Friday, February 5, 2016

New Lighting For Our New House Is On It's Way!!!

When you purchase a new home there is an endless to-do list and you have to prioritize. It is hard to do, trust me on this. My wants and needs get all mixed up.

 What's a girl to do?

One very evident, and blaring thing, or at least in my mind, is we are light poor in our great room. I have plans, trust me, some will just have to wait, but one plan is going to happen!! Yay for me!!

I did a post awhile ago about my plans for lighting in our new home. I had several options that could work. You can see them all here

In that post you will see a combination of lighting choices. One very important thing to remember when choosing your lighting in an open concept home is how one fixture will relate to the others that will be seen in the room or rooms.

With that in mind I needed to consider, my entry hall, dining room, and the table, and floor lamps in the Great room. Lots to think about and plan for, but a necessary step to consider before jumping in and buying anything.

Since we are light poor in the great room this is where I will begin my lighting concept and purchases, or in this case,  a single purchase.

We are going to start with the sconces over the mantel since that is one of the darker areas at the end of the room in the evening hours.

 Something New

You will notice in this image we have a new, "BIG!" TV!! This is something my sweet husband has wanted and waited for, for a very long time. I am so happy for him that he finally pulled the plug and purchased it. However, it has put me into somewhat of a tail spin.

First you have to understand I am not much of a TV gal, I do watch some shows at night with him, but during the day I have beautiful scenery playing along with soft music. I like the ambiance it creates. I know the console table is to small in scale and the mirror now looks like a postage stamp. I will have to live with this for awhile, but trust me I have plans.

Along with the sconces we are going to add some molding above the fireplace to help balance the newest, biggest member of the room. (More on that in another blog post.)

Now back to the lighting I have ordered the sconces and they are on their way. I am beyond excited, this is the first permanent design element that is new to us and to our new home. EEEEEEEE!!!

You all know me well, and know that the decision was made after a great deal of thought, and planning.

Here is what I considered in this process...

The overall look and feel I want for this home....

Simple, clean, uncluttered, warm, inviting with the look of Nantucket,  or The Hamptons. Somewhat traditional with a fresh look.

Here are just a few of my favorite looks.......

One of my all time favorite rooms.


The other thing that needs to be considered is the other lighting in the room such as lamps and floor lamps. 

Of course I have plans for those as well, but right now they are only plans, and will have to be put on the back burner. Even though they are on the back burner they still need to be considered in the overall plan.

Right now we have one table lamp and a pharmacy lamp, both of them will be placed in another room and down the road I would like to replace them with something like these.....

Floor Lamp
or maybe this.......

I will have a better feel for which direction to go once the new sconces are in place. However I do want some type of tri-pod floor lamp.

I know I like this style of lamp for this room and it will add to the feeling of a Nantucket, or The Hampton's style room.

The table lamp I am looking at is white with an airy feel to it.......

    It still has a traditional feel to it becasue of its shape. I like the black base on this lamp which will tie in nicely with the touches of black in our room.

This is more of a lattice style lamp without any black, it is equally as light and airy, and would also fit in our room.

I made a simple design board to see how all the lighting choices I have in mind will work together.

You can see in this next line-up that I plan on using my black chandelier from our previous home in our new dining area.

All lined up!

This shows the lattice table lamp without the black base.

As always I am having fun making plans for our new home and will continue planning, and sourcing as time goes by, after all that is what I do!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Warming Up A Room With Baskets And Cutting Boards


In the cold winter months I like to add a bit of warmth to my home with textures. 

I have to be honest here and say that I am not very good at adding texture in the form of textural fabrics, however I have found a way to add texture that is appealing to me with two elements that I love to use.


In this image I have a basket tray sitting on a storage basket that holds some of my design books.

Under my desk I take advantage of storage space for design magazines in this stack of storage baskets.

I have a vintage French market basket that I use to put magazines in during the year, but at Christmas time I keep my wrapping paper ready and waiting to use in the same basket. ........

I am on the look out for a Tobacco basket for our new home. I think it would look great in our new house.

There is a great source on Etsy, however keep in mind the shipping is as much as the basket so I will be waiting to find one in California.

When I took a trip to North Carolina about 5 years ago I was introduced to tobacco baskets and I have been fascinated with them ever since that trip.

The other element that I use to add warmth to my home is.......


I love to add cutting boards to my kitchen counter top to add a touch of warmth. In our previous home I had a little display....

 I loved the way the wood looked on our marble counter top.

 You can see a few other boards in this shot. I use cutting boards and baskets all the time, especially for entertaining......

 Breakfast display of fruit is made prettier with a basket liner under the plate.

 In the summer time I like to have healthy snacks out on the counter and putting them on a basket keeps them looking decorative and inviting. Notice there is a cutting board in use as well.

