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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is Fall In The Air For YOU?

When do you know that it is, “Fall in the Air”? I know that sounds like a silly question, but being in California our seasons are not quite as distinct as they are on the East coast.

Throughout blog land I have been noticing more posts on the fall even though people are still experiencing sweltering temperatures. So it made me realize that maybe the feeling of, “Fall in the Air,” is actually more of an internal feeling or calling.

I started thinking what happens in my own life that starts calling me to bringing fall into my home. It actually starts with my senses.
  1. First, I start craving more homey type meals. You know like stews, chili, shepherd pie,roasted veggies.(I just did this the other night)
  2. Next I will usually start looking at my front porch in a different way. I will purchase some fall plants like coleus to add to my Spring/Summer impatiens.(The pots are already planted. I did this on the weekend).
  3. It seems as if all of the sudden I pull out more votive candles and find myself lighting them in the evenings on my long mantle. (I have realized this correlates with pre-season football games.)
  4. As the impatiens wither, I will replace them with cyclamen in white and purples with the addition of white and purple kale. Purple and white mums are added to the mix on my porch in the pots.
  5. I start bringing out more of my black accessories. It does not make  a dark look, but a more cozier look.
  6. More fires in the fireplace in the evening along with the candles.
  7. The scents in my home change from fresh to spicy. Now is when I bring out my crock pot and always have some cider for myself or a guest that will drop in for a visit.
  8. Last but not least are the pumpkins in white and green.
roasted vegs
Roasted Veggies
Half moon bay -2010 (6)
Colorful Coleus

Adding touches of black to my mantle.

Fire in the fireplace and candles on the mantle.


mums purple kale
white mums 
Purple and white mums with ornamental kale.

Hot cider from the crock pot.

Martha Stewart November 2009[1]
Green and White pumpkins courtesy of Martha Stewart

So what do you all do when you feel, “Fall In The Air”? I hope you leave a comment so we can all be inspired!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Feeling “Fall in the Air” and bringing touches of fall into your home.