Friday, July 13, 2018

What I Would Buy At The Nordstrom's Sale!


I don't consider myself a fashion blogger at all, but I do consider my self a woman that loves clothes so I guess that can count for something.

Everyone in the fashion blog world is all excited about the Nordstrom Sale! I saw many blog post by shall we say, (clearing my throat here) younger women. Several I would say aligned with my style somewhat but not really.

I just don't get that excited about a cardigan sweater, or a baggy sweatshirt or a torn pair of jeans. When I think of a sale at Nordstroms I think of possibly bigger ticket items or items that have a timeless appeal.

This first item is something I would definitely purchase and I feel it would last me for years to come. When I look at jackets I look at color, cut and details. This one fills all the boxes for me....

Pink is a color I love to wear and get compliments when I do so to have this blazer would be a good purchase for my wardrobe. Love the cut and the button details. It's just a pretty classic piece,dress up or down. I would be wearing it with jeans and love the lighter wash that is pictured here.

Since we are on a pink subject lets take a look at this feminine blouse......

This is a beautiful feminine blouse with lovely details and it comes in a beautiful array of colors. I love this pink and also the red. It's a dress up or down kind of blouse depending on what you put with it.

Metallic Rain Jacket by Bernardo
 reg. $158 now $99.90
This next rain coat really caught my eye. It's a little flashy with it's metallic finish and I love that for a rain coat! It's considered pink, but it looks more like a rose gold to me. I LOVE this jacket!!

I love anything knit especially for traveling and this cute little throw on jacket would fit the bill for me. 

Here is another cute blazer in a knit......

This darling quilted coat could be my one big purchase. I absolutely adore this coat and I really kinda want it, badly. Would someone tell Dougie please!?

I literally had 7 other items chosen to show you that I found this afternoon and by 7:00 this evening they are already sold out. Wow, that makes me a bit nervous about my coat, I mean the Kate Spade coat at Nordstroms.

All and all I can't say I was overly impressed with the offerings, but there are definitely deals to be found. I think it is wise to buy good staples that you might need and leave the t-shirts and baggy sweatshirts and cardigans for a close out sale, but that is just the way I think.

If you go shopping Good Luck and remember to
Enjoy the Process!


Thursday, July 12, 2018

A FASHION POST: 4 Outfits With The Same Pants!


In one of my previous post I told you all I had ordered a cute pair of Ann Taylor white jeans that were a bit big and I had to order a smaller size, which secretly made me happy if I am being honest. They are on a great sale right now so if you like them, now is the time to get them. 

Love the detail at the hemline, it is unfinished so it creates just a touch of fringe, which I love.

These pants are sooooo comfy and soft. I have already worn them a few times. Today I thought I would show some of the ways I am wearing them. I love any wardrobe piece that is versatile and these are definitely versatile.

In the first outfit I wore them with a simple eyelet sleeveless top. I added just a touch of color with my purse and earrings,  and bracelet which have a vintage look. The silver leather and cork flip flops kept the outfit looking cool for hot summer days. The cork  in the sandal relates nicely with the straw in the purse. 

Here is a closeup of the accessories I chose to wear.

What goes better with eyelet than a sweet gingham. This is a nice fitting top due to the darts and the ruffle is not overly ruffly so it maintains a more tailored look. I chose to brighten up the look with hot pink criss cross slides and bracelet.

Black and white never fails in my book. Again I kept it fairly simple so the pants are really the star of the outfit and that bracelet is a great co-star.

Last but not least is an all white outfit with accents of gold.......

The jewelry and the sandals are classic and simple but add just the right touch of sparkle to an all white outfit.

 So there you have it! 4 outfits with the same pair of pants and trust me I have many more up my sleeve.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

My Summer Bags Of Choice!

VIA (this blog post has just about any kind of straw bag you could want)

There are so many styles, shapes and colors of purses on the market. However, personally I find it hard to find purses I really like. Of course that has a lot to do with my practical side. It has to be cute, the right color, style and size to hold all the stuff I carry in my purse.

Maybe I should carry a suitcase? No, just kidding, I don't carry that much stuff anymore. 

Personally I think of light and airy when it comes to summer bags. There is a plethora of darling straw, bamboo and rattan bags on the market now.

The last few years and even currently some of the favorites looked like this....

This Japanese Bamboo bag has a cult following.

Then came the round bag........

This has actually been  in for  quite awhile now but  is still really cute.

Noticing the coming in and going out of fashion bags got me to thinking. Very rarely do I carry a straw bag but have always wanted to carry one.

I do have a darling  rattan clutch from J.Crew that is a favorite and I have carried it more times than I can count....

This is currently not available!

So what kind of bag would I want to carry? I really started searching and I was finding that I was drawn to colorful bags with actually some pattern to them and also was drawn to somewhat unusual bags, or at least a little unusual. You know the kind that is so different they become timeless.

Finding colorful patterned bags turned out to be a bit of a hunt for me until I went more towards a vintage look.

This first bag I purchased will go with just about anything in my wardrobe and add a colorful look without being too match.....

I love it's vintage look, even though it is not really a vintage purse, it still has the look.

I paired it with an all white outfit the other day and I really enjoyed the whole look....

This next purse is more of a color statement and will also go with most of my wardrobe since I wear a lot of solids, stripes and checks in colors that will coordinate nicely with a dark pink.....

This is a brand new bag from fossil. I own a couple of Fossil bags and I love this brand. Isn't she a cutie?

