Friday, February 17, 2017

My Spring Wardrobe Shopping List!

It might be pouring down rain outside, but my mind is wandering towards Spring and it's many offerings. 

With each new season there always a few new trends or colors that we can add to our already existing wardrobe to be a little more current.

I am pretty basic, classic/preppy in my style so I was very excited to see so many checks, stripes and nautical looks this year. Also lots of pinks and blues, which are a nice addition and colors I enjoy wearing.

SIDE NOTE: As I looked at all my current pins on my pinboards for fashion and interiors they all go together. Pinks, blues, stripes, checks. I guess I am pretty consistent and predictable!You can take a look at my most current pins here!

There are a few pieces that I have on my radar and would like to get that would make nice additions to my wardrobe.

I just purchased two new pairs of pants for spring....

These boyfriend jeans from Talbots fit so well and trust me that is an accomplishment since I find it hard to find pants that fit me will.

These ankle length pin striped pants in blue will be a real staple in my Spring/summer wardrobe.

I am also on the hunt for a cute denim skirt and found one that will work well for me.....

As you can see my choices are pretty basic and easy pieces to work with in my existing wardrobe.

 Boden always has cute skirts.

I have one other skirt that I have my eye on and when it goes on sale I most likely will get it....

I actually have tried this on and it fits me like a glove. 
See the cute sweater? I would love it in the yellow and they have it in pink too!

My list seems to be getting longer!?

Here is a go anywhere, dress-up, dress down , dress that would be a good staple for a Spring and Summer wardrobe.....

I am kind of in love with this cutie of a skirt! I can see it with a plain white t-shirt or a darling white blouse, fresh and crisp!

I have never been much for ruffles , however stripes, and checks are right up my alley and this top offers both! It also comes in pink, but I think that might be a bit too sweet for me since there are ruffles and checks.



We all know that the off shoulder tops are back this season, however I don't feel they are appropriate for my age, or body type. However there are two other trends that I really do like and would wear.

Bell sleeves



Primary Image of Tie Sleeve Top


Superga® Sneakers-Stripes - Talbots:


Absolutely fell in love with these!

 Main Image - Linea Paolo Fling Tassel Loafer Mule (Women):

I don't know about the rest of you but I for one am super excited to see mules back in style.

I have several pairs in my wardrobe from the past and they are still on trend. Classics will always work.

The reason I am excited is I have an extremely narrow heel and find it very difficult to find shoes that fit me well, but mules seem to do the trick most of the time! Yay for me!!

Main Image - Marc Fisher LTD Whitley Slide Sandal (Women):  

I saw these on Erin's blog, Elements of Style and fell in love with them. This soft blush color can become a neutral in my wardrobe.

Circus by Sam Edelman Lena Black -


Espadrilles are always a classic for Spring and Summer.

As far as trends go I like some of them and wouldn't be caught dead in others, but I think you can see from my choices above I am pretty classic and lean towards what I like to call a grown up prepster style .

Here is a little shopping list of items that I personally am keeping in mind and thought you might like as well....

Bell sleeved blouse
Tie sleeve blouse
Check or striped pants
Wide leg or flared white jeans (I already have these)
Something in pink or blue
Cute and comfy pair of mules
A cute pair of tennies either a Ked, or a converse type style. Classic white Adidas are always a good choice too.

I am sure as the season gets closer I will find other things that I want, especially as summer hits and the temperatures rise!

I hope this gives you a little inspiration!!
What do you have on your radar for this season?


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Finally Found A Coffee Table I Like!!

Would you believe I have only owned one coffee table in my lifetime as a homeowner? I went for years without having a coffee table.

Yes, you heard that right! 

I did use my ottoman with a tray on it as a coffee table, but I have had a hard time finding a coffee table that felt right for my room. 

Throughout this post you will see some tables that I thought I might like...

Now that we are in a new home the search continued for the perfect coffee table. 

For some reason end tables and coffee tables are the hardest pieces for me to find. I am not sure if I am too picky, or I lack vision. It is probably a bit of both.

(no longer available)

I am always looking, because to be honest that is what I do. Sourcing is my favorite part. 

It is also important to stay current on what is in style both in fashion and in home designs. We don't have to be on trend all the time because that would be impossible and very expensive. However I think it is important to keep things fresh.

Recently in my looking I found what I thought would be a perfect table for our great room. I knew I wanted something simple and fairly open, not too large since the great room is not really great at all, but actually a bit more on the small side, 14 ft. X 18 ft.

In my looking I kept going back to one particular table over and over again.  Then it went on sale! Oh my!! 

My sweet hubby came up to me a couple of days before Valentines day and told me to go ahead and order it for Valentines/Anniversary gift. Are you kidding me!!? (We don't usually give each other gifts, but we usually take a trip or do something special with each other)

I moved very quickly just in case he changed his mind and pressed that order button so fast!!

