Monday, January 16, 2017

New Home's Entry Hall Update!!



The past few days I have been sourcing and figuring out what I want to do in my entry hall. To be honest I had the base planned even before we moved in over a year ago. 

 Our entry is very small and has no personality. That is not how I want my guest to enter into our home. I want it to greet them with what they are about to see. The actual entry is 53"W X 93"L.

The two elements I knew I wanted for sure was the over head lighting fixture.....

I have had my eye on this for a very long time and  I am feeling very fortunate to be able to use this in our new home. You all know how I love black and white and also a simple understated elegant look. This fixture fits the bill. There will be two of these installed, one in the actual entry hall and one down the hallway entering into our home.

The other element was to have paneled walls from floor to ceiling.  I am still working on the scale and configuration. I would like a larger center panel with two smaller panels on each side, very similar to the image below. The smaller rectangles that they have on the bottom will be on the top in our entry hall.

As I wrote in my last post I thought I was going to use grasscloth on the ceiling, but after living with the idea and doing several mock-ups I felt it was one step to far for this girl.

I had chosen several entry tables that would work, but I had one problem. Our door opens into the wall so have a entry table center point was not going to work.

You can see how I marked things off with tape, This is how it looks now.

My somewhat brilliant husband was talking with me about the over all design and he said, "The table is the problem,  so why don't you eliminate it!" Omgosh, I have been so use to having an entry table I could not see the space without it, and then the light bulb went off. YES he was right, so there will be no table in this small space.

With that in mind the wall needs to be a nice focal point. I started looking at different possibilites for mirrors.

There were round mirrors!



 Black frames!

Greek key, Deco mirrors!

Then I saw this beauty......

I kind of fell in love with her. You all know how much I love to go to the ocean and our home is giving a nice nod to  a Hamptons/Nantucket vibe. This could work.

So I did a mock up....

This was before I decided No entry table. Looks pretty good, but still not quite right. But I was still wanting this mirror and the feel it would give my space.

I remembered I had two of these mirrors. I was going to use them in our master bathroom, but I am not sure that will ever happen.

This mirror although different from the sea shell mirror would give me the same feel. I also like the way it has a scalloped edging that mimics the over head lighting scallops.

Then I made another decision. The center panel would have a slab mirror from the floor to top of the horizontal stile at the top of the wall and then I would hang this mirror on top of the slab mirror. 

More light, more reflection , more WOW factor!!!

This all felt very good to me and I felt I could move onto the next decisions, the ceiling treatment and lighting.

Since I was feeling that the grass cloth was too much I decided I need a bit of texture and some kind of treatment so I think it is going to be paneled with a small black edging next to the crown molding.

Very similar to the above image, but the black molding might be a bit more narrow in my home. Scale is so important and often forgotten by homeowners.

Next is the lighting, Oh my did I have fun sourcing. Luckily I have plenty of sconces pinned on my pinboards. I have found if I like it I pin it, because you never know when you might need it!!

Are you still with me?

Here are some of the sconces that I think will work in my entry. Keep in mind that the overhead light will have a touch of antique brass in the canopy and the bottom cap, so I can handle black or an antique brass sconce.

Again I have to keep in mind the scale and I will know better once I draw it up with it's correct proportions, but until then here are some of my choices....

I am liking all of these so now I need to live with the idea of each of these and see which one wins out after a few days.  As you all know I am a planner and I do not jump into anything that is going to be a permanent fixture in my home without a lot of processing.

Luckily I do......



Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year, New Plans for Our New Home!

Living in a brand new home is great, and I love living in our new community, but I also have to put our  personal stamp on our new home.

With the new year we have a couple of projects lined up. One is our kitchen back splash for our kitchen. We knew when we bought the house that we would be changing this sooner than later. 

Our kitchen is all white and I do mean ALL white, and I love it. It is a perfect backdrop for any color or pattern additions I need to make along the way.

Our home is a very open floor plan, and each room reads as one so everything has to be chosen carefully to have a nice visual flow.

I know my kitchen is more white than most people could live with, but for us it is perfect. I went back and forth on what I would choose to go with our counter tops.

 At one point I thought a nice carrara marble subway tile would be nice. So I lived with that idea in my head for awhile....

As beautiful as it is and it definitely goes with the look and feel of our home, it started getting too busy in my minds eye. Each tile would be a different pattern and over time I would tire of this. Remember I am a less is more kind of gal.

So after a lot of thinking and visualizing I made the final decision, and we are going to use the same handmade tile from Sonoma tile that we used in our previous home...

I know it is simple and plain, but because it is custom handmade and hand glazed tile the tile itself has a depth and almost iridescence to it when you see it in person. Because it is custom made it will take 6-8 weeks so I have to be patient, but I know it is worth the wait since I did it once before.

We are both very excited for this next step in our sweet little cottage. I will keep you posted on the progress once we get the tile here.

The other project we are getting estimates for is our entry hall. It is a very small area that needs to say more than it is saying right now.

 It just does not have any personality. I have two plans in my head and it will depend on cost factor and the logistics of the design. I will know more once I talk to a molding guy.

Right now the plan is to do a panel treatment from floor to ceiling. Similar to the pictures below....

 We have 10 ft ceilings so I am going to break up the vertical lines with a stile going horizontally about a couple of feet below the crown molding.

This does not have the inset molding along the stiles like the other picture. I like the bead molding, it makes it a bit more formal without being completely formal. Our home has touches of elegance, but it is also casual in my minds eye.

I have ordered samples of cobalt blue grasscloth for the ceiling that will make a nice  introduction to the color scheme that is about to unfold as you continue entering into our home.

I have 4 different samples coming so I can see which blue will work the best for the ceiling.

The light fixture I have chosen will be a nice sharp contrast against the cobalt blue texture of the wallpaper....

