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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Looking At Fall Colors With Open Eyes!!

I am a self proclaimed, “Spring Girl.” I love the weather and the colors of Spring.
As much as I love the cool crisp air of the Fall I do struggle with incorporating Fall colors in my home. Because of this it has forced me to discover different color palettes that can be used in the fall.

I am not a big fan of earth tones for my home or even my wardrobe so I have to become a bit more creative when it comes to making my home look like it is ready for fall.
I love the colors I see in nature, and I marvel at all the different colors that Mother nature paints for us. There is one color I can appreciate in nature, but you will never see it in my home. Orange/Rust!! I don’t say this to offend any of you that love earth tones, but only to express how difficult it has  been for me over the years to decorate for Fall.
What I have done in the past is to bring in more black accents and darker values of my existing colors.
My home consist of:
  • Yellows that can  become gold.
  • Light blues  can become navy.
  • Lime green  can become moss.
  • Watermelon pink  can become a deeper pink/red.
  • Black and white accents that I will pull more of the black into my rooms.

    I thought I would explore along with all of you the different colors of Fall in my upcoming post.

    These might not be colors that I will be using, but I like to study how others pull together rooms for inspiration. I also always like to be on the learning curve!

    Today I thought we would look at this interesting combination of colors for Fall:

    Isn’t this lovely!? I would not call this a typical combination that you might think of for Fall, and yet when combined in the right manner there is no way you will mistake it for any other season. I like to look at what Mother nature has to offer for color cues. Here a fall fig is used as the starting point.

    Inspiration is all around us! Never limit yourself to design magazines or even blogs. Take a walk in the crisp air of fall and look around you. If your mind is open to color inspirations you will start seeing colors and textures you might have missed on a normal walk. When we open our mind to new possibilities we will truly see more of everything.

    Maybe, just maybe you will use a color combination that you would have never used before!

    This image shows medium and lighter values of the fig, and it pulls the gold in with the art pieces. The colors don’t have to be used in just furnishings think about how to use them in your accessories. Gold can also be introduced through metals in the room.

    Gold has been introduced in the finish of the mirror, and notice the antiqued brass quail on the coffee table.

    The accessories you choose to place in your room will be an important element while you are transitioning from your summer to fall look.

    We all choose our accessories carefully when getting dressed, and it is basically the same concept when dressing our homes in a new look.

    Paint can be your new best friend when choosing a new color for one wall as a great accent. Of course this recommendation is for all of you great DIYer’s that can pull out your rollers and paint and do it quickly on your own! Unlike myself, who would have to convince my hubby how great it will look and how easy it would be to paint just a small wall.(trust me this would never happen in my real life,but I can dream.)

    Instead of paint maybe a new comforter in a Fall color will do the trick in your home.

    However you choose to infuse the colors of  Fall into your home, keep your eyes open to the new possibilities that surround you in your everyday life.

    “Enjoy the Process!” Of:
    Discovering new color combinations for your Fall home!