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Friday, July 23, 2010

Looking for Inspiration for A "Someday Room"

From time to time I decide I want to make changes in my home. I am sure you can all relate to that, can’t you? I usually start with a dream plan and go from there. I might go forward with the plan or it might have to wait for awhile. I still hold onto the dream and enjoy the process of the planning and the hunting until it can come to fruition.

I recently did this with my family room. This is the room where we as a family all hang out and watch TV and relax. I joke about how the sofa should be a bed because someone is always laying on it.

I thought it might be fun to share some of my inspiration photos with you. These are images I have in a file that I add too whenever I find something that might work in my, “Someday Room.”

My family room is not overly large but it is just the right size for our home. When we had the home built we added three ft. to its width to accommodate three growing boys that like to lie on the floor to watch TV.

The room measures 17ft.wide by 20ft deep. The end wall has a brick wall half way up with a large white mantle at the end of the room. On the left side of the room is a French slider measuring 8ft. On the right there is one door leading out to the garage. Opposite the fireplace is the opening to the kitchen which has a breakfast bar on the left. On the right is a wall.

family room floor plan 001 (2) (582x800)
First I am starting with the layout of the room in order to figure out what type and how many pieces of furniture I will need.

My idea is to have two sofa’s facing each other as pictured in the following images………
image_thumb31[1]EK13[1]I love the idea of a day bed to separate the room with the two sofas facing each other. What do you all think about that idea vs. two chairs?
eric roth living room white slipcovered sofas tufted leather ottoman casters turned wood legs fireplace mantel glass french doors[1]   This is how I would love my sofas to sit in the room. I think of all the pictures in my inspiration file this is my favorite. I know the ottoman used as a coffee table has been done forever,but I do love this oversized rectangle ottoman.

I like the idea of two chairs facing the fireplace I would want these to be able to swivel for easy conversations.

helen Green 3[1]
Another day bed I just really like this idea and the look in the room.

All of these pictures have sofas facing each other and a daybed or two chairs at the end of the configuration. I love this look. Do any of you have two sofas facing each other in a room? Does it work well for your family?

In the next couple of post I am going to go into the details of the room and the ideas for:
room arrangement
architectural elements

I hope you come back for more of my plans for my,"Someday Family room!"

“Enjoy the Process” Of :
Making plans and exploring your dreams!