Friday, June 22, 2018

10 Ways To Make An All White Summer Outfit Work

With the onset of hot summer weather my mind goes to dressing cooler. One look that I have always loved to wear and also I admire when I see others wear it is all white.

Sounds like an easy peasy combination and it truly is, however there is a method to wearing all white. Let's take a look at some of the outfits I have pinned over the years and dissect them.

This is simple and classic. Notice the close to the body fit of the t-shirt and the flair of the pants. Another thing to notice is the natural cognac leather belt and purse.

Loose classic white blouse with slim fitting ankle length pants. Simple classic accessories are used here. Nothing shouts out, "Look at me!" Simple and classic. 

This looks like a very light woven sweater which gives the all white outfit some texture. In this outfit you can see that the necklace is a standout piece, in fact the only stand out piece in this classic combination.

 Graphic t-shirts are totally on trend this year. Notice her shoes pick up the color in the writing on the t-shirt and she chose to wear no belt. Love the gingham bag. I think this is actually just a shopping back but a fun tote bag in a simple gingham would be fun. I would like to duplicate this look for myself.

 This one image has been on my pinterest board for a very long time. In fact it rates right at the top of being one of my favorites. 

I am not one that enjoys wearing a scarf when it is hot, but at the beach it might be a welcomed addition. I have been reading that leopard is the IT pattern for summer this year. I always have associated it for winter.

Again, you will notice simple natural colored leather belt and sandals.

 Simple, all white and the only addition of color are the simple velvet sneakers. Notice the jacket is almost a tuxedo looking type jacket in all white. I know if I saw this girl walking down the street I would take a double take because she is so classic and stylish looking.

A simple sleeveless mock turtle neck knit dress with a natural colored bag and belt. She chose to wear what appears to be a silver simple sandal which duplicates the silver hardware on her bag and belt.

10 Ways To Make An All White Outfit Work........

1. natural colored leather accessories

2. Loose on top, tight on bottom

3. Simple classic accessories

4. If wearing jewelry you can make one piece a standout.

5. Try a graphic white t-shirt with an all white outfit. Make the t-shirt the standout.

6. Add a little leopard to an all white outfit with natural leather shoes and belt.

7. Wear an unexpected shoe style such as a sneaker in a soft hue and texture like a blush velvet when one piece of your white outfit is a bit fancier like a tuxedo type jacket.

8. When wearing a simple silhouette white dress add a natural cognac colored belt with interest at the waist or even hung a bit lower towards the hip line.

9. Add a touch of metallic in your shoe that will echo the metals in your purse, watch etc. while still keeping your purse leather a natural color like cognac.

10. If you choose to wear a standout piece in an all white outfit, limit it to one piece. When wearing all white and keeping it classic remember there can only be one star.

Shopping for......


(on sale right now!)
This tshirt is so soft and well fitting. I bought 2!

White Jeans

I like to wear Ralph Lauren white jeans because they always seem to fit me. I also have some from Talbots that have worked out nicely for me.....

One bit of advice when getting white jeans, buy them a little tight because they always stretch out a bit and white jeans that are slim or straight should fit snugly to look fresh and current.


This belt is reversible, I like the navy and brown combination and it is real leather, which is important and it is on sale right now.

For more of a beachy look I really love this belt as well.......


Vince Camuta slides great looking for summer.

Wearing a touch of leopard in the summer can be done with these cute sandals. Simple, uncomplicated, they become your neutral in an all white outfit!


Remember if your top has volume to it keep your pants and shirt close to the body.

White Knit Dress


Most of what I have shown you today is very basic, but remember that is what will make a stand out classic all white outfit!! 

Have fun, shop your own closet and see what you might already have then make a list of what you will need to complete this look using the ten ideas I gave you!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Summer Look In My Great Room!

I know I kind of left you all hanging in my last post didn't I? Shall we start where I left off?

Let's see! Oh yes, I was sourcing fabrics as possible pillows.

I found some pretty combinations that were using the colors I wanted, aqua and cobalt or navy, but it just did not feel quite right.

