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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are You An Observer Of DETAILS!?

If you have read it once you have

probably read it a thousand times!!

I don’t know about you all, but when I look at an image of a well decorated room I study the image.

What I am looking for are the DETAILS!

DETAILS  will make an ordinary room become a well designed room.

(DETAIL: the Greek Key trim at the bottom of the drape)

With the onset of Pinterest we all have a plethora of images to study.

What I do first is skim the images by color and feel. If those two elements are appealing to me I will then stop and scan the image closely and look at all the details.

(DETAIL: mitered stripe on top of ottoman)

I don’t have to necessarily love the room, or style for my own home. If it is designed well it is worth stopping to study.

I am looking for textures, placement of furniture, or elements that are special, like subtle details in the millwork, or upholstery.

(DETAIL: Contrast cord welting in blue.)

It is usually the subtle details that really can pull a room together.

There are so many layers in a room, and to orchestrate a well appointed room all the details must be addressed.

(DETAIL: Simple Greek Key applique on the sofa pleat)


Next time you see a room you love, STOP and study all of the details, make note of what you love in the room.

By doing this you will start training your eye to see a room differently. You will see more than what is obvious, and apparent to anyone who glances at the room.

.Keep a running list of the DETAILS that you seem to be attracted too.

This technique will help you when it comes to decorating, or planning your next redesign. 

I have learned, over the years that I am attracted to
contrast, and love elements that are outlined.

I am drawn to contrast cord welting on furniture, borders on a drapery, or even a border on flooring, or mouldings on a wall.

What Design DETAIL do you seem to love whenever you see it in a room?

If you would like to see more of the DETAILS that I am attracted too, go to my Pinterest board.......