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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ikea Shopping During the Holidays Is A Must!!

There is nothing like a trip to Ikea to get you into the Holiday spirit! We went last week specifically for two items, but as any trip one takes to Ikea we came back with more than the two things we went for!!

Here are the two items we intended on purchasing…….
Source: ikea.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

This is the Borby lantern in white, it also comes in black, galvanized, and red. 

I needed white for my Thanksgiving table, and for my Christmas mantel. I am killing two birds with one lantern, so to speak!!

We purchased 3 of the large lanterns:
Length: 9 ½ "
Width: 9 ½ "
Height:17 ¼ "
4 of the smaller lanterns:
Length: 6 "
Width: 6 "
Height: 11 "

These are a great deal for Holiday decorating at $14.99 for the large and $7.99 for the smaller lanterns.

The next item was a bit of a disappointment, and we wound up not purchasing it…….

Source: ikea.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

The Strala light in white! So pretty in the picture and equally as pretty in person. 

So what’s the problem?

The white is not white at all with the light in it. It is a soft ivory, and that will not work with the vision I have in my head for my Christmas d├ęcor this year!

PICKY? Yes!! DETAIL ORIENTED? You bet I am to a fault, and sometimes to the dismay of my poor hubby!

You see even before last year’s Christmas had taken place I already had this years look in mind.

When a girl has a plan, a girl has to stick to the plan! Right?!!

So moving right along………

As I said in the opening, no one ever gets, “JUST!” what they are planning to get at Ikea.

There are just so many treasures to find there. I love perusing the aisles, and I try to re-imagine different uses for their products.

We did purchase their off-white pillar candles in various sizes. 

I use off-white pillar candles every Christmas, and it is always so hard to find just the right off-white without a scent. 

Ikea has a great selection so I was pleased to buy those also….(not on my list!)
Source: ikea.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

All five candles for $9.99! A great price!!!

Of course since we are thinking about the Holidays, and candles I also had to buy a couple of bags of their 4 hour tea-lights!!(They burn 4 hrs. and 30min. trust me I timed them, a girl needs to know these things!)
Source: ikea.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

100 candles for $3.99. SERIOUSLY!! only $3.99!

I also purchased some white wooden  pant hangers for my closet. Remember when I re-did my closet, and I got white wood hangers instead of natural wood?

They look so pretty, and fresh in my soft blue walk-in closet!

My last purchase was one really cute Christmas decoration for the playroom……
Source: ikea.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

A perfect little angel to be watching over my sleeping angels!

Well, that is it!! I think I did pretty well considering I saw so many more items I would like to purchase.

I do have a couple of things a friend is going to pick up for me on her next trip there! More about that later!!

We ended the day with a celebratory cinnamon roll, and continued our shopping with some browsing over at West Elm!

Of course I found something there too!!!

We did not get it, but it is going to be MINE in the very near future!!

Do you love Ikea!? What is your favorite item, or items that you always get there?