 (Robert Abbey Axis fixture)

There will be two of these, one in the actual entry and then a little further down the hall there will be another one. You can see in the picture below how the Moravian stars looked at Christmas and with only one star the picture would not have been complete.

There will be a crown molding framing the cobalt blue grasscloth and one more addition. I am going to add a small trim piece painted black next to the crown. Similar to the pictures below....

Picture this with a cobalt ceiling!

This black trim piece is closer in scale to what I have in mind. I love a sharp black framed look. In fact my ship blue print art piece is framed in white with a black mat around the inside edge framing the cobalt blue print....

I am really excited about this one little feature, I think it will give me the look I am going for and tie in nicely with the rest of our home.

Once all the molding, wallpaper and lighting are done, then I will decide if I need a new entry hall table. I have a few in mind already. More on that later.

As always, Enjoying the Process!!


Friday, January 6, 2017

My Winter Skincare Routine That Works!!!

Clear back in October I started a new skin care regime. I wrote about it Here. 

I have been faithful morning and night using the Korean 10 step skincare method. I have definitely seen results and will continue doing what I am doing, it works!! 

My pores are smaller, skin is smoother, fine lines are not as noticeable and my skin looks healthier, nurtured and dewy.

Is it a miracle? NO, it is just maintaining the health and look of my skin.

Basically the premise is all about maintenance and prevention. It is a 10 step method that uses a double cleansing process. 

First an oil cleanser and then a foaming wash. I have learned so much by reading and watching YouTube videos. 

It can be difficult  to decided what is best for an individuals skin. I figured I  have tried other products over the years and some work and some don't so I just have to jump in and try.

I have always said I have dry skin and I do, but I have found out it had more to do with my products not nourishing my skin. 

How could the products work when I was not consistent and there was a dead layer of skin blocking the nutrients from penetrating?

Let me show you the products I am using now that seem to be working for me beautifully...


I am still using the Lierac oil I found while in Paris. It is tried and true and I don't see any reason to stop using it now. It works, and did I mention the lovely fragrance? Oh my!! You can find it HERE!


I love this natural coconut milk face wash, it is so soothing to my skin and gets the job done. Plus it uses natural ingredients that will nourish my skin and not strip it. When you use this you feel like you have been transported to a beautiful island paradise, seriously, try it, you will see what I mean.


I have never been a user of toners before because to be honest, with dry skin it felt like it dried my skin out even more. 
I thought this was a step for my oily sisters, not me. Boy was I wrong. This gives my skin balance and gets it ready to receive the upcoming nutrients. I shake out a few drops and gently pat it into my skin until it is absorbed.


This is actually the first product I was introduced to in the Korean Skincare routine. I had never heard of an essence before, but this particular one kept coming up on blogs and videos so I thought it was worth a try. 
Oh my, there is no turning back after you use this stuff. It is like your skin is getting what it has always craved and needed. 
Nourishing, moisturizing, just totally like a big cold drink of water for your skin. It prepares your skin to receive the upcoming nutrients and I have already ordered my second bottle. This is what I would call one of my Holy Grail products. The fragrance alone keeps me wanting more and more. 


Vitamin C is good for the skin and I did not realize it also lightens age spots. I not only use this on my face but the back of my poor neglected hands. It has lightened the spots to be about half as dark as they were. It also brights your skin as well as protects it.

This next product is a strange one and I am sure most of you are thinking ewwwww! I read so much about the benefits of snail mucin, I had to give it a try. Well, now I am a believer!! I have repurchased this one product because I see a difference in the texture of my skin.


 I am very sensitive to anything around my eyes and they always seem to weep, but not with this eye cream. I have found it to be  hydrating and it definitely takes away puffiness. This tube will probably last me all year. It has caffeine in it so that helps with the puffiness. I am loving the results I am getting with this eye cream.


This moisturizer was rated so highly and had such great reviews I figured it was worth a try. Boy am I glad I tried it. 

You can see little moisture beads on your skin as it penetrates and it truly makes my skin feel, nourished and moisturized all day. Don't let the inexpensive price fool you. It could be way more expensive and I would still purchase it.

At night time I do all of the above steps but I use a heavier cream to lock in the nutrients and let my skin rest and replenish for the night.

This is a pretty thick, sticky cream but it absorbs over night. It is packed with fermented argan oil and lavender. What a nice way to go to sleep. This will also be a repeat purchase for me.


A few times a week I also use an exfoliate. I am not sold on the one I have so I will use it up and try another before I share it with you.

Once a week usually on Sunday afternoon I do a facial sheet masque. Oh my do I love these. It is all the nutrients for your skin in a highly concentrated form. 

I have tried several, but my particular skin seems to respond well to green tea so I use this particular one and boy does it make your skin look and feel great, plus it is a nice little 20 min relaxation time....

The mask are so inexpensive you can try different ones to see which you like the best. This particular one has hylaronic acid which helps your skin maintain moisture and I have found it to be very effective. I have repurchased this one several times and at $3.50 it doesn't break the bank. What a fun treat to indulge in once a week or more if you like.

These are the products I am now using and have not had any issues at all, which is strange for me since I tend to be somewhat on the sensItive side.

My skin feels nourished for the first time in a long time, or for that matter, ever!! I know it seems like a lot to do, but it really only takes a few minutes and you know you are dong what is best for your skin so it keeps you motivated. 

I honestly look forward to my morning and night routine now, it is hard to explain but it is almost addictive and my skin is asking for more of what is good for it.

If any of you decide to try any of the above products from Peach and Lily, use this code to get $10 off and they will also give me $10 credit. Let me know if you try any of the above products.

btw:  I have found two websites I like to order from and they both have great customer service and also personal advice if you need it.

Book to read to explain all about Korean Skincare....