Thursday, June 23, 2016

An Easy Method To Summerize Any Room


I  had a comment on my blog from one of my readers from Australia………
BloggerShe said... 

I'm always fascinated to read that you northern hemisphere dwellers change your rooms for the seasons and swap colours and accessories. We don't do that here in Australia, what you have just stays until you don't like it anymore and change it.

But we don't do cool colours for summer and warm colours for winter. I don't really like reds and other warm colours so I think I would be stuck. I just stick with what I love all year round.


I found her comment interesting and it made me think....
....... I have always changed for the seasons. Nothing life changing just a few elements here and there. 

It just comes naturally to me, but after reading this comment I realized that maybe this would make a good  How-To blog post.


Where do you start!
This will vary quite a bit from person to person and even from area to area.
When making your list try to think of varying textures, and favorite summer colors that you can incorporate easily into your existing space.
  • Cool blues and greens
  • Sea shells or found objects from the beach
  • Clear vases or vases with blue or green tints.
  • Beach stripes
  • Baskets for texture
  • Fresh Ferns
  • Images of beach scenes
  • Sailboats
  • Lemons(reminds me of fresh cool lemonade)
  • Limes
Once your list is made you can begin the fun part!!
Clear your room of allllll the accessories  and elements you want to change out! Yes! ALL of them!

Now you have a clean slate to add your summer additions.
It will be up to you which elements you change out.
  • Accessories
  • Pillows
  • Rugs
  • Artwork
I begin adding my summer additions with the larger pieces first. Lamps, artwork, larger accessories, and pillows.



Next I will fill in with the smaller pieces. With each item that I add I step back, and look to see how it changes the look, and feel of the room.

When adding each element look at the area you are going to place it, and decide if you need a shiny, smooth or rough texture in the area.

Also, do you need a pop of color or just a place for the eye to rest?! Remember not every single nook and cranny has to have something added to it in a room.

Remember to always step back and view the room as a whole after each new addition. You want your room to visually flow.

Now you are ready to enjoy your new
summer look!!!


Monday, June 20, 2016

Creating A Summer Room Without Blues

Its a beautiful morning.

Can a room have a season? 
You bet it can!!

Of course the look of the room will vary between the homeowner’s design aesthetics, and often times their location.

Have you ever thought about how much the region you live in dictates the color and design choices for your rooms?

For instance, someone that lives by the beach in Florida would have a totally different summer seasonal look in their home than someone from Minnesota.

Personally I love a Spring/Summer vibe in my home, but find it  very difficult to decorate in winter, or autumnal colors. 

I will be the first to admit, it is much easier for we blue lovers to get a summer look.

Coastal Rooms by the Sea 7
(Definitely a summer room in autumnal colors)
So if you want to shake things up a bit, and do some seasonal changes how do you do that when you don’t like certain colors that  normally represent the season?

You make a list!!

WHAT? You may ask!

You make a list of  the colors, and  the elements that You DO like that remind you of the season.

What if you can’t  think of anything to put on your list?

Use a picture of a room that evokes a summer look, and write down the elements in that room. Find those elements in the colors that will work in your room.

For instance, take this image…..

Coastal room...ahhh! Can I do it with a French twist?
If you eliminate the navy blue pillows, and just look at all the elements you will have quite a few elements for your list.....
  • Shells
  • Baskets
  • Woven Totes
  • Elements or images of Summer games or activities
  • Straw hats
  • Wood elements
  • Bottles
  • Lanterns
  • Clear bottles filled with shells or summer greenery

I am now going to show you Summer Rooms without any blue in the room that have some of the above elements displayed. 

You  that know me, know this is a hard one for me to not show any blues, but it is not about me, it is about YOU!!


CHIC COASTAL LIVING: Dreamy Coastal Rooms
No blue in this room, just all neutrals, and yet I still get a summer vibe.

