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Thursday, October 31, 2013



Some of us wait to the last minute to get in the mood for certain occasions. That is alright I have a few last minute ideas you can do to make it a special HALLOWEEN  for you family and friends.



DIY:: So Cute ! Fall Tin can luminaries Tutorial

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

We have the entry covered now how about a fun meal for your family before they go out for their treats……

Fun With Food For Halloween
Spaghetti is a fast and easy meal for Mom to make and the kidos always love it too. Just think how pleased they will be when they see it in its very own Halloween costume!

Fun With Food For Halloween meatloaf mummy or just a hamburger patty would be fun as well
Another easy dinner is meatloaf, or just a hamburger patty dressed up as a mummy will be so fun to serve. Very little effort  goes into this and your family will love it!


I use to try and have something special for friends and neighbors so when my boys were still trick-or-treating age I would make a pot of apple cider with spices. The good old standard snicker doodles, and everyone’s favorite……


Ghost Doughnuts 001 (800x662)Ghost Doughnuts 014 (800x600)Ghost Doughnuts 019 (800x600)

So easy and it is still everyone's favorite at my house.
You can read how to do it HERE!

How about something cool to drink?!…

Candy Corn Drink (SO easy and VERY tasty!) .

Need a last minute treat to take to a party?.........

Darling Halloween party treat


Is it halloween yet? quotes quote halloween halloween pictures happy halloween halloween images halloween quotes




Monday, October 28, 2013

How Do You CUFF!?


A New Way To Make A Cuff!

Who knew all these years I have been cuffing my shirts the same way, and now I read there is a new way to do it!?

No kidding! Now if you are like me you like to cuff your long sleeve shirts, in fact, I can say that I almost always do. 

There is something about a shirt with long sleeves that bug me, but the 3/4 sleeve shirts can tend to look a bit old ladyish.

Camel, Plaid & Pearls
Love this look and this is how I usually wear mine.

What I Wore | Glam Plaid, Jessica Quirk, How to wear a plaid shirt, whatiwore.tumblr.com
If I wear a jacket you will probably see me with a cuff peeking out underneath the sleeve of the jacket.

denim + blazer: I need to find a navy blazer
As you can see there are plenty of others that cuff the same way that I have been cuffing for years.

gingham shirt, pearls,leopard flats
Loving this whole outfit! Cuffs and all!

Are you ready to see the new way to cuff?
You will have to look at the image very closely to figure it out, but don’t worry I will have a diagram at the end of the post to show you how.

Vertical Stripe Blouse

Not as neat and tidy as the old cuff, but also more casual  and fun.

How to Roll Sleeves Like J. Crew be sure to do this with plaid and chambray blouses.

Apparently the key is to make it not look too, prim and proper, but more nonchalant.....

“Look I just pushed up my sleeves and this is how it turned out!”

exPress-o: How To Cuff Your Sleeves J.Crew Style.
I can not verify that Jcrew originated this new way of cuffing, but so far all roads have led me to their site.

I will leave you with just one more image to help you out in this new way of cuffing…..

REVAMP exPress-o: How To Cuff Your Sleeves J.Crew Style.
As you can see there is quite a technique in making it look so effortless.

I am not sure I will be wearing this new look, since I have personally not tried it out yet. It has just now gotten cold enough to get out the long sleeve shirts.

I will keep you posted on how it works for me, or if I will just continue, my prim, and preppy way of cuffing!

How about YOU, do you cuff the Jcrew way?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

An Answer To A Question About My Fall Wardrobe


It all started with a couple of questions……….

"What is your favorite item to wear for Fall this year?" by my friend Janell Beals from the House of Fifty blog.

My answer was……

leopard and plaid 3

When I gave her my answer she asked me if I had anything on my blog about this pattern matching, so you see I just had to write this blog post.


Leopard is not new to my wardrobe, nor is plaid, however wearing them together is new for me.

Ralph Lauren is the master at pairing these two patterns together, and it was this image that first caught my eye, and made me look further for more of this combination.

mixing leopard with plaid: ralph lauren: fall '12
I did not have to look very hard to find combinations that I thought would work well for me, or anyone for that matter.

Whatever floats your boat
I find that I like it best when used subtly, and usually with a green or red plaid.

Plaid, stripes + leopard #ampedONstyle | Not a fan of this jacket trend, but I'm loving the mixed prints.
Leopard flats seem to work with so many combinations even stripes and plaids.

What makes this work so well IMHO is the camel vest pulls all the patterns, and colors together. 

The red purse makes the plaid marry well to all the other patterns.

PLAID. Leopard. Chambray.
Plaid, leopard and chambray. All working well together. 

I will admit this look is not for every one, and you have to be very careful how you pull it together. 

Mixing these two patterns is for the brave, and for those that love to mix patterns.

@Chriselle Buendia Lim is loving her Rafe "Sarina" leopard print envelope clutch available @sharan's

Using black watch plaid with leopard is probably my favorite combination.

I fell in love with the green plaid shirt from Jcrew, and was so disappointed when it was out of stock……

J Crew.  Tartan.  Need I say more?
I just knew it would look great with leopard. I looked on ebay and all over the web to no avail. 

Recently we took a trip to the Factory outlet for Jcrew and since it was my birthday I got lucky, and they had it!! Now I can wear some plaid with leopard this year. I just might throw on some pearls and a little bling too!!

 Here is the coat I will be wearing it with……

ASOS Longline Animal Fur Coat.
A pair of jeans, green plaid shirt, and brown booties and I am good to go!!

Some RED and LEOPARD done well.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Wrap, Renee Silk Square plaid and leopard
For the more conservative a RL plaid and leopard silk scarf!
Have I convinced you yet?


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Make Mine Pretty Please!


12 Pretty Ideas for Halloween

Halloween can be scary, fun, and frightening, but this girl likes her Halloween to be pretty. 

I have never enjoyed the scary side of Halloween so I am always on the look out for the non-scary side of Halloween.

Let me show you some of the ideas I found that are appealing to me…….

Lace Candles

Black and white lace covered candles, elegant, pretty and appropriate for a Halloween house.

Elegant Halloween Centerpieces Decorating Ideas
A trip to the thrift store might be in order to find some pretty black goblets for votive holders.

Elegant Halloween Centerpieces Decorating Ideas
Simple cans covered in Halloween paper covers become a pretty centerpiece when flowers are added.

Elegant Halloween Centerpieces Decorating Ideas
Black and white with  a little sparkle added always looks elegant in my book.

Truly Fine Art
I really need to take a trip to the Thrift store!

Black and White for Halloween
Some matte black paint, and a black crow will make any book shelf ready for Halloween.

Imperfectly Beautiful

Now this is what I call an inviting Halloween entrance!

Black and White for Halloween
There are so many free printables on line, I am sure this would be an easy one to do.

Veiled Pumpkins
A little more black lace makes these white pumpkins, “Pretty Pumpkins!”

Speaking of pretty pumpkins!

Diamonds are a girls best friend! Even on a pumpkin!
Diamonds are Pumpkins best friend!

Good Life of Design: The Pretty Side Of Halloween  http://goodlifeofdesign.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-pretty-side-of-halloween_22.html
Just add your address to personalize your elegant pumpkin!

For more Halloween ideas go to my Pinterest board HERE!

Here is a link for:

Hopefully this post will give you a new perspective on Halloween….. 

The Pretty side of Halloween!!