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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Getting MORE For LESS!!


Designers are often considered lucky people because they have resources at their finger tips that the consumer, or home owner does not have access too.

This is true BUT it is their keen eye to detail that sets them apart. 

I loved the saying above because it does not  always take a lot of money to design, or decorate a room.

However, it does take a keen eye to see the special detail, or quality in pieces that might be passed by because of the store, or the preconception that it could not possibly be worth buying because of the pricing.

This is where a good designer can really save you money on your project. 

When it comes to quality in furniture that you want to  keep long term, it is wise to invest in good solid pieces, especially in a sofa, but if you find that you like to change things up a bit more often, or maybe your budget won’t allow for the best quality piece at the moment, at least go for something that has good lines, and proportions.

A friend of mine taught me a saying a long time ago that I like to use when I find something at a great price that looks like a much more expensive piece……

Ribbet Edit Looks Like More
LLM can be a challenge at times, but if you keep your eyes, and mind open you will be surprised at what you can find. 

Sometimes it might even be in your home already.

By placing a piece in a different room, or displaying it differently it can become a piece that you admire and enjoy having in your home.

If you are not familiar with the blog Copy Cat Chic you need to start putting it on your daily blog list.

Reichel Broussard has a keen eye for style, and design, and she is decorating her own home with her keen sense of design and style on a tight budget.

On her blog she will show you a piece that cost more and then a piece that looks very much like the more expensive piece for less.

Here is an example that caught my eye this week……

Urban Outfitters Ava Velvet Tufted Sleeper Sofa

Walmart 9 by Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper

Neither piece is terribly expensive, but if money is tight you can get the same look for $349 instead of paying $749. 

Do the math!! That is a $400 savings.


The lesson in this post is to not limit your creativity by where you will shop. Stay open to all possibilities.

I hear people say all the time, “ Oh I can’t afford anything in that store so I never shop there!”


The only way to educate yourself is to study good design at higher price points so when you see something that possibly cost less you will know it has good proportions, design, and it is worth purchasing.

This will be like an adventure! I call it treasure hunting!!


……I want you to find a piece that you absolutely love! You probably already have one in mind. Maybe it is a piece that you can not afford at the moment.

Now I want you to look at the silhouette, the overall design and proportions. 

Next I want you to go perusing on line to find a piece similar at a less costly price. Don’t limit yourself by not looking at all different online shops. Remember the goal is to find something that LLM!

You will not only have fun, but it will be so rewarding if you find something you love that you can actually afford now.


So many people only think from the perspective of, “I will never be able to have anything that nice!” 

That is such a sad way to look at your life, and it actually closes you off to all the possibilities that are out there for you to enjoy now.

One last thing for you to do…….

Look at the room you want to change up a bit, and think of new ways to arrange the pieces. De-clutter, and maybe add something from another room to give it new life. 




Thursday, September 25, 2014

What Gave Me Some Fall Inspiration This Week


When you love design, and are observant of your surroundings you can find inspiration everywhere!

This week while perusing cyber space I saw two things that inspired me. 

Sometimes it is a direct inspiration that makes you want to do just what the designer portrayed, and other times is it something that spurs you onto thinking creatively in your own manner.

First I saw this pillow that my friend Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict made…..

debs halloween pillow
(Be sure to go to the above link on how to make this pillow, Deb gives a great tutorial)

I absolutely LOVE this pillow, and to think you can make one yourself by following Deb's easy tutorial.

She also has more pillows that can work for your Fall decor, so be sure and visit her blog!! Tell her Kathysue sent you!!

As cute as this pillow is, those of you who know me, know I won’t be doing any orange, so I bet you are wondering why this inspired me. This is the case of me taking my own take on the pillow, and being inspired.

Here is a picture of the outside of my California suburban ranch home……

porch 001 (800x600)
Notice any combination of colors that are similar to the pillow? 


The black crow on Deb’s pillow reminded me of Halloween, and what I need to get for my front porch.

A black crow, or two will be a perfect addition to my front porch. I don’t decorate for Halloween, but for that one special night I think a crow, or two will be a fun addition to my Fall plantings and pumpkins!

Speaking of pumpkins and a bit more orange, this next image made me smile and almost want some orange pumpkins…….

Designer and friend Pam Kelley has a beautiful historical home in Texas, and she is always adding elegant, and festive touches to her home….

pam kelly pumpkins
Just look at those pumpkins. 

It is not just a stack of pumpkins. Pam has artfully stacked them by scale and colors. 

Using the HUGE orange pumpkin on it’s side as a base, and then surrounding it with varied sizes, and colors of pumpkins takes this arrangement up a notch.

Now you all are probably wondering how this inspired me.....

.....It’s simple, it made me really excited to go to a pumpkin patch, or farmers market and find the perfect blue/green French pumpkins, and White pumpkins for my porch. 

I always have pumpkins on my porch……

Ribbet collage Fall plantings
You can see in the above collage the colors I use for my pumpkins, and for my plantings. 

This year I am using all purples, and white for my fall planters……

Ribbet collage 2014 Fall plantings

When It comes to seasonal decorating I like to use natural elements, and I keep it relatively simple.

I think the purple, and white will be a nice addition to my soft yellow, white with black trimmed house.

I think Mr. Crow is going to be glad he landed on my porch too!!

Now go out there, and get inspired to do something fun for yourself, and your family!!!

A pot of mums and a pumpkin just might do the trick!!

Happy Fall

Fall Happiness FRAMED


Monday, September 22, 2014

Let's Go Shopping For Fall Decor!!


Are you ready for some great Fall finds that are on the softer side of Fall?

In my search for the SOFTER SIDE I ran across a few items that I feel would work well in those homes  that don’t use the typical autumnal colors of  oranges, russets and browns. 

However some of my finds would work equally well in those home’s too.

When I think of Fall weather I start thinking of ways to cozy-up my home, so naturally that involves warm blankets and textures.

I went to Etsy and found some wonderful older pieces that are begging to be curled up in by the fire……

Vintage Fairbo Wool Lap Blanket by Fairbault by AnytimeVintage, $42.00

 Soft and Neutral is the name of the game here!!
Vintage Wool Throw Early's of Witney English Plush by ohthisnose, $75.00

Another beautiful neutral throw, this one is from England…….

This beige and cream throw is another good contender for a soft neutral for just about any room.

If we are laying on the sofa cuddled up in our new throw we might just need a new pillow for our head as well……

Pure Wool Tweed / Herringbone / Blue Check Cushion / by maisiev, £33.00
Soft creams and beiges with a touch of blue in this window pane plaid. Extra texture is brought in by the addition of the wood buttons.

Believe it or not the wood buttons are a perfect segue to the next item to bring into your Fall room...


Vintage 194050s  Lidded PINE BOX with by CarliBeardsleyStudio, $15.00

For those of you that want a custom look or a box made of exotic woods, be sure and check out my friend John who is a wonderful artisan, and makes gorgeous boxes. His boxes are pieces you will want to pass down as a family piece…..

Figured Maple Keepsake Box

Make a list of items that evoke FALL to you, and take a look on Etsy for some vintage finds that will add character to your home.

I also have several Fall boards on Pinterest if you would like further inspiration….