Amber Bottles with Sea Life - Sea Fan, Coral and Sea Urchin ~ I could make these!
Shell. Print.

Check out this shell print! Not a speck of blue, or green!

This would summerize a room that had  earth tones as it’s color scheme. A shell print would be a great jumping off point for your room.

shell print
For those of you who prefer neutrals how about a black and white, or sepia shell print.


Nothing says summer like a straw hat. How about  using some fun summer straw hats displayed in your room…..

straw hats
This might be a bit too many for most, but you have to admit, it does make you think of summer!

Straw hat and bag display
This person even added some straw bags to the mix!


beach bags

Are you still with me? 
Now let’s look at some neutral summer rooms void of BLUE……
If I replaced the purple furniture & I had no dogs or kids- I would love to do this!! I will be on the hunt for that octopus pillow though!!!
There is no mistaking that this room is dressed for the summer. Just look at all of the elements here.

loving the neutral palette - good idea with little ones? probably not :(

The addition of the sailboat is what makes this room look like a summer room. Notice the shell print pillows on the sofa! You could add sail boat to your list from this image.

Lake home living room- love the seating options and the kid-friendly neutral color!

Totally neutral and yet I can tell this is a summer room. Notice the large clear bottles with beach grass in them. Another addition to your list, BOTTLES!

Pretty living room all in neutral. Love the shelving design on each side of the windows. Great use of space and way to display treasured items.    My Sweet Savannah
Another neutral room that evokes summer. Just eliminate the blue books and it becomes neutral. 

Notice the demijohns with a palm frond in them. A touch of nature in the form of live plants will always make a room fresh, and in this case summery. 

Palm fronds, banana leaves, or beach grass is another element you can add to your list.

I have started a list for you and have given you some visual images to help jump start your summer decorating.

I hope this has been helpful and you can start decorating your very own personal....  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

New House Update: Let There Be LIGHT!!!


You all know I am a planner by nature so it will be no surprise when I tell you about my latest lighting purchases for the new house.

I am an avid pinner of ideas and rooms that I love. I even have a all time favorite board and I am pretty consistent in my likes.

 My goal for my home and even for my clients when I was doing consults was to have a home that they would truly love over a long period of time, not just for one or two years. 

So many people try to stay on trend and trust it is pretty impossible and very costly. They become what I call Trendzilla's. (that is a topic for another post!)

The trends won't matter to you once you get the look, and feel in your home that is truly YOU.

 Dog sculpture done by the ever so talented Mark Perry.

So, let me show you a collage that I made several months ago for our new homes lighting changes.

So far we have the sconces purchased and just this last week I found a tripod lamp that I loved. 

My sweet husband hung the sconces, and we are waiting for the electrician to call us back for an estimate to have them properly installed.

There is molding to be added, and a new round mirror, but for now this will work just fine.

The tripod floor lamp

There were actually 3 floor lamps for me to choose from....



When choosing a floor lamp you need to take a few things into consideration.

Once you determine the style you like then it is time to look at the spot you want to put it in and decide the height you need.

Next take a look at the shade width, and make sure it is going to fill in the area you want it to fill in. 

The way it functions is also important, does it have a dimmer will it be enough light for reading etc, in your room?

Here is the area I want my new floor lamp to go....

You can see to the right of my reading chair the bottom is filled in with the garden stool, but up by the window I have plenty of room for a fairly large shade. 

I measured the height that I thought would work, and the width of the shade.

After doing the measuring, and looking at the specs of each floor lamp pictured above I made my choice, and I chose #1. It fit all the needs and wants I wanted in a floor lamp.

I am really enjoying the new fresh look of this floor lamp and it ties in so nicely with my sconces.

 Sconces are from Visual Comfort

Simple clean lines is the name of this game!

Next on the agenda is a new table lamp! Step by step it will all come together. I am not in any hurry to get it all done. I am enjoying each big and little moments in the process.

If you are interested in what I am pinning check out these two boards. Just click on links below!