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Monday, August 16, 2010

My Porch Dressed for the Beginning of Fall!

I had so much fun planting the pots on my porch for fall. What kind of plants do you plant for the fall on your porches?

 Be sure and go to the end of the post to see the new cushions in black with white trim. I am loving them with the black and white striped curtain. It feels just like I wanted it too.

front porch for fall 002 (600x800)
I always try to have something higher in the middle towards the back. This is a Lemon Cypress tree. They are often used to make topiaries, but I like its natural Christmas tree shape. When ever I use a touch of lime in plantings I try to add a plant with a touch of grey to its leaves for contrast. I find it more interesting to add different shapes and textures of leaf material in a planting mix. The best part is the Lemon Cypress really does smell just like a lemon!
front porch for fall 003 (600x800)
This is very similar to the other gray urn, but this is a black pot. I love the way the very dark coleus picks up the blackish look. The other coleus leaves bring out the dark pink in the impatiens. Another element I like to add to a mix is a pop of white as seen in the tiny ethereal looking flower.
front porch for fall 006 (600x800)
This is my black hanging pot which hangs to the right of my door. Here you will see a pop of lime coleus mixed with the dark velvety leaves of the other coleus. I also added a pop of whitish/gray with dead nettle. This is a great plant for hanging planters.
Next dressing will include adding the mums and white and green pumpkins but not until September.
front porch for fall 002 (800x600)
front porch for fall 022 (800x600) front porch for fall 036 (800x600) 
Here is my porch with the new black cushions with the white trim. I love these cushions and the sharp look they give to my porch. I am still enjoying my morning coffee sitting in that little corner chair. The impatiens have grown and filled in the front planter and make a nice carpet of pinks and white.(would  you believe there is a boxwood hedge under all that pink and white?) The monster fern is still healthy and enjoying life!!
front porch for fall 025 (800x600)

Oh I almost forgot about the white hydrangeas! They went in my backyard window box. Before we go back there, remember the back of my home is painted green with cobalt accents. I did this to keep a cool look for the summer heat around the swimming pool. Here are the white hydrangeas new home.........
front porch for fall 016front porch for fall 014front porch for fall 005front porch for fall 017front porch for fall 006

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Adding your own special touches to your fall porch.