Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Fashion Post



Do you feel like you get in a rut with the clothes you have in your closet? YOU are not alone.

I realized a couple of weeks, I was dressing pretty basic, and not having fun with my wardrobe. 

I am not sure when this happened, but I said to myself, "SELF enough of this, it is time to revisit your wardrobe and have fun with color and pattern!"

Accessorizing one's wardrobe is truly a personal style choice. I can only really address what I like to do in hopes that it will inspire you all to have some fun with your wardrobes as well.

The first thing to do is get reacquainted with what you put away from last season and take a look at what you have and see where you might have some vacancies for something new.

One of the most important tips I can and have given you is to wear the colors you love and have fun with your wardrobe.

I don't wear a lot of accessories at one time. I keep it relatively simple. I have never been a gal who stacks 5 inches of bangles up my arm or wears a lot of necklaces at one time. My style does not call for that, but if yours does, go for it and have fun.

Years ago I use to wear colorful bandana scarves tied around my neck when I would wear casual outfits, or tied onto my purse. These days most of my outfits are very casual and pretty basic so why haven't I been doing this?

I don't know so I did something about it!

I went on the hunt for bandanas so I could play with them in my wardrobe and have a little fun.

Guess where I found them? Walmart!! Yes you heard me right and they were only $1.00 each. They washed up beautifully and I have them folded and ready to wear with an outfit!

 I won't be showing any skin, but I wanted you to see how an all white outfit can be made a little happier with a pop of a colored bandana in such a simple way as tying it on your purse.

You can also find them by the dozen on Amazon....

I am looking forward to playing with my new colorful bandanas in my wardrobe. I will be showing you how I use them in my wardrobe in future weeks.

Stay Tuned!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Boho Chic Done Well


I was reading one of my favorite Go-To blogs, Elements of Style this week and she did a post on  jewelry designer's, Rebecca de Ravenel's, home that she admires. I have to totally agree with her on this lady. Her home and her style seemed effortless, and yet I know better.

You have to have a lot of talent to pull off this look that some are calling Boho Chic. I believe it also has to be your own personal innate style, so it seems to just flow out of you effortlessly.

Rebecca de Ravenel's home 

I believe this particular designer, Rebecca de Ravenel, has this innate ability, and she is a wonderful example to study. 

I wrote a post last year when I started seeing different bloggers, and home owners try to achieve this look, and they were really missing the mark.

In this post I tell you about my observations, and also the pitfalls in trying to get this look without really know what you are doing. 

I hope this is informative and helpful to any of you that might be thinking about changing things up a bit in your homes to get a colorful eclectic room/Boho Chic......

Decorating A Colorful Eclectic Room Can Be Tricky

Brazilliance by Dorothy Draper – Society Social

This is a post I have wanted to write for some time now.

To be honest I did not begin to write it because it felt as if it would get too complicated, and involved to write, and I was fearful I would not be able to articulate what I wanted to convey to you my dear readers.

Please bear with me as I try to un-complicate the subject of:


As 2015 is moving onward, and forward, the design trends are becoming more, and more evident.

color study of pillows and patterns
The rooms are becoming more of a mixed bag of goodies, not only in the style of the pieces, but  also the patterns, with lots of color against white backdrops, or at times even a darker vibrant colored walls and sofas.

I am definitely NOT an expert on this look that seems to lean more towards a bit of a Bohemian look, but I  can enjoy any style if it is done well.

color and pattern study  Adelaide Daniell's home - via the design files
Let me mention here that design will always be subjective, and you and I might not have the same sense of style, or opinions, but hear me out if you will?

With Spring arriving we all want to add a fresh look, and maybe a little bit more color to our lives.

Personally I have always loved color, and have lived with medium value colors easily. Mixing patterns has not been difficult for me either. 

Craving Some Color In My Home For Spring
However this look I am talking about goes beyond colorful rooms, and coordinating patterns.

It is a mixed bag of goodies that JUST WORKS for no apparent reason at first glance. However, upon further studying a well done room in this style, you will notice that there is a formula of sorts.

Most people can not achieve this effortless  look without a great deal of effort. I am one of those people. 

I lean towards a more classic, and preppy design aesthetic by nature.  

An eclectic, Bohemian style, as appealing as it can be, does not fit my natural inclinations, therefore making it a difficult look for me to achieve.

Bold family room and house tour of SAS Interiors
Throughout blogland I have seen more, and more of this style emerge, some very well done, and some not well done at all.