I found it at West Elm. 

What I love about this table is it is long and narrow (bench-like). Our room is not that large so I did not want something to take up too much visual space, or floor space.

 The table is 48in long and 17in. in depth  and 17 in. high. I am attracted to it's bench like dimensions.

The simple clean lines will work well in the room. and don't even get me started on the  white Carrara marble top.  I can see this in our room with all of the other elements.

( pharmacy lamp pictured has been replaced)

As you can see in the picture I have an ottoman so I had to keep that in mind as well. I don't like visual clutter and my rooms need to breathe in order for me to be comfortable in them. 

The base of the table is an antiqued bronze, and so are my floor lamp, and the sconces in the room so it will create a nice visual flow. 

I don't mind mixing metals in a room, but in this scenario because the table is such a prominent piece, it felt better to have the metals match in my minds eye.

( new tripod lamp replaced the brass pharmacy floor lamp)

 (existing mirror , sconces, and molding accent wall)

It takes a few weeks to get here and I can hardly wait!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Bringing Loveliness Into Your Home!!

With all the high speed technology in the world today I think we often forget about the gentleness we all need in life.

I was just reminded by reading my friend Melissa Michael's blog, The Inspired Room about having a lovely home. She is going to do post all week about this subject so be sure to go and visit her blog. I am looking forward to reading what she has to say. She always inspires me.

The simple yet lovely elements that make us feel content inside, are never costly items, just simple little touches that any of us can do.

Having a lovely home is more than a home that is well designed. A lovely home is a feast for all the senses.

I think we often forget the little things we can do to bring back the LOVELY to our homes.

Today I thought I would share some of the things I try to do in my own home to make it lovely not only for my guest, but for me!

These are simple ideas that cost very little, or in many cases cost nothing, like this first idea……….


My bottle is empty as well.:

Go out in your back yard and cut some greenery, or a single blossom and put it on your desk or guest bathroom sink, or on your dining table tonight for dinner.

When executed correctly, choosing something like olive branches can make an amazing impact. | 9 Ways to Save on Flowers

Add a little sparkle to your water with sequins. Just think about how this would glimmer next to a flickering flame of a votive candle.

 ferns, recycled glass bottles:

Even a sprig of fern can look lovely in a simple glass bottle.


Often we tend to think we have to have company to do these special little touches. 


I think it is important to do add loveliness to our homes on a daily basis.


Every morning I wake up and open my blinds and turn on my stereo. I always have soft ambient music playing in the background.

You would be surprised at how it can lift your spirits, just to have the soft sound of beautiful music playing. Another no cost way to add a special feel to your home.


Candles are always an extra added bonus in a room. Whether they add a scent or just the beautiful light that glimmers in a room.

Often times we think it has to be dark, or a candlelight dinner to have a candle lit. I light my candles even during the day. I have one on my desk that I love to light when I first wake up in the mornings.

Throughout the day we will all be drinking, coffee, tea or just plain water. Why not make it a little more special by drinking out of a special cup or glass, adding lemon, or ice cubes with fruit in them. Simple and very little cost to do this.

Lemon Water, or with lime. Anyway to get my 8 glasses of water a day:
 Add lemon slices to your water, and make it a little more special not only in taste, but visually.

 Fill glass with pink cotton candy and slowly pour Lime Perrier over it. Pretty and non-alcoholic! Perfect for friends who don't drink (or are preggers), so they don't feel left out from all the fancy party cocktails! My kids would LOVE this and think it was really cool! Maybe for New Year's Eve or some other special event/party.:  


If the weather allows, open up those windows and let fresh air flow through your home….

 Open windows:


Fresh sheets on the bed sprayed with your favorite linen spray or fragrance.

Sometimes I just spray my fragrance on my pillow case because it is such a pleasure to lay my head down at night.
You already have the perfume, why not use it. Just think about how your spouse will be surprised when they lay their head down at bedtime….

Another thing I do is to take a dryer sheet and rub it on the edge of the sheet that I fold over and on my pillow case.

Don’t forget you can also change your pillow case every night if you love the freshness of just laundered bedding.  You don't have to wait until you change all the sheets.
All of these things are no cost, yet they add loveliness to your day!


If you have fresh fruit and/or veggies in your refrigerator bring them out, and put them in a colorful bowl for a pop of color on your counter.

 fresh produce summer goodness, just as pretty as flowers:

These are things you already have so why not utilize them in a lovely manner.

 produce on kitchen counters can be just as pretty as fresh flowers,

None of the above ideas are costly and they are so simple to do in your own home today!!


Tonight when you have dinner, light a candle, put a little vase of greenery next to it. Pull out your cloth napkins instead of paper. Use a tablecloth! Have music playing in the background, and have a LOVELY dinner!!