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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Great Ideas To Ponder On A Sunday!!


If you are not watching the football games today, then I have some wonderful ideas for you to think about today.

For all of you DIYers this is a really good idea for the projects that require some spray painting……..

Go to the dollar store and buy a garment bag and use it as a spray tent for small objects.

The next time you have a picture to hang that has two hangers try this method to mark the spot…..

Just put a dollop of toothpaste to mark the hangers and press against the wall and then just put your nail where the toothpaste makes a mark, and Voila!!

For those of you who have opened your overnight bag on a trip, and have found your make-up, or eye shadows shattered, this is for you. When you pack them add some cotton balls and pads and that will prevent any breakage.

How many of you have had to throw out fresh herbs because they have gone bad. Next time measure them into 1 tsp. amounts and place in olive oil and put in ice cube trays and freeze. Next time you need fresh herbs you can just add it to the recipe.

If you need an easy way to keep your shower tile and doors clean keep this in your shower and use periodically while you are in the shower…….

Fill a scrubby brush with half vinegar and half Dawn and you have a great cleaner for your shower.

I have not tried this next idea, but I plan on doing it. I can’t stand for my baseboards to get dirty, and let’s face it we live in a dusty world…….

This is suppose to work really well, plus it makes your house smell good too!

I am all over anything that makes my home smell good. That reminds me of an idea I posted last year that is still getting me lots of traffic on my blog….

The person that originally posted this on Pinterest wrote this………

when I used to work at Williams Sonoma (about 10+ years ago) they used to simmer this amazing concoction on the stove and it made the whole store smell amazing. Originally posted on this blog morganmoore.typep...

I have used this concoction and it smells heavenly. Wonderful for our homes during the winter while they are all closed up. Lemon, rosemary and some vanilla.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!!

Please share any ideas that you have found helpful lately, in the comments.