Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mixing Up My Pillows For A Fall Look!


It is that time of year again!! Time to change out the summer look for a winter look in my great room.

I love to change things up a bit for the seasons. It is a way to add a bit of a different look without a major re-do. Pillows are where I make my changes to begin with.

Let me show you a few pillows in my collection....

 In the Spring I add a touch of grass green with my blue and white.

This is what you will find in my room for the summer months. Lots of light, cool blues with just a touch of black.

 In the winter I add heavier textural linens and embroidered fabrics.

Last year for Christmas it was all about black and white and Kelly green.

As you can see I have several pillows that I can coordinate into different combinations.

This year for the Fall/Winter months, instead of the all heavy linen, blue and black combinations I decided I wanted to add Kelly green to the mix.

 So what is a girl to do?

She starts playing with different combinations to see what will work. So I took a bit of Spring, Christmas and winter and made this years Fall/ Winter mix.

After the pillows were in place then I added one of my favorite pieces.......

A vintage Kelly green Chinoiserie pedestal.

This year it is joined with my new floor lamp so I switched it's position up a bit.

 A dear friend of mine brought me this beautiful fern and a cobalt pot and it fits in perfectly.

One day the sun was shining in on the plant and that is what made me want to add the Kelly green for my winter look this year.


 2016's FALL/WINTER LOOK.....

This years look with the addition of Kelly green.

I also did a few color spots of more blues and greens around the room.......

Simple touch!

  Little details.

Since our home is an open concept home I added a touch of Kelly green in my kitchen with the addition of a vintage bowl.....

Nothing spectacular, just a simple touch here and there. I am sure I will be tweaking along the way. After all that is what is fun about decorating, tweaking until it feels, JUST RIGHT!!

Now all I need are my white and green pumpkins and maybe some white mums and I am set for Fall. 

The mornings are cooler and even in the evenings we can feel a crispness in the air.

You can see from this post it doesn't take a lot of new things to make simple changes, just a touch here and there!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Bathroom Refresh On A Budget!

 The inset shelf above the tub is really nice.  I also like the tile on the wall.:

As homeowner's we sometimes just want some inexpensive quick changes that will give our home a little refresh.

Today while perusing Pinterest I ran across an idea that I thought could help a lot of homeowners that would love to re-do their bathroom, but it just isn't in the cards for them right now.

What a quick way to give your bathroom a spa feeling.

By adding natural wood and white elements to your bath, your room will feel fresh and new, no matter what color it is right now. 

 RĂ…GRUND Chair with towel rack IKEA Helps to save room because you get both a chair and a towel rack in the same space.

There is nothing like natural wood tones with soft creams and whites to make your bathroom feel 
spa -like. 

Don't forget Ikea as a resource as well. I love this seat/towel rack all in one for space saving ideas.


CB2 has some great looking teak products as well as simple clean lined white elements for your bath at great price points.

Clear glass is also a good element to add for a spa look.......

Glass Canisters
You can also find teak flooring on Amazon HERE, if you like this idea as much as I do.

If you want a spa-like bathroom, keep in mind... 


First step:
Clean until it sparkles
Empty all shelves and vanity items 

Step two:
Add elements judiciously
Use natural woodtones
All white accessories
All clear accessories  

Step three:

Add plush white towels.....


Step Four:
Do not clutter your vanity
If needed Corral items on a tray

The Art of Display | Match and Strike:
(If you add flowers on your vanity make sure they are real and not faux, even a sprig of fern will add life to your room, remember we are going for simple and natural elements for a spa look)

It is not as hard as you think to make your bath look fresh and spa-like with a less is more approach!!


Friday, September 9, 2016

NEW HOME POST: Fall is entering the building!!

Fall is upon us and it is time for our trip to Half Moon Bay nursery. So excited to plant our new plants in our new home!!!

We love it here! Rows and rows of flowers and plants, ocean air, smell of Monterrey pines and classical music play as we browse.

Ornamental Kale is a must for my garden in the Fall, and they always have a beautiful selection.

Look at the contrast of the vibrant colors in the coleus!!

Beautiful ivy baskets!

Topiaries galore in all shapes and sizes, but I must admit this was the largest ivy topiary I have seen.

All of these  plants are coming home with me!!

On our previous home's porch we had a wall planter next to our door that we had to leave, and I was so sad.

 I immediately went online and started looking to find a replacement.

By golly I found one, you can read about it here! I found the planter HERE!

Today my sweet hubby hung the new planter  for me on our new home's porch, and I begin to plant it with our new plants from Half moon Bay.

It makes me smile every time I look out the glass in my front door!

You can see my traditional ornamental Kale, and the little lime cypress topiary.

The plants from left to right are:

White ornamental Kale, lime cypress, mini bright pink cyclamen

In the front is variegated petit-point ivy and Diamond ice euphorbia for a little lacy white flower.

I still have more cyclamen and ornamental Kale to plant in the back planter so more on that later!!

I am having fun welcoming in Fall to our new home!!

I can't believe that it will be a year the end of October that we have been in our new home,
 I guess technically it won't be our NEW home anymore, just our home sweet home!!
I kind of like it that way!!