I knew I needed to order some samples to get this ball rolling and to make a decision. So being the great procrastinator that I am, instead of ordering the samples I thought I would take a little break and go wander around in Homegoods. 

I knew I wanted to add some Japanese floats as an accessory in the room. I was SURE about that decision and ready to move forward so off I went to my local Homegoods.

I think the decorating God's were definitely with me on that day, because I literally was there less than 20 minutes and found the perfect pillow combination. I know, I know I was there looking for the floats, but Homegoods had sooooo many pillows that I had to look and boy am I glad I did.

(Ralph Lauren)

Can you believe it? Just what I needed and wanted.

It doesn't stop there, though I even found a new lampshade and a pretty shaped vase.

I went back home and started putting the room together. It was a slam dunk. Literally the quickest transition I have ever made.

Here are the results.....

I wanted a cool, fresh, relaxing feel for summer and I think I got that, or at least that is how it makes us feel.

I really knew I was on a roll when I found the lampshade, the only one there in this color. It was just waiting for me to find it.

You will notice I don't have too many beach type accessories in this room. I don't want it to look to kitschy or thematic.

Even my magazines seem to have that cool, fresh look.

The one area that I do have some ocean type accessories is actually right before you enter the room at the end of my kitchen.

I actually already had the coral and the vintage spritzer bottle. It makes a nice introduction to what you are about to see.

Don't worry I will still be on the look for the Japanese floats and I also have one more addition I am going to try and work on.

I saw this image by Wisteria on Instagram and it stopped me in my tracks. 

Of course the blue and white caught my eye but what was really appealing were the urns with the palms in them. 

I want to add this look to the sides of the opening into the great room.

We already have pedestals in an almost black finish so I just need to find two large urns and the palms to go in them. 

The Hunt Begins!!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Choosing My Summer Color Scheme For My Home


Summer is here, so that means it is time to switch things up a bit in our homes.

For those of you that have been following along in blogland you know that I do change things up seasonally. You can read  a step by step plan of how to do it  here!

I am often asked......

I am actually pretty strategic and have been doing it for so many years it just is a pretty natural process for me.

One of the most important things I suggest is to empty out all of the accessories in your room before you begin to add seasonal touches.

The biggest mistake that homeowners can make is to just start adding more to the room without removing some of what is already in the room. 

What happens is a lot of confusion, and sometimes the end result can look like a hot mess. I know that is not what any of us want.

Another reason to remove items out of the room is it helps give you a clearer vision of what is needed in the room.

I usually start with a color scheme. I knew I wanted the cool colors of aqua and cobalt blues. 

Then the search begins for inspiration. 

Since color is what usually inspires me I start looking for images with this color combination. Keep in mind it can be an image of anything at first, you are just searching for combinations that are pleasing to your eye.

I have also found if you spend some time looking at certain combinations they will either please you, or you will become bored with the whole idea. Time spent up front truly will save you time and money in the long run.

Once you establish the color scheme that you are comfortable with then start looking for rooms with this color scheme and study how the colors are used.

Also become aware of just how much of the colors you can handle. Sometimes too much is just TOOOO much. We all have our limits when it comes to color.

Doing a room for summer and using these colors, the natural inclination is to do a beach themed room. Personally I don't enjoy a room that is overtly thematic.

I tend to like subtle hints with color and maybe one or two accessories. The worst thing to happen is for your home to look like a store display out of at Hobby Lobby or Homegoods.

(personally this is way too much aqua for me, but it helps me realize I need more cobalt than aqua)

As easy as it is to shop for things that organized by color and theme it does NOT make for a pleasant, relaxing room to be IN. You never want your room to look as if you need to put price tags on your accessories!

Once you realize just how much of the color you can handle, and what rooms are appealing to you, then it is time for shopping. Shop your home first of all for the elements with your chosen color scheme, or combinations that remind you of summer.

If what you have is not quite enough to pull a look together then you get to go shopping, that's the fun part.

I spend a great deal of time sourcing and this time was no exception. I started several weeks ago looking for pillows. There were several that had the combination of colors that I liked.

I was just about to order samples and then.......