One of the mistakes I am noticing over, and over again is the homeowner is trying to incorporate this look with everything, and I do mean everything, they already have in there room already. They keep adding more and more of what is new to them, with what they already have. Big mistake.

What makes one room look great, and another look like a hot mess?

Today I am going to try, and figure that very question out with you, my dear readers! I will be learning right along side of you.

We are going to look at a couple rooms, and dissect them, and we will come up with some points that hopefully will help all of us achieve this look so it is cohesive, and visually pleasing to the eye, and not a hot mess!

I chose this first picture because of it’s mix of patterns. You will notice that not one single patterned pillow on the sofa is the same or for that matter, not one pattern is repeated in the entire room. So why does this work?

Same colors are being used.

You will notice there are different blues, pinks, and corals in the  sofa pillows, rug, throw, and pouf.

Fabrics are a good jumping off point when trying to pull together a color scheme in a room.

Try to stand back from your fabric, and look at what colors are dominant, and pull from that. 

Often times it can be a big mistake to pull one small area of a color out of a fabric pattern, and introduce that in the room as the new kid on the block.

When using all different patterns make sure they have something in common in the form of the design,  and/or have the same feel.

In the above room all the patterns have the same tribal feel, and it works. If a floral, or Chinoiserie style fabric were thrown in, it would all of the sudden not been as pleasing to the eye.
In the above
Solid backdrop is used in sofa fabric
Keeping the backdrop solid is another good idea when using so many different patterns. Crisp white walls, soft gray sofa are both wonderful backdrops for all the color and patterns in the above room.
Artwork that ties the colors,feeling, or patterns together.
In this room they chose to keep it simple by using black and white artwork that falls in line with the tribal feeling. Black and white is also the color combination they chose to add to their coffee table vignette.

They tied it together further by framing the artwork in the  tone of the wood on the coffee table. That was a very smart choice.


How to Decorate: The easy formula for a well-designed room
In this room we have another mixed bag of goodies. Colorful, mix of patterns and styles, and it all works.
Pull together your rooms color scheme with one of your fabric choices.

In this room the floral pillow fabric is the combiner fabric.
This is what I like to call a fabric that pulls together the colors of the room. 
The pink of the pillow, the black and white of the rug, and the green of the sofa are all combined in that one pillow. 
It sure gives a lot of power to that one fabric, doesn’t it? Keep this in mind when choosing patterns for your room. Make one fabric your star, or your combiner fabric.
Your star, or combiner fabric should set the style or feeling of the room.
I want you to notice the two patterns in the room, the floral, and the rug. 
Can you see the different scale of the patterns? One is large, and one is medium. It is good to vary your scales when mixing patterns.
When mixing patterns a good guideline is to have a large, medium and small scale, or solid in the room.

Look at the different styles of furniture used in this room, the sofa has  more clean contemporary lines, and so does the coffee table. 

Then to the left of the sofa sits a little tufted settee with the Queen Ann legs, very traditional. Next to the sofa appears to be an antique side table. This is definitely a mixed bag of goodies, and yet it works.

Tie together different styles and era’s of furniture by painting them the same color.

They took the white top of the coffee table, and chose to paint the legs of the settee, and the end table in white, this is what makes this combination of different styles work.

The artwork in this room pulls out some of the fun colors in the room, but they used simple black frames on the wall to bring out the black, and white rug.

The sofa legs remain black as well which helps ground the sofa. White legs would have looked very matchy, and contrived.

Make the eye flow gently around the room by using like colors throughout the room.

Try to not make everything match, or look contrived. However, be careful to sprinkle colors around the room in order to make the eye flow easily around the room.
Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space. @Amy Locurto |
So if you want to achieve this fun, colorful, carefree look in your home, keep in mind all of the above points I have highlighted in BLUE for you.

It is not an easy look to achieve, but it can be done. Planning is key, have fun and use some restraint in not adding too many patterns, colors and elements. Use what you truly love and you will be happy with the outcome.

If you would like to see more examples of this style of room take a look at my pinboards by clicking on the titles below…..


Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Favorite Makeup products

Don't you just love being a girl? When you think about it we get to do and have so many fun things. 

Like Make-up for instance! 

I will have to admit I am a make-up product junky, especially when it comes to lipsticks and glosses.

Today I am going to tell you the products that have been tried and true for me and the products I have repeatedly purchased, or will purchase again.

Let's start at the bottom of all this!

 The base or primer.

I absolutely love this product and it last forever! Well, at least almost forever.

