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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 Valentine’s Day is over, and let’s face it, love in the air makes everything look and feel better, even with rain and snow!!

 Now that this holiday has passed, I thought I would share some images of something I am looking forward too.

Flowering branches in large vases or urns!!! I love this time of year when we can purchase just a few branches and get such a wonderful display of the colors of Spring.

This past weekend I went to an Antique Faire in Hillsborough, California. When you entered the large building at the Fair Grounds, there was a breathtaking display of flowers done by the florist at Filoli, which is a historical home and gardens worth going to see if you are ever in the area.

Just look at this huge display of flowering branches………
Play room and Hillsboroug 002 (600x800)
I am not sure you can tell just how huge this arrangement was, but I would venture to say it stood a good four feet high or, maybe even a bit more.
I love how they draped the jasmine off to one side and down the front of the urn. Just beautiful! Shall we look at more displays of Spring Color?

1 (354x365) 
It doesn’t always have to be tall branches or a grand display. Just look at how simple this display is and yet it still has the same impact.

5 (320x400)
Multiple clear green glass containers make a wonderful show of Spring Color!!

3 (285x400)

6 (250x224)

2 (475x516)
I love this vignette.

4 (365x365)

CRAB APPLES (300x400)
I love crab apple blossoms. They are so pretty.

7 (400x267)

via French Larkspur blog
A simple bucket looks so textural in this vignette.

via Newlywed Diaries blog


FORSYTHIA (310x400)
Forsythia is one of my favorite blooms to use like this. We can not grow it in our area. I live in California, but oh, how I wish I could. Isn’t it spectacular?!

In looking at all of the above images, I  examined them closely to see which blooms I prefer and which containers go best for this type of display for my home.

For just a few branches or a single branch, I think a smaller mouthed container looks best

I think I prefer a blue or green container for beautiful pink blooms.

For the forsythia, I love a clear vase or urn - nothing that takes away from the grand show of the forsythia.

In choosing your branches consider the containers size, color, shape and texture. I am going to look for some pretty pink blossoms to put in a very large clear green vase that I have for my dining room table. I also think some pretty pink blooms might look stunning in my living room in a blue and white porcelain vase.

If you get some blooming branches which one’s do you prefer? Do you have a special container that you put yours in?

“ Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Looking forward to Spring by bringing in a few blooming branches in your home.