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Monday, July 21, 2014

Some NEW This and That's


I have found a few fun things lately that  I thought you all might enjoy as well. 

They vary from, home, beauty, clothing. Just some This and That's for a Monday.

First let me start with something I am in love with for my home…..

Mommys Bliss
This mist smells heavenly!! I use it on my pillow cases and the leading edge of my top sheet. I love this stuff so much I ordered one for each bedroom.

You can find it on sale right now at for only $3.99. It is a small bottle so I got some back-ups.

The other thing I did was to take some WD-40 (best sticky label remover around), to remove the label so I have a pretty little cobalt bottle to sit in the bedrooms. 

I would like to make my own label that says something catchy on it. I will let you know if I figure out how to do that.

In The Wardrobe Department........

Next is a cute little Spring/Summer dress. This dress is knit so it will travel well and I think it can be a dress-up, dress-down outfit…..

Trulli dress black and white
The dress actually hits in the middle of my knee, and fits like a glove. It is very figure flattering, and I  know I will get a lot of wear out of this dress.

You can find it here, On SALE for only $39.99. At that price I bought it in cobalt blue too!!!

Some Southern Comfort!

Next a little something to keep you cool in the summer heat………

southern breeze sweet tea
When we went to South Carolina  I fell in love with sweet tea. We shouldn’t have the sugar so I was on the hunt for something that tasted like the tea we had in South Carolina. I think I have found a winner!!

This tea is sooooo good and it is sweetened with splenda, which is already in the tea bag.

I found it on Amazon HERE! They also have a website that tells you what stores you can buy it at, but we do not have any of the stores listed, here in California.

Now for the beauty department……

I have been using PaulaChoice moisturizer with spf 25 for awhile now, and I must say I still love it.

Recently I needed to order more so I went on her website, and perused a bit, and found another product that I am loving……

Paulas choice
I use this under my sunscreen, and I am loving the way my skin is retaining the moisture. I have extremely dry skin so I am always thrilled to find a product at a reasonable price point that is working for me. You can find it HERE!

That is my post of THIS and That’s!!

Let me know if any of you try any of my newest suggestions.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Next Step In Designing The Guest Room

Now that the twin beds, and bedding have been chosen it is time to move on to the next step...... 

Moving right along in the planning stages of the guest room is fun. If you missed the first post you can read about the white twin beds we chose and why we chose twin beds, HERE!!

The bedding was our first choice. I chose a navy and white rugby striped bedding……

The color scheme base is navy and white so what color will the walls be?

Right now the walls are painted  Martha Stewarts Lemon Grass….

fINISHED PLAYROOM Guest room 004 (800x600) (800x600)_thumb[2]
It is a really pretty sage green that mixes beautifully with the navy and white. 

I actually could have kept this color, but I am going to use something a bit different in this go around.

So what is determining my color scheme?
Since my base colors are pretty neutral, navy and white. I needed to find something that would dictate more color, and give me a jumping off point to complete the color scheme. 

A piece of artwork would give me colors and maybe even a bit of theme.
I happened to see a piece of artwork that I fell in love with on Abby’s blog post HERE!!

If you are not familiar with interior designer, Abby M's work be sure, and visit her blog. She does some stunning rooms, and design boards. She always inspires me with her young, fresh, and yet glamorous take on interiors.


The colors, and the beach theme really caught my eye. 

The artist is a local artist in Charleston, Teil Duncan, and since that is one of my favorite towns as of late, it felt right.

One of the colors that really popped out to me was the YELLOW in the striped umbrella.

I began to play around with some yellow accents, and I was beginning to like the color scheme that was emerging.

Ribbet collage guest room colors

If you are patient, and start looking for elements that you are attracted to, you will start to see a color scheme emerge.

I don’t make any purchases until I see all the puzzle pieces start coming together.

I think where most people get into trouble when decorating a room is they jump the gun, and make a purchase too soon without seeing how one piece will relate to another.

I continued my looking, and sourcing, and after visiting the site where the umbrella picture was found I actually found a couple more  pictures that would work in my room.......


This was beyond perfect! I have three grandchildren, two boys, and a girl just like you see in the picture. 

I knew this was the picture for my room!
All the colors are there, and the bright yellow flag is helping to bring out some yellow accents for the room.

Yellow is a pretty strong color so I have to be careful just how much of that color I use in the room. I have more to show you as we continue planning our guest room so stay tuned.

Plans have changed a bit due to the recent health issue of my sweet husband, but I love the planning stages, and sourcing so I will continue posting about my findings. 

I am not sure when we will get to the re-doing of the room, but trust me, I don’t mind the wait at all. I am just happy to have my husband back home with me.
You can read about what happened HERE if you have not been able to follow along lately. Be sure to read to the end of the post.

Thank you to all of you who have emailed me with well wishes and prayers. WE both felt your prayers and love through this unexpected turn in our lives.
We are getting back to normal and all things seem to be going onward and upward.



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blessings In Disguise

I struggle with the word
Do you? 

Why does one person seem more blessed than another?

If something bad happens in our life are we being punished, or chastised, or is it a natural consequence for the way we conducted our life prior to the event that brought us unhappiness, or grief?

Recently I had to look at this in the face. My husband was spared because he listened to his body, and got to the Dr. in time to take care of a life threatening  situation. He was aware of his body, he listened to the tap on his shoulder.(I believe that tap was God’s voice.)

What if he had not listened? The natural consequence for that action would have most likely been his death. 

Would that have been a punishment? In a way I guess it is. If you think about it, we are given many warnings in life, not just with our health, but with our circumstances, and the way we conduct our lives, and the way we treat our relationships.

God’s word tells us to be obedient, and we will be blessed.

Sometimes we need to stop, and look inside, and look really hard at what part did we play in the outcome of our lives. 

Often times I think if we stay open to the lessons we are to learn by the experiences, people and consequence we have in our lives, we can see where God’s hand was there all along.

Our pastor gave a sermon on why bad things happen to good people. He said it is either for protection, or correction. 

The bottom line is WE must listen to God’s word. 

WE need to listen to that still small voice inside of us that is telling us exactly what we need to do, or to take care of.

Do things happen for what seems to be no apparent reason? 

In our earthly minds, absolutely YES! But if we were able to look at it from a Heavenly plain, or in God’s way we would see it so clearly.

 Do I question these 
unexplainable things?...

...You bet I do, but when I really start looking at it from my heart of faith, I know that God is omnipotent, and he has a plan that is bigger than just me, or the thing that just happened in my life.

We never know who is watching, or listening to us. What will they see?....
....Will they see someone that is so broken that they only show how life has dealt them a bad hand. Or will they see someone that seems to have been dealt a bad hand in the eyes of the world, and YET they seem to have a peace, and a grace that goes beyond human understanding.

That is the GRACE of God!

The ultimate GRACE we can all receive is when we turn our lives over to God, and except Christ as the ruler of our hearts. 

When we follow Gods plan, and his way it does not mean our lives will be perfect, but if we truly believe in his GRACE we will be able to move forward, and onward, hopefully glorifying him in all things.

In my reading to understand better what is a BLESSING I read the following………

The ultimate blessing that God has given is the new life and forgiveness that comes through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. The material blessings we enjoy from day to day are temporary, but the spiritual blessings available to us in Christ encompass time and eternity, as well as material and immaterial things. As the Psalmist said, “Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God” (Psalm 146:5).

My prayer for your life, and for my own is that we look at our lives through the eyes that God has given us by his GRACE and to truly love, and follow his word. 

He is always there, and always talking to us. Look for his hand, and listen to his voice in your everyday life.