What I am saying the price is more than worth it for the beautiful finish it gives you and for how long it last.

If you are a woman of a certain age and feel as if you have lost that glowy, dewy look your skin use to have, this will be your new best friend. 

You only need a little tiny bit. I use less than a pea size and dab it on my face to disperse it and then blend it in. I like to use this brush for my primer and for my foundation....

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush found HERE!

Now for the primer....

You all can thank me later!! Seriously!

This foundation is new to me as of this year. We had an event here at the club where I live for Dior, and I fell in love with this foundation. 
Now don't get nervous about it being a spray. I know I was at first, but you spray it on your brush and you can build upon it if you want more coverage, it builds beautifully. 
I use two quick sprays on my brush, dab it around my face and then blend in. It is a beautiful finish that seems to last almost all day long. Because you use so little it will last for a very long time which helps warrant the price point.

Now that we have a nice base lets talk about color for our faces.


I was first introduced to this liquid blush while watching a Lisa Eldrige video. I usually watch her makeup videos on Saturday mornings with my coffee.

In this particular video she was doing Edith from Downton Abbey, who happens to have glowing, beautiful skin. You can watch it here if you are interested. I highly recommend Lisa Eldrige videos, she has amazing techniques and she explains things so well and at the end of the video she has a list of products used in the video.

This liquid blush is truly like a water color paint, it is very runny and that is the only down fall if you could call it that. It gives a beautiful transparent glow to the skin and it is also buildable for more of less blush depending on your desired look.

What I love about this is the glow and the way it lays on the skin, it is somewhat of a stain, so you need to wash your fingers after you blend this in. I dab it on first and then blend with my fingers, you need just a drop and you are good. This too will last for a very long time. 

For a nice finish to my blush I use Bobbie Browns Rose Brick.  I keep this in my purse for touch ups.I have used this for literally years and it is my GO-TO blush, it is very transparent and gives a nice glow a well. Can you tell I love a dewy finish?

Now that you have a flawless, glowing, blushing face it is time to address the eye brows, eyes and lips.

As we age our eyebrows seem to disappear, it's a mystery!!!

I found two products that seem to help me out so I have to share them with you. Both products are by Anastasia. The pencil is Taupe

Let me tell why I am sold on this product. I have a spot on my right eyebrow that will not take color. It is the strangest thing. I have tried several different products and this is the one pencil that will fill in that spot. 

This next product is a tinted gel and I got the ash blonde because I wanted to soften the look of my brows and this does the trick. 

First you brush the brows away from the direction that they grow, this helps coat the hairs. Then you brush them straight up and then you brush them in the direction you want them to go. They look soft and the gel holds them in place.

Remember the eyebrows frame your eyes. Make sure you don't make them too skimpy, or too short. I see women all the time make their eyebrows too short or skimpy and I just want to help them fill them in. Here is a little diagram that will help you know where to start your brow and where to arch it and end it......

 Use your eye as your guide. I like to use the side of my pencil placing it pretty much at the angles you see in the diagram to find the starting and ending points.

 If you are like me you are looking for the perfect mascara. 

I have tried so many, I can't even count how many I have tried. My lashes have changed in the last couple of years so my needs have changed. I have a horrible time with clumps with most mascara. I recently found a new one for me, that so far, I am really pleased with, so I had to share it with you.

Benefit's They're Real

 My tried and true eye lid color is pink. I have green eyes and the pink brings out the color of my eyes. I first start out with a primer by NYX, it is inexpensive and it makes my eyes look brighter and more alive. I was amazed at how many makeup artist use this product. That is why I purchased it the first time.

If you would like an eye shadow palette that will work for just about anyone try these two out..


This is the one I use, Adorable.........

As far as eyeliner goes, I have used this particular one for more years than I can count. I have used it on just about every type of coloring that there is and it works for everyone. It is Hyacinth sky buy Estee Lauder.  I would call it a charcoal navy with a purple base.

I am not an expert, but I will admit that I have done makeup for weddings and proms in the past so I do have a bit of experience, and I love makeup and read about products all of the time. I want to share with you what I have found to work for me and for others as well.

I will leave you with some good advice I read on finding the perfect lipstick color for you. look at the inside color of your lip and find a color as close to that as you can. If you do that you will have a color that will always work for you.
I will do another post on my favorite lipsticks and lip glosses.

This was a fun post for me to write, I hope it was fun for you to read and maybe you will find some new products that you will enjoy as much as I have enjoyed these.