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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Generosity In Blogland



Bloggers are amazing, generous people. As in any group there are those that are, and are not, but overall I would classify bloggers as people that are very generous with their time, and talents.

Last week I put out a cry for help in finding a lighting source that would cost me less than circa lighting for the Grosvenor pendant light fixture that I am thinking of using in my master bedroom.


CHC1483PN-L   sandy-chapman-circa-lighting-ceiling-lighting-grosvenor-large-single-pendant  -circa-lighting-ceiling-lighting-grosvenor-large-single-pendant

New Bed 010 (800x600)
  ( My new bed, the fabric is actually cream. I just noticed it looks somewhat pinkish here. Funny how lighting changes things. It is actually the same color as the nightstands!)

I can not tell you how many emails I got, and not one, but two offers from designers that are bloggers to help me out.

I was so taken aback at the sweet offers of help so today I want to  give you all a great big……….

Never underestimate the power of the

blogging community!!!