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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Let's FACE The New Year With A Smile


Happy New Year Everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did.

It was 2 family fun filled days, and I think one of the best Christmas's to date for me because I had all my boys together and my Mom was here as well. If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw a lot of the family pictures I posted.

With the new year approaching I know we all start looking for ways to improve our lifestyles. I read a post this morning by my good friend Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home blog where she shared some of her new favorite splurge items in the skincare/beauty category.

It reminded me that I needed to do a post on some of my tried and true products that I have loved and still love and use.

Let's start with facial cleansers....

I still use this coconut milk cleanser daily......

It's creamy, smells divine and gets the job done without stripping my skin of it's natural oils.

If I have on make-up I like to use an oil cleanser and lately I have been using this one.....

I use this first then the coconut milk cleanser, this helps dissolve makeup and sebum. I love the way this feels on my skin.

Once a week I like to use a exfoliate/peel and I found one that is gentle for my sensitive skin and does the job......

This stuff is pretty amazing, it literally lifts the dry dead skin and rolls it up, you just rinse it away. Love this stuff, one of my new favorites and I will be purchasing again. You can find it and read about it HERE.

I was never a believer in toner since I tend to have very dry skin and most of the toners I was familiar with were more drying. Well this lady has changed her mind and I have purchased this product several times and will continue to use it........

As far as a moisture cream goes I am still using the same one because I have found it to be very moisturizing for my skin.

It's light and fresh and I literally can see moisture on my face, plus it makes my skin glow and at my age I am all about getting back my glow.

Usually on Sundays I do a puffing and fluffing day where I will put a masque on my hair and on my face. It takes about 30 minutes of relaxing time and I love this little ritual. I have used several mask and the one that my skin seems to respond to the most is this one....

I feel refreshed, plumped and dewy after using this. At $3.50 I think it is more than worth it!

I am like the rest of you out there, always looking and trying new things, but honestly these products are the one's that I continue to have success with. 

I don't have the cure all for aging or wrinkles, but I will say even with wrinkles let's keep them soft and subtle so we don't look hard and harsh!!

Recently I lost some weight and of course with weight loss there is a bit of sagging and wrinkles, but I am hopeful and optimistic that in time things will tighten up with continued use of these products.

If I find anything new that I LOVE I will share it with you!!

Recently I did find a new lip gloss that I ♥♥♥ it is so emollient, stays on and smells and taste divine by Laura Mercier...

I loved it so much I purchased two and one for a gift!!

I purchased Rose and Rose Gold and I love them, in fact I have it on right now. Another plus is my sweet hubby likes the scent and the taste when I kiss him. I would say that is definitely a win-win!!

The Rep at Nordstroms said they are coming out with a lip stick in the glace formula after Christmas for the Spring. I know I am definitely checking back!!

I do use some other products but I wanted to keep it simple for you all so you can try some for the New Year!!!

With all the facial products and makeup nothing will ever beat the charm and allure of a beautiful smile so keep smiling ladies!!!

This almost 68 year old is here to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!!!......