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Sunday, March 5, 2017

What Should You Put On Your Coffee Table?


When it comes to styling a coffee table there are lots of different methods. Some like a more is more look and others, like myself like a less is more look.

 Go inside the living rooms of Patrick Dempsey, Chrissy Teigen, Naomi Watts, and more. | archdigest.com:
No matter which look you prefer there are some guidelines that will help you to decide what to use on your table.

 Living room, coffee table styling, white and gold, @homegoods accessories, @ikea erktop sofa:
I think Phoebe Howard dissected a table vignette in a very easy applicable manner for most home decorators....

Sweet Nothings: Coffee Table Styling:

I have read many different formulas and I found hers to be the easiest to follow and to duplicate. Plus, I love her design aesthetics.

 Black, gold and white elements styled perfectly to create an elegant coffee…:

In her formula she is telling you what type of objects make a good composition on a table.

With the right decor, a coffee table can be a key design element.:

I agree with each element she says to use for a nice display on the coffee table. Let's look at each individual suggestion.....

1. Something tall, or varied Heights: Keep in mind the heights of each element. You should have varied heights making an up and down wave. Tall, low, tall, or low, tall, low. 

 You can also go from high to low, the point is to vary your heights to keep the eye moving in order to see the elements as one composition. Never jolting to the eye but a nice  visual flow.

marble coffee table:

Also keep in mind the textures that you add to your composition. Try to vary them with shiny, smooth, dull, or rough textures. This will make for a warm and interesting display.

2. One oddball object: Something of interest, sculptural or organic. In Phoebe's compostion she literally did use a ball/orb as her oddball item. As she states this is a good place to show your personality. Use something that you love to look at, that speaks to you personally.

3. Something Fresh: This will give your room life, it can be simple fresh flowers in a vase or a plant. Anything that is green and alive.

4. A stack of books: Books can promote conversation, or give your guest something to look at. She is actually using hers as a lift for the glass obelisk. This is also a place you could add your personality piece, or odd ball as she calls it. 

 nice vignette on coffee table. Room full of character and texture:

 In addition to this simple formula there are a few other elements that can be useful in making an interesting display on your coffee table.....

covered boxes
trays to corral objects

Summer Styling Series: The Basics - Earnest Home co.:

Decide how many objects you can handle on your table and the approximate sizes you will need and have fun treasure hunting. 

 West elm brass coffee table, coffee table books, how to style your coffee table @designsbyceres:
Whatever your style of home, furniture of coffee table there are so many resources for each individual element listed I don't think you will have any trouble finding what you like, and in the end you will have a beautifully styled coffee table!! 


Remember all of the above information is just a guideline, never let a formula stifle your own creativity. The whole object is to have fun and enjoy your home!!

 Mountainside Remodel - neutral textures in the living room || Studio McGee:

Homework assignment: Now that you have read this entire post, go back and look at each coffee table I showed you, and see if it has all or some of the elements mentioned above. Notice what they are, where they are placed, and how they are connected to the other elements in the composition.

Enjoy The Process Of:
Creating your very own masterpiece!!