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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bringing In A Touch Of Fall!

Fall is in the air or at least it feels like Fall first thing in the mornings with the crisp air. As the day goes along and we get temps in the 80’s it actually feels more like Spring.

I am starting to see a little evidence of the Fall season in some of the surrounding trees. Their leaves are starting to change and fall to the ground.

In spite of the weather I am trying to get in the mood for Fall by adding a few touches here and there around my home.

Sarahs Visit 10 2011 and fall touches 002 (581x800)
I added a jade colored pumpkin in my living room.

Sarahs Visit 10 2011 and fall touches 004 (600x800)
A special vase with a Fall bouquet is added to the entry table. Next to it I have a crystal bowl filled with amber by Cote Bastide. It has a wonderful warm fragrance that is a soft fragrance, just enough for guest to ask,”What smells so good in your house?”

Sarahs Visit 10 2011 and fall touches 006 (581x800)
Here is a  close-up of the vase. It has a wonderful relief of shadows of trees that look very Fallish to me.

Fall 2011 003 (800x600)
I always plant ornamental Kale in my front yard right by the porch. I use touches of darker pinks and purples to bring out the color in the Kale. Kale just says, “Fall!” to me.

Fall 2011 004 (600x800)

A few white pumpkins are added next to the sweet potato vine that has taken over the black pot it is planted in.

Fall 2011 008 (600x800)
This year I added a sparkly letter,”P” to my white pumpkin. A friend of mine did this to her white pumpkin and I loved the idea so much I did one also. It is really more sparkly in person than it shows in this image. You know me I must have a letter,”P” in just about every room in my home!!

Fall 2011 006 (600x800)

Right by the door I added different colors and sizes of pumpkins. As you will notice there is no orange pumpkins at Kathysue’s home!! I just find that these colors seem to work best for me with the colors in my home.

Fall 2011 010 (800x600)
Another touch of Fall with the addition of ornamental Kale.

As you can see I have started adding a touch of Fall here and there. Next it will be time to make a few more changes inside.

I like to bring in warmth by adding elements such as

  • Cutting boards
  • Baskets
  • Black lampshades
  • More votive candles
  • Pictures with a touch of black
  • Warm throws

What are some of the Fall touches you add to your home?

What ever you do to bring in touches of Fall, remember to:

“Enjoy the Process!”