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Monday, May 26, 2014



Today the kitchen is getting the final coat of touch-up painting done around the sink where we had to reconfigure the cabinet for the new farmhouse sink.

There are also small nail holes where the legs were attached. Once this is done the cabinets will all be back to normal.

This is the one job Hubby hates the most…. 

I always consider it a gift of love when he paints anything for me.

I am enjoying the nice clean look of nothing on my counters I must say. The Carrara marble is the star and the subway tile is it’s understudy.

When accessorizing my mantra is…..


Speaking of BIG have you all seen the new Restoration Hardware catalogs?

Stacked together it is almost as high as the threshold on the door.

RH catalog1RH catalog
This is not my porch, nor my catalogs, but I just had to show you this stack of catalogs! 

It is actually Erin Gates porch the author of Elements of Style blog. Apparently this stack weighed in at a whopping 17lbs.!!

I did not get this stack of catalogs, but
I did get something from RH for my

You will find it in the ENTERTAINMENT section under the Grand Brasserie collection.

All of the pieces are cast aluminum finished in either nickel plated or Zinc plated.

Staying true to form I chose a very long tray for my kitchen bar area…..

nickel plated tray
This tray measures 8 1/4 in. wide by 39 in. long
Since my breakfast bar is a little over 6 1/2 ft long....

 My motto was go big or go home!!

I chose the nickel since I have a very shiny nickel faucet….

003 (800x600)

I am enjoying looking at the tray with nothing in it right now, but have visions of using it for candles, mounds of lemons, apples or limes. 

RH tray 005 (800x766)
For entertaining I will have bowls of fresh fruit and nuts for my guest to munch on. There are so many ideas swirling around in my head.

RH tray 006 (556x800)
I find the piece itself to be sculptural, and it adds an interesting texture to the kitchen area. 

Even though it is nickel plated it still has a bit of roughness to it. I like that contrast with the smooth elegant touch of the marble.

It obviously looks a lot longer in person at 39in. than it does in the pictures. 

I think I am going to really enjoy this new piece in my kitchen. It also looks great on my dining room table.

RH tray 004 (800x600)

I didn’t have enough lemons, but I used what I had just to see how the brightness of the yellow would look, and I LOVE it!! I am going to have to buy a boatload of lemons to fill up this baby!!

I also got another brown box delivered for the kitchen. Don't you just love that brown truck and the little man in the brown uniform!

 I am really excited about another upcoming addition to the kitchen!!!

Stay tuned for more on the kitchen!!