory.

As we de-boarded there were armed guards in full gear lining the halls of the terminal. I got big tears in my eyes because at that very moment I knew the meaning of freedom. A bit of ours had been taken away. No longer were we free to come and go. No longer were our concerns just about what food or movie we would see on the plane. 
We  as citizens of this wonderful country were about to be scrutinized, guarded, our every move watched very closely. The carefree excitement of going to a new and exciting place had been taken from us.  I had always been able to fly to whatever destination I wanted to fly too and there were never armed guards watching me but now there were. 
A piece of our freedom that I had never thought of as a freedom before had forever been changed.

I can think of one freedom I am doing right now!! Blogging and communicating to all of you, my wonderful readers. Oh how sad it would be if this freedom could be taken from me. You see how easy it is to take freedom for granted? 
We go about our daily business without much thought to activities that we just automatically partake in. After that day in the airport I don't  think I will ever take my life here in the United States for granted ever again.
Now that I am older and wiser I look at life from a different perspective and I realize Life and its Freedoms in our beautiful country are precious and should be valued and honored.
On this 4th of July try to take a moment to think of the daily freedoms we take for granted and give thanks to God and those that are guarding our freedom here and abroad.
Happy 4th of July!! Let Freedom Ring!!
“ Enjoy the Process” Of:
“Enjoying our Freedom !