Both of these bags were purchased on Poshmark. I am always careful about asking the condition and the measurements, and I also think of how I will use each item before purchasing. In other words, I over think it!!!

I saw this next bag online and fell in love with it, but it was sold out. I kept checking back and even put my name on LYST to be notified when it came back in stock.

I debated on which color to purchase......

The white one was the most obvious for summer, but I am just not a white bag, or shoe kind of gal.

The black and white is pretty perfect for my wardrobe but when I started putting outfits together in my head it looked too contrived especially since I wear so much black and white.

The natural cognac color won because it will always be a classic neutral, and I have some leather sandals that will always look good with this purse.

I just went to Mango to get you all the information and link and they are already sold out of every color except black again. Looks like its going to be a popular bag this year!!

The shape is what I was attracted to and then the netting just looks like summer to me. I found that this shape of bag was popular in the 1950s. I was watching a movie the other night from that era and lo and behold there was almost the identically shaped bag without the netting, of course.

If you are like me and enjoy the look of a vintage straw bag, ETSY is a wonderful resource. Go HERE! 


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Does Your Home Have A FEELING?

In this day and age we hear a lot about feelings. We read about feelings in books, we listen to songs about feelings, so how do feelings relate to interior design, and our homes?

Is it more important how a room LOOKS or FEELS to you?

I can tell you what my answer is!

It's all about how it feels for me! I have often said anyone can decorate a pretty room by copying a picture out of a magazine, design book, or by buying everything in a vignette off of a design showroom floor.

Over the years I have been in many houses, but to be honest NOT that many HOMES!

Let me explain what I mean by that.......

A home should reflect the owners personality. The nicest compliment I ever received about my home was, "It looks just like YOU, it looks just like I thought it would!"

I was so touched by this compliment because this person GOT me! It wasn't so much about the colors, or the way I had things situated in the room, but more about ME, and my family and how it made our guest feel.

Homeowners today are so inundated with what are the latest trends, and they are told what things should look like that they somehow get lost in the mix.

Their homes become just another HOUSE with the things they THOUGHT they should have in their homes according to society.

Obviously these are my own personal opinions, and observations that I have come to conclude over the years working in the home design business.

So how do we make our homes stay true to who we are, and what we represent.?

I use to have my clients do a little homework before I would meet with them. Don't worry it's not homework for a grade, so there are no wrong answers. This is homework for discovery!

The one very important criteria is that you have to  be is......

Totally honest with yourself!!

Easier said than done, trust me I know!!

I want you to get some magazines, or use your pinterest board, or instagram, and start pinning or saving pictures of rooms that just make you feel good. I actually don't even want you to be thinking about your home at this point. This is all about feelings.

Try your hardest to not look at  rooms that you want to duplicate, just rooms that make you feel good. In fact, at this point I don't want you to even think about the actual decor. We will get to that later. We are going strictly by your initial reaction and how it makes you feel!!

Next I want you to choose 5-6 things in your home that you have had for more than 3-5 years that you absolutely love. 

They don't even have to be out on display, it can  even be a dish towel, or a favorite blouse just things that make you feel happy when you see them, or touch them.

Why are we doing this? 

Because we are putting together 
puzzle pieces. YOUR puzzle!

Now I want to go back to your pictures that you have saved. I want you to write down how they make you feel. Use some buzz words. For example, warm, cozy, comforted, light and airy, etc. You get the picture!! These are important words to remember because they are describing what you require in a room to feel at home.

Just to give you an idea of what I am talking about.....

My own personal buzz words are, inviting, peaceful, serene,fresh, crisp, clean, airy, understated elegance. 

Now I want you to  look at each picture again, and I want you to dissect it into what you like about it and what you don't like about it.

Remember it is just as important that you know what you DON'T like as what you DO like!! If we are firm on these two counts we will not be so easily swayed by the newest thing we see in the magazines, or a friends home.

My Don't list would be things such as ornate, dark, cluttered, for my Like list it would read, clean lines, high contrast, colorful, airy, crisp, clean, peaceful, serene. Notice some of the same words I am using are also my buzz words. The puzzle is starting to become more complete!

Next I want you to put all the elements that you pulled from your belongings and write down the same type of buzz words that you did when you looked at your pictures. Are they the same or did some new feelings arise when you looked at your own belongings?

I also want you to become very in tune with the colors you seem to gravitate towards, are they high contrast, colorful or all neutrals? 

Now do this with  the textures as well. Do you prefer shiny over textured or matte finishes. 

Look at the the style of furnishings, are they curvy, straight, ornate or simple.

If I were there I could analyze all of this for you, but since I am not I am trying to teach you how to view your home, and what you like objectively.

At this point you should have a list of words that you need a room to express. You should also have a list of things you Like a room to have.

This is your guide for future purchases and design ideas. This is your own personal map so to speak. Your puzzle pieces have been put together for you. Stay true to this and to yourself and your home will speak volumes about you as a homeowner.

Chances are in the past you liked your home, but you always felt something was missing.  It just might be it was not reflecting your personality at all. With your list you will now have a better grip on what you want to achieve and what the outcome will be.

When you go to make a purchase keep that list with you, does the new purchase meet your criteria? Can you use your buzz words to describe your new purchase? If not don't try to talk yourself into it, that will only make you wind up with a home you don't love, nor will it reflect your personality. (This is so important!!) Patience will be your new best friend, you will find what you are looking for eventually.

Your home will not look like anyone else's home. Your home will not say the same thing as anyone else's. Your home will reflect......