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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Look What Is Going ON At My House!!

I must admit that last week I was in the mully grubs. That is a place I do not like to stay in very long.

I have pulled up my boot straps and started back on my purging kick, and Hubby and I have started a project that I am really excited about.

I will be sharing the progress in the next couple of weeks if all goes well. If you don’t see any report, then don’t ask?!!!! You know how plans can sometimes go south!

Here is what is going on right now!!! I am totally excited about an empty room with a patchwork of paint samples on the wall.
A blank canvas!!! What a dream!!!!

IKEA 011 (600x800)
IKEA 012 (600x800)
I don’t usually swatch on the wall, but with yellow walls I will need to prime first so I did some swatching.  Funny thing is I did not choose any of these colors!! Go figure?!

IKEA 020 (600x800)

IKEA 019 (800x600)

I know it is not very pretty right now, but you should see the picture of the room that is stirring around in my brain!!! I am soooo excited.

I have some more to show you tomorrow!!! I took a trip to Ikea!!!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Starting a project and getting excited just thinking about the final results!!!