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Friday, December 23, 2011

And Then there were NO Lights!….

I thought maybe I had slept through Christmas, and it was all over, the lights were off and the gifts were no longer under the tree!!

Actually, what happened was………

Christmas tree 2011 001 (800x600)
It was like every other morning. The very first thing I do is open blinds, turn on the Christmas music, and then click on the tree lights.  We have one of those cords with the buttons you just step on, and the tree lights magically come on.

I stepped on it the lights flickered, I heard a psssp, crackle and a pop like a light bulb burst, then I smelled it, Oh my!!

After my hubby took all the gifts out from under the tree he discovered a fuse in the cord had burned up. It did its job by turning all lights off, but it also left a burned spot on my hardwood floor the size of a salad plate.

He proceeded to clean it off and as far as we can tell at this point it is just a little darkened. Whew!!!

Lessoned learned: We could not have prevented the fuse from going out, but it really made me realize why they always have the warning about not leaving tree unattended. There  have been many times that we leave them on when we leave, just so the house looks and feels happy when we return. I won’t be doing that anymore.

The lights are fixed and all is well with my Christmas world!! We are back on track!!

I will be busy cooking and dicing and chopping for tomorrows appetizers and dinner today. So I had better get going!!

Before I go I just wanted to share with you the dining room table make-over…….

We needed to add leaves in the table for Christmas Eve dinner so I used the same centerpiece, but it is reconfigured and has a new backdrop……..

Christmas dining room black 2011 001 (800x600)

Christmas dining room black 2011 006 (600x800)

Christmas dining room black 2011 008 (800x600)

Christmas dining room black 2011 013 (600x800)

Christmas dining room black 2011 018 (600x800)

Christmas dining room black 2011 019 (800x600)
 I loved using all white, but I must admit I think I actually like the black better. You know me and my black and white!!

I need to get off the computer and start my falalaing!!!

Kathysue is thoroughly,

Enjoying the Process
I hope you all are too!!!