Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Not Just For Christmas, Leave it Out All Year!

Do you ever wish you could keep up some  of your Christmas decorations all year long?

I have a couple of things that I used this year that I wish I could keep up. They don't shout, "Christmas Decoration!"

I had to think outside the box a little so it  made me look into ways that I could make that possible.

The first element is my round lanterns that I hang on the mirrors that are on  each side of the window in my dining room….

Blog Christmas 2010 035 (800x600)_thumb[8]

Table and Porch 001

I love the contrast of the black lantern next to the crispness of the wallpaper, and white framed mirror.

Because I have loved this look for more than two years I started thinking, “Why can’t I keep my lanterns out?”

Obviously I won’t be hanging them with Christmas ribbon! That would look odd, but I am going to find out how I can hang them on the mirror.

I put out a request on my Facebook page asking if anyone has hung something on top of a mirror with Command strips.

Bloggers are such generous people. I connected with Kristi from Addicted 2 decorating. She informed me that I could use Command picture hanging strips to hang my lanterns on my mirrors.

The best part is she wrote a blog post, "A Little Mirror on Mirror Magic," on just how to do it. This is perfect so I can show my hubby!

That old saying where there is a will there is a way held true.

So, this year I will be leaving my black round lanterns hanging on my mirrors.

Sometimes we have to think outside of the box to get a look that we are happy with. I am so glad I found a way to do what I want with my lanterns.

Do you have a decoration you love so much at Christmas that you would love to leave it out? 

Think about it, I bet you can figure out a way to use it all year long.