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Saturday, November 26, 2016

2016 Christmas Gift Wrap and Ribbon

In our home it is officially the opening day for the Christmas season!

Let the falalaing begin!!

For those of you who know me you know I ♥♥♥ This time of year.

The tree is up the skirt is under the tree and the Christmas pillows are all out!!

You might remember my pillow choices from a previous post....

One of the things I enjoy just as much as the decorating is pulling together my wrapping papers and ribbons for the season.

Once the tree skirt  is put into place I am good to go.

Speaking of skirts!! 

This year I could not use the basket I usually use and I could not find a skirt that I loved so I improvised and purchased a very plush, heavy weight coverlet that looks like a cable knit sweater. That way I can use it after the Holidays on our bed.

(found at Homegoods)

Now for the fun part, the Christmas wrapping papers, ribbons and tags 

Here they are all lined up ready for me to use......

I am so excited!! 

You will notice I always use my black and white awning striped paper, it is my signature wrapping paper.

I like to keep my ribbons and wrapping supplies in decorative baskets, so when they are out, and I have a mess all around me they still look decorative. YES I am that girl. I have to have PRETTY, what can I say....

It makes it so much easier for me when it comes to wrapping gifts if everything is together....

I have gift tags, scissors, tape and any type of decorative addition I might use on packages available in a basket.

This year I loved my new gift tags so much I used some of them on our tree.


In years past I have always used this method. I have a French market basket that I keep out with the wrapping paper in it and it becomes part of my Christmas decor. Here are just a couple of years combinations...


Now that I have all my gift wrapping paper and ribbons combined I can start wrapping some packages. I can hardly wait to put them under the tree.

I find it cheaper to order bolts of paper and ribbons.

Here are some links that I like to use for gift wrap and ribbons if you are interested just click on words in green....


Gift wrap:
Nashville wraps 

Gift tags 
Etsy: Paper jacks 
         So Hospitality Co.

Check out Etsy for other gift tags that you might like. These are two companies that I have used and love the quality.