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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Opinions Please!

Blogging is a wonderful forum to not only state our opinions, dreams and desires, but also a great place to get opinions from like minded people.

I remember years ago I had a discussion with a few of my friends stating that I would love to have a resource of like minded people that we could connect with and ask each other questions about what was concerning us pertaining to our lives.

Nothing heavy duty, just general questions about our homes, children, fashion, beauty products, etc.
I remember one particular question that I had on my mind and wanted to know what was a solution that others found that had worked for them……

“How do you store all of your gift wrapping?”

Back then there were no special containers for these items and it was always a big problem for me since I loved to wrap pretty gifts.

Now that I am blogging I  have that forum to address my concerns or questions with my like minded readers.

This is where I need your opinion…….

What do you all think about me having a, “Question of the Day?!!” once a week?
I would ask a question and you, my readers, could give your answer in the comments.

I would also like to give YOU, my reader an opportunity to ask your own questions. I would like YOU to email me your question and I would post it on my,”Question Of The Day”blog post, and my readers would answer your question. I would not post your name only your question.

I am not sure how this might unfold, but I am willing to try this if you all think it is a good idea and something  you would like to participate in.

Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment. If you think this is a good idea email me  any questions that you would like to open up on my blog in order to receive answers from like minded readers.


Don't forget the towel sale going on at Neiman Marcus!
See my other post for today.



I  have not done a sale alert in quite awhile, but it is that time of year again!!

Neiman Marcus is having their “Last Call Sale” of their Ralph Lauren towels. I order my towels every couple of years when they are on sale.

I love the quality of the towels and the fact that I can get them monogrammed.

I always get the white towels with the ivory monogram.
I wanted to make all my readers aware of this great sale.

Where else can you get great quality of towels with a monogram for $11.49 each!!! Be sure and use the free shipping code of JulyFS!!!

Go HERE to order your towels!!

Let me know if you get some new towels!!! I am such a shopping enabler!!