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Monday, February 20, 2017

Spring Pillow Plan On The Sofa!!


I am still waiting on some samples for my Spring pillows for the great room. The samples that I have already received only had a couple that would work and none of them were the perfect PINK that I am looking for.

One thing I am discovering, what is pink to one person is not pink to another. If the word blush is attached to the name it just might be more of a very soft makeup color, more peach in my book, than pink. I don't normally pay attention to names because we all know they can be deceiving.

Since I don't do peach in my home most of the samples I was waiting for did not work for my room. I did find a couple of blue and white combinations that are nice.....



However, I am still waiting on a few more  samples before I take the final plunge. Patience is key in a well designed room. If I am making the investment in a purchase I might as well get the best I can find that is within my budget!

In the mean time I played with the possibilities and came up with what I think will work.

The pillows will be on my blue ticking sofa which sits on my black striped rug as the base. I also have two white chairs in the room that will have pillows.


Area Rug

I have 4 combinations I am thinking about. You will notice that the only fabric that changes is the very first one in the line-up, which is a blue and white combination.

The main fabric I chose as my starting point is Nebula by Pindler and Pindler. I already have pillows made out of this fabric  below is a closeup of the trim I had my seamstress add to the pillow. It is the same fabric that my sofa is upholstered in.....

Now that you have seen all the base pieces I am working with shall we look at four possible combinations?


You will notice I added a touch of white and black as a tie into the rug with the Greek key pillow. I find it  makes a statement without shouting, plus I love Greek key and it mimics the mirror silhouette in our room..

# two

# three

# four

Once I choose the patterns that I like I decide where I will place them in the room. 

This is where I have to be flexible in my choices. Sometimes the pillow that I thought would work in one spot, has to be placed in another in order to have a nice visual flow.

When adding color, or pattern to your room it is important to always keep in mind the flow of the room. You don't want any one pattern or color to be jolting to the eye.

In my collage I place all the important players in the room that will determine the over all feel, look and flow of the room.

By doing this I can tell where the color spots and patterns need to go. Once I have the pillows on site I will have fun placing them and will feel confident I made the right choices.

I write about my process and the way I think to better help you, my readers, to do your own processing and to help you get a jump start on your own projects. 

Just another day in the mind of Kathysue!!