Friday, November 6, 2015

What To Wear For Thanksgiving Day!


Does your family dress up for Thanksgiving dinner, or do they keep it casual and comfy? I know personally, I like to dress somewhere in between. Maybe, a casual outfit with a special accessory to take it up a notch.

With the Holiday season about to open up we all need a few options. We women like our options. So today I am going to show you outfits I would wear for a casual/comfy look……….

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This first outfit is casual and comfy. The earrings and the cute cobalt shoes take it up a notch. You know everyone is going to be asking you where did you get those earrings!!

Easy to wear and comfortable. I would add some pearls and pearl earrings to this classic/casual look.

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A uniform for many, jeans, sweater, boots = cute outfit.
The earrings and the scarf jazz it up a bit. You can wear basics and then add a little something extra in your accessories and it really can take the whole look up  a notch. 

So comfort doesn’t always have to just be worn on an every day basis, you can wear it on special days as well.

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I don’t know if you are like me or not, but when I wear a skirt I feel as if I dressed up a bit, even in a jean skirt.

Thanksgiving outfit.6jpg:

I have used this outfit in other post before, but it is just too classic to not use again. 

A pop of a color that you look great in with basics and then add some cute leopard flats and you are good to go!
Ensemble: Casual Mustard With Jeans
This grouping is pretty casual but mostly because of the shoes, they are dictating the casualness of each outfit. 

Instead try a cute black ballet slipper or some leopard flats, or even an unexpected color in a shoe, like cobalt or red and it will change the entire feel of the two outfits. 

Personally I love the combination of the navy and the mustard so I would wear both outfits easily.


Casual basics + Standout jewelry + eye catching shoes= Casual Special Day Outfit!

I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration for your casual Thanksgiving day outfit. I know it has my mind spinning with the possibilities.