Baskets and cutting boards just go together in my book. Both add warmth and textures to a home.

 This is a great use of both a basket and cutting boards. I will have to remember this and try using my French basket to hold some of cutting boards.

You can't add much more warmth than a combination of baskets and candles to your home.

 I use mine on top of a stack of books.

In our new home I have been looking for a cutting board to put behind my stove to break up some of the white and to add warmth.

I received a package from UPS with this beautiful round cutting board. A very dear friend sent it to Doug and I as a house warming gift. Little did she know I had been looking for several months for just this style of cutting board. 


Once I find the storage box that has my long handled cutting board and wooden rolling pin I will be stacking them with this beauty!!

If you are interested in the willow serving trays  you can find them HERE!

If you like the basket candle holders which can also be used as a vase you can find them HERE!

You can find cutting boards similar to mine HERE!

Since I love both baskets and cutting boards I have two pinboards dedicated to both that you can visit and get even more ideas on how to use them in your homes.

Just click on the word HERE to go to links!



Monday, February 1, 2016

5 Decorating Mantras To Live By



all time fav9 living room
I recently saw something on Pinterest that I thought I should share here on my blog.  Personally I think it is great advice and something we can all do for ourselves in our homes….

Lets take a look at each of these suggestions individually…..
1. The closer something is to your body the better it should be.
Sheets, Towels, Throws
I am a firm believer in this mantra. In fact I think I might be a bit of a snob when it comes to sheets and towels.
I don’t pay top dollar for either one. Try to wait until they are on sale. Every couple of years I replenish my towels when Neiman Marcus has their PINK sale.
white towels
Now don’t shut me out, just because you don’t think you can afford Neiman Marcus. 
Would you believe I get good quality, monogrammed towels for $12-15 each? 
If you have ever had anything monogrammed it is at least $6 a piece so this is a great deal.
Neimans towels
Homegoods is also a good resource for finding good quality towels for good prices. I like Ralph Lauren, Charisma and Sferra. 
So keep your eyes open when shopping. I always get all white towels. There is nothing prettier to me than a stack of fluffy white towels.
2. Surround yourself with quality not clutter.
This is near and dear to my heart, and I am a firm believer in not having clutter in my home.
One of my own personal mantras for decorating a home is……
 “Less is more and Big is better!”
I know that there are two camps when it comes to this one, but I have to stress how important it is  to not have clutter in your home, in order to make your home a peaceful place.
Clutter= Chaos
If you have a table full of items that are not of the same type, which one item do you see? 
The answer is, none. What your eye will pick up is visual clutter if there are too many pieces. Try to limit yourself to 3 pieces unless it is a display of a collection of like items.
Remember the eye needs a place to rest in a room or in an area like a table top.
If you see something you really love at the store, stop and think for a moment where do you want to put this, where will it’s beauty be appreciated the most.
Buy one quality piece instead of ten inexpensive pieces that will just add to the visual clutter.
3. Every room needs something living, flowers, 
    goldfish, or a pet, and I would add plants. 
This is such an easy addition to your home as far as plants and flowers go. I purchase flowers weekly at my grocery store for under $10.
vignette striped pitcher
If I have not gone to the store, I will go out in my yard and clip some greenery off of one of my plants. This cost me nothing but a little time and attention to detail.
I have a small vase on my guest bath vanity that I put greenery or a small bouquet of flowers.
vignette yellow freesia
The kitchen window sill is another pleasant little spot to view some life of greenery or flowers.
vignette daffodils 1
Try it, I promise you will like it!!
4. Honor the acts of daily living and make it beautiful.
This one made me think a bit. We all have certain habits in our families, whether good or bad they are habits that never seem to change.
For instance if you find that your family always clutters up an area with backpacks. Make a spot with hooks that will look uncluttered and organized.
Do you have trouble with paperwork/mail? Use a basket to gather it up in.
storage for mail
How about keys and cell phones? Are these a reoccurring problem? Then find a spot and a container to hold them.
storage for cell phone
storage for keys
In other words, instead of trying to change habits and complaining about them, look for beautiful solutions.
5. Life should sparkle, every house should have some ……
Think of elements in your home that can sparkle!
I have faucets on my mind because I just got a new polished nickel faucet for my kitchen. Trust me it sparkles.
Clean glass can sparkle too! Clean those windows until they sparkle!
If you have silver, polish it up until it sparkles.
Crystal vases look so beautiful when they sparkle.
Look around at your home and see what could use some buffing up a bit so it sparkles.
All of the above suggestions can be done by anyone.
It does not take a lot of money, it just takes some caring, attention to detail, and effort on our part.
Instead of looking at your homes problems and dwelling on them, look for…..