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Wednesday, October 14, 2015



Yesterday was quite the eventful day for my sweet hubby and me. We got the keys to our new home, I turned 65 and I now have a Medicare card.

Ribbet collage New House Is Ours

Our builder makes it a wonderful occasion by the way they present the keys to the new owners. After them telling us what a pleasure it was to build our home for us we received a beautiful gift basket with a bottle of wine, olive oil, and honey all made fresh at Trilogy. 

Our community is surrounded by olive trees, and grape vineyards, and it has it’s own bees so they make it right there. It had a beautiful historical book all about the town of Brentwood as well.

They handed each of us a little black box tied with yellow tulle and inside was a shiny new key….

P1150761 (672x800)

When our salesman found out it was my birthday he was very generous and gave me a gift certificate to the Sawa Spa at our clubhouse. 

To say we were feeling special is an understatement.

This builder goes over, and beyond to make you feel like you are very special.

Next we went to "OUR," house! 

We had a quick lesson on how to program, open and lock our door with the key pad, and then we walked into our new home, this time officially as the new owners!!

P1150753 (800x600)

After the representative left, and we closed the door, Yes! I did the happy dance, and Yes we both cried a few very happy, grateful tears. 

We both are beyond grateful about this new journey in our lives. It has been quite the year for us to say the least, and to be standing in our new home together is surreal.

New House is Ours! (15)

I brought a few necessities to start with, and will continue bringing smaller items throughout the week.

P1150749 (600x800)

It’s official our monogrammed towels have put our name in place!

Thank you all for your comments, and for cheering us on and praying for us this past year, it has been quite the journey, that is for sure. 

There is more to do, and more to see so I hope you will continue on with us on my little blog!

I am REALLY!!:

“Enjoying The Process!”