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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Round-up!!

I had so much fun reading everyone’s comments on Fridays Question of the Day. Apparently the majority of us are very lacking in our organization skills when it comes to family photos. I guess we are more normal than we thought.

However there were a few that seem to have a handle on it. I was amazed at their answers and at how organized they are. 

Here is what they wrote:

That was my frustration, bordering on major mother guilt, for years!!! I had boxes of pictures plus one family album (spanning several albums) for all three grown children. Dilemma: each of our children needed an album of their very own. For some very strange reason, I did not think ahead at the time and make three separate albums, as they grew up together. I was SO busy, I quite frankly thought they'd never leave home!
Now they have families of their own. I took all those pictures and spread them out in piles, categorizing as I went; I had piles covering all the kitchen counters, dining room table, coffee table and floors! I gave myself 3 days and it took 4 ten-hour days for that stage. Then, I sorted more and finally ended up with 900 pictures for each child (3 albums of 300 pictures each). The whole process took 2 weeks, 8-10 hour days. BUT it's done. Not so good pics went to the trash. And I saved any keepers that didn't make the cut for the albums for each child in one of those special boxes for pictures and put it in each grown child's memory box. I debated scanning and making a 'real' book via BookSmart online. I bought a decent scanner but that takes EONS of time. No thank you. and I debated sending a huge box of pictures away to be scanned (too much risk of loss). The three-set album for each child is different from his or her siblings with several common pictures (which I did have scanned). Twas a lot of work and a lot of joy too.
My best advice: give yourself deadlines and stick to them! Listen to music as you are sorting and don't 'dwell' on pictures and memories, until later, when you are all done.
July 22, 2011 7:41 AM

Wow!! I think this reader hit the nail on the head, we just need stick to it and do it!!!

Here is another good idea that a reader had:

Kathysue, ugh, this is difficult question. I have made 2 special albums - one is the "Family History Album" with family from grandparents through grown kids. A treasure. The second one is a Christmas album through 40 years (so far) with one page for each year. It is also a treasure - makes you pare down to essentials. I'm planning one album for each grown child and I have started plain old photo albums for each (of 6)grandchild trying to have 5 to 10 years in an album. The rest of the pics are in photo boxes waiting to be used or tossed. I treasure EVERY black and white old pic of family.....will NEVER get rid of those photos. You've inspired me to finish (at least to this point).

This last comment really seems to have a good system and one I would love to do:

We have gone totally digital on this one. Each year, I make a DVD (the Mac has easy software I use to do this) of all the really good pictures we've taken throughout the year. I organize the DVD into events/seasons like "Birthdays, Summer, Spring Break." These DVDs are kept in a binder and we can pop one in and watch it anytime (it also has music so it is a montage of sorts!). The rest I copy to a flash drive and put them in the safety deposit box. If there's one that I absolutely adore, I print it out and frame it! So, now everybody knows just how Type A I really am!!
Thanks, Kathy for this post, I really enjoyed reading all the comments! M.

Thank you all for your wonderful answers to this weeks Question of The Day!! For those of you who missed out be sure to go to the comment portion of the post and read all the honest and helpful answers!!
Don’t forget I will have a new question each Friday so we can all participate and hopefully along the way learn some new ideas and ways of handling things in our lives!!

Enjoy the Process” Of:

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