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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Multitasking Holiday Decorating Thoughts


You all know my byline for my blog is..

“Enjoy The Process!” 

Trust me when I say I strive to do just that. As soon as Halloween is over it feels like the Holiday season is officially open to me.  

I know most of the stores over lap Christmas and Halloween and poor Thanksgiving gets a small window of opportunity.

ღღ Vitt hus med vita knutar: Får jag bjuda på en kopp...:
It seems to be the way of the world, but I try not to succumb to the rush and, “get ‘er done!” attitude. I want to enjoy it ALL.

When I start looking for inspiration for my Thanksgiving table my  travels will almost always take me into Christmas as well so I go back, and forth with both Holidays in mind, and thoroughly enjoy looking and don’t feel guilty one bit.

Sophia's: Fall in the Dining Room... 5 Easy Fall Centerpieces:
Personally I don’t think it needs to be a race, or the different camps formed. One camp refusing to venture into the wonderland of Christmas thoughts until a designated date, vs. the lets get Christmas done early so we can enjoy it for the whole season.

Let’s just set our own personal time lines and Enjoy the Process, all of it!!!

Today I am going to show you some Thanksgiving AND Christmas inspiration all in one post! YES! you heard that right.

Lately I have been looking at the simpler side of things and enjoying the look very much, so that is what I will show you all today. 

I hope you get as excited and inspired as I do just by looking at pretty images!!!

My ideal home:
The idea of one unadorned tree is very appealing to me this year. I have the basket, I have the corner, this just might appear in my home this year!!

Of course the family, "memory tree," will have it's important center stage place in the great room. You can read about our, "memory tree" HERE!

Christmas table... or maybe you can use that decor for Thanksgiving... or... http://www.wnetrzazewnetrza.pl/2013/12/swiateczny-sto.html:
How simple is this!? Easy to do as well.

"Pam . . . drapes the French period carved stone mantle and surround with mixed garland and olive branches gathered from trees in her yard, interspersed with ripe brown pears. Pair of early Song dynasty jars. White roses are always part of Pam’s interior décor — certainly during Christmas, but also year round." Houston, Texas, home of designer Pamela Pierce. Interior design by Pamela Pierce. Photography by Peter Vitale. "Home for the Holidays" written by David Masello. Milieu (Winter 2015).:
Everything you see here can be purchased at the grocery store or a tree lot.

Of course the vase and urns would have to be something you already have. 

Just look at how elegant and simple this is. By keeping the elements limited, to greenery, bosc pears and white roses, it is elegant. 

It also helps to keep the color scheme tight. By using only green and white it gives a sense of calm and peace. 

Also please notice the nice loosely tied ribbon on the wreath. I am a big fan of beautiful ribbons and loosely tied large loopy bows, if you have to have a bow at all, sometimes just a knot is sufficient when using lovely ribbons. 

I really like this centerpiece.  It seems a little tall for a table centerpiece, but I like it anyway.:
You can not get any more simple than this. You can purchase wheat stacks already formed a the craft store. 

Get some beautiful double faced satin ribbon in a soft hue and you are set. 

You will notice another simple, tight color scheme. The colors chosen here are muted, grayed and neutral, making it elegant and sophisticated. Martha Stewart always does amazing table settings.

33 The Most Alluring DIY Scandinavian Christmas Decoration Ideas:
Pinecones, moss and a few sparkly stones make this an easy Christmas arrangement.

Fall and Autumn decor with candles. Hurricanes from Williams-Sonoma.
If you have 3-5 glass hurricanes down the center of your table and add the candle and a leaf from outside, you have a Thanksgiving arrangement, simple, classic and elegant. Easy-Peasy!!

Decorating tips:

1. Keep your decorating to three or less elements.

2. Use a tight color scheme, two to three colors max.

3. Using natural elements always feels more simple
    and elegant.

4. Repeat elements throughout your home, or on the 

5. Keep it simple and uncluttered

6. Above all relax and “Enjoy the Process!”

These are just a few of the multitude idea and inspiration that can be found. Keep an open mind and explore bot Holidays if that is what you like to do and don’t worry about what order you think of first, second, or third, just …….

“Enjoy The Process!”

BTW: Go HERE to see the simple side of Christmas for some inspiration!