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Monday, September 12, 2011

Artichoke Green Is A Great Color For Fall

Since I don’t use the traditional Autumnal colors I have to be creative with my color choices for Fall. I love just about any hue of green.

In my own home my kitchen/dinette is wallpapered in a bright sage green and white striped wallpaper………

For the fall I add an urn with an over sized lime green pumpkin. Lamps have replaced the ferns for a soft warm glow of light for upcoming Fall/Winter months. These lamps have an artichoke green base with hand painting on them. By using the pumpkin and the lamps my dining room can now take on a Fall look.
Sherwin Williams has a nice green called, Artichoke green:

Artichoke green is a perfect Fall color to use in our homes….

Whether you choose to  use it on the walls or in your accessories as I chose to do in my dining room, it will give your room a warm and inviting feeling.

The color of artichokes is also beautiful to use in its natural form as a decorative touch………

I must admit that I probably would not be using a bow for any of these arrangements. I prefer a simple knot vs. a bow for my own personal taste. I do love the contrast of the purple with the green. I think this is a lovely color combination for any Fall arrangement.

Isn’t it interesting how Mother Nature’s colors is our inspiration once again? I think it is  a good reminder to always keep your eyes and your mind open throughout your every day activities. You never know where your next inspiration will lead you!!

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Using the colors of natural elements to add a Fall look for your home!