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Monday, March 18, 2013

My New Family Room Sofa Reveal

I thought I should show you my sofa before its makeover before you see it's new look!!

Family room summer look May 2011 026 (800x600)_thumb[6]

mantel for Linda 003 (800x600)

This picture was taken right before the upholsterer came to pick her up.

Background story:

This sofa was purchased about 7 years ago. I thought I needed something really different from my old sofa which we had for 10 years, it was uphostered in a blue ticking stripe with a contrast yellow cord welting. 

I truly loved that sofa, but you know when you have the chance to get something new, you want something totally different.

I chose a floral! Big mistake for my personal design aesthetics. Beautiful fabric, pretty colors that worked well in my home, but I am not a floral girl when it comes to large pieces. I can do a floral pillow, but not big pieces.

Lesson learned:
Stay true to who you are, when in doubt go and look in your closet, Kathysue, all your clothes are solids, checks or stripes. Patterns are in scarves only.

Now for the good part:

I researched and found the fabric my old sofa was upholstered in……

essex sky blue

The family room has a new rug, and a new looking sofa. I still have a lot to do to pull it all together, but we are getting there.

So here she is in all her blue striped glory………

new sofa in room 001 (800x576)

I am beyond thrilled. My upholsterer did an amazing job and I couldn’t be any happier. I just noticed the arm covers are on, oops!! 

The cord welting is on the diagonal and I debated on doing a contrast in white. I am so glad I kept it simple.

It is so fresh, crisp, and clean looking in person…….

new sofa in room 004 (800x600)
Here is a close-up of the cushion so you can see the welting.

What’s next?……

  1. Stage the new look of the mantel (Yes we gave the mirror a new look! reveal coming soon)
  2. Pillows are being ordered.
  3. Two different light sconce choices are on their way, to see which one will work in the room.
  4. Two matching mirrors are on their way.
  5. Lamp shades on floor lamps must be replaced from linen to white drum shades.
  6. Continue looking for artwork
I am pleased as punch (however pleased that might be) with the new/old look.

It was so exciting when it got here on Friday. It was new looking, but at the same time it was like a really good old friend coming for a visit, but guess what?

 This old friend gets to stay here!!!