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Monday, April 26, 2010

Greek Key Footstool and Spray Paint!

I walked in to the store the other day and what did my eye’s see? A footstool!  Not just any footstool but a metal Greek Key footstool. I love the Greek Key pattern. I did a blog post on it here.  I had to use my imagination because the footstool was in a bronze metal with a brown micro-suede fabric. You all know that I am not a brown or a micro-suede girl. I looked at it , I lifted it. Aaaah! Yes! it was nice and heavy, definitely worth purchasing……….
front porch Spring makeover 001
front porch Spring makeover 002 (758x800)
Now what do you think I did with this footstool?
I have finally joined all of you out in blog land and I bought a can of flat black spray paint and primer.
I have to give my Hubby the credit for the spray painting. I have been known to make quite a mess of things when I have paint in my hands so he volunteered to paint it for me. While the paint was drying I proceeded to cover the brown micro-suede with a fabric that makes me smile every time I see it……
001 (721x800)
002 (639x800)
I am so pleased with the way it has turned out. Now, one more question. Where do you think this new foot stool will be going? If you guessed the front porch you are absolutely right.
Oh! I forgot to tell you the best part. This nice heavy metal footstool was purchased at none other than Big Lot’s. Can you believe it? I purchased it for $45.
If you would like to see another footstool makeover be sure and visit my friend Averill’s blog, Odi et Amo here.  I love what she did in her master bathroom it is wonderful!
“Enjoy the Process” Of: Changing a piece of furniture with spray paint and fabric.