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Thursday, December 3, 2015

My First Christmas Mess In My New House!!

What is that saying about you have to create a mess before you can create beauty. Well, that is what I am doing in my new house.

I don’t even mind the mess because it is the very first time we get to decorate our new home for Christmas.

The first thing I did was bring in the pillows and switch out the covers. I had feathers all over me. 

Just in case you did not already know this, don’t wear all black when decorating for Christmas.

Then the rug had to be adjusted and the tree box came in. I get the job of fluffing up the branches. 

It felt like such a good idea last year to sprinkle snow on the branches. This year, NOT so much. I had faux snow all over me and the floor. LOL 

Still having fun and it won’t dampen my spirit!!

P1150902 (600x800)
Just like most years some of the lights did not work, in fact the whole top of the tree did not work. 

Hubby had to go to the store to buy more lights. I don’t think he was too happy, or in the falalala spirit with that one.

I put a smaller tree in my kitchen area that is in a white square pot, and it has white lights. I love the simplicity, and how the green looks against the white walls.

P1150900 (600x800)
Ooops I need to hide the cord!! Don’t you just hate cords showing?

Next came the wreath for the front door.

P1150884 (600x800) (2)
This year I decided to use a preserved boxwood wreath and found the best deal at Target.

My color scheme this year is going to be greens and white with my base of black and white so I carried that out onto my porch. Here is the collage I made of my plan….

Ribbet Edit Christmas Inspiration 2015 collage

I also had an inspiration picture for my wreath. I took creative freedom and did my own interpretation that feels more like my home.

Christmas wreath boxwood wreaths

I love the look of this one, and before it is all said and done, I just might add one more wreath to my configuration.

There was some tweaking along the way before I got it right. I started with this look first, but knew it was not quite right.

P1150887 (600x800)

I love simplicity, however this was not going to give me the welcome I wanted for my guest. 

I talked with some of my friends who are design enthusiast to see what they thought. 

They all agreed I needed 3 balls not two. One friend suggested making a double loop bow. I listened to them so……

P1150921 (600x800)
Back to work I went, and I did some tweaking. I added another ball, and another loop, but I took it a step further and made the streamers go down the middle of the back of the wreath. I chose to use 3 streamers at different lengths.

A little tip for you, when making a fish tail streamer, make sure the points are long and slender as opposed to shorter and wider. The longer points have a more elegant look.

P1150908 (600x800)
I used battery operated lights that I got from Home Depot last year, they work great!

P1150920 (600x800)
I added two white lanterns on each side of the door, but it still needed more.

P1150916 (600x800)
I debated on using 4 or 6, but once it was darker and I lit the candles 6 was just too many so I went with the 4 lanterns.

So far I am having a lot of fun. The tree lights are done and the tree is in it’s corner. 

I moved furniture a few inches here and a few inches there and I think we have just the right base to work with now.  

You will be surprised at how much a difference it can make in a room when you take the time to move your furniture even a few inches. Always keep furniture pulled out at least 4-6in. from the wall, giving it some breathing room.

Step back from your room and look at your room from all angles when moving your furniture pieces. You will be happy that you took the time to make it right.

P1150926 (600x800)

My busy Christmas helper. He always does such a good job putting on the lights. The decorating is up to me, but I think I am going to talk him into helping me this year. Wish me luck.

P1150928 (800x600)

The room is starting to look like a nice cozy Christmas room. 

P1150931 (800x600)
I think I am going to have fun decorating the rest of this room. Once I get the ornaments on the tree I will move to the mantel. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!!!