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Sunday, July 2, 2017

A FASHION POST: "Summer outfits!"

In my last post I showed you all two summer tops that I recently purchased on some great sales at
Jcrew and Ann Taylor!

Today I will show you how I plan on wearing them!

This first outfit I actually was able to wear to a dinner/play up at our club where we live. I was comfortable and felt good in this new, fun top. I still smile when I move because it wiggles!!

I would call this outfit dressy/casual. Not totally dressy yet a little bit, and casual because of my sandals and how comfortable it was to wear.

I kept it classic by keeping it all navy  and wearing my navy ankle pants.

Another thing I do is decide how to wear my hair with certain outfits. With this outfit I decided to put my hair behind my ears and do a very slight flip. Sometimes different outfits look a bit better with a change in hairstyle, plus it is fun to shake it up a bit!

The top is not totally fitted but a bit loose so I kept my pants on the slim side. That is a good guideline to follow.......

Loose Top Wear slimmer bottom
Fitted top wear looser bottom

The Bernardo gold sandals have been a staple in my summer wardrobe for many years. I also have them in a pretty rose gold. 

If I were to have paired this outfit with a dressier shoe it would have totally made this a dressy outfit easily. Isn't it interesting how one accessory can totally change the look and feel of an outfit. Keep that in mind next time you put together an outfit!! Have fun with it!

Since there is fringe at the bottom I kept my accessories simple and classic. Remembering to let the top's fringe be the star. A necklace would have been one step too far.  Just like in decorating keep one element the star!!

The purse is an oldie but goodie. I purchased it from Jcrew several years ago and I have to tell you this little clutch is a real workhorse in my wardrobe, it goes with so many outfits. 

Sometimes it is a good idea to make a little splurge purchase when you know how often you will use it and this one proved to be worth every penny I spent on it!

Next I have the 
"Top Of Many Colors!"

I am going to have so much fun with this top it goes with so many of my summer pants and skirts.

Here is another Casual/dressy outfit I would wear if we had a special dinner night out that was not a fancy dinner.

I paired it with a casual style, white cotton twill skirt that hits just right at the top of my knee and a pair of suede slides that have a slight heel and a vintage straw bag.

Again I kept the accessories simple.

The cobalt blue striped bangle is a Kate spade and the yellow bamboo bangles were purchased a long time ago from bauble bar. Of course the pearl studs are my every day earrings. I am a pearl girl and actually prefer pearls over diamonds.

 These cobalt suede slides are so comfortable and with a little heel they can be dressed up or down.

This vintage clutch was purchased on Etsy years ago, it even has an eyeglass pouch to go with it. I have been pleasantly surprised at how often I have used this. Etsy is a great resource for vintage bags and also some really fun straw purses as well.

I have found that if you stick with what you love in the colors that are already in your wardrobe you will have a workhorse for your wardrobe and no buyers regrets. Plus, this little number is just fun!!

This next outfit is totally casual and I would wear this shopping or to a barbecue, for that matter just about anywhere that did not require me to be dressed up.

This time around I put my top of many colors with my girlfriend jeans cuffed up. My verrrry old red Ked's mules are just about worn out and hopefully now that mules are in again I can find another pair.

I paired them with my new fossil crossbody bag which has turned out to be a wonderful bag for the style and colors in my wardrobe. I found it at TJMaxx!

This time I am wearing gold bangles with the yellow bamboo bangles and I have  added gold loop earrings.  You might even find me in a pony tail with this outfit.

So there you have it!! I had fun putting these together and I can tell I will be able to make more outfits using these two tops with different bottoms and accessories.

When I purchase separates I have a little rule I try to follow.......

"If it can't go with 2-3 other pieces in my wardrobe I don't buy it!"

I would like to thank all of who commented or emailed me on my last post. I was pleasantly surprised at how many of you enjoyed my fashion post. In fact that is exactly why I wrote today's post.

 Keep your questions and ideas for post coming. It sure helps this girl to keep writing!!!