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Friday, May 13, 2011

Wisteria at Ikea Prices !!

It is no secret in blog land that I love stripes.
fall dining 2
You can see from my dining room and kitchen that I truly love stripes.

I use to have a blue and white ticking striped sofa, but when it became worn I purchased a floral sofa in a beautiful natural linen. It is a wonderful fabric but to be honest it has never quite suited me.

checks in my home 001 (800x600)

I am still in the market for my ticking sofa, but right now it is just not in the cards for me. So I have been looking for ways to freshen up my family room a bit and make it feel more like me!!

I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Delores from Vignette designs and she said, “Kathysue, I know you don’t want to hear this, but I think you just need to embrace your floral sofa!” She was right on both counts.

We talked further and she mentioned changing out the rug. I told her I had plans to do so if and when I got the ticking sofa. She suggested, "why don’t you get a rug now that would work with both this sofa and the ticking." She reminded me of how much I love stripes. So, the search began. I did not find one that was quite right so I quit looking.

Until today!!! You know how you get the little pop-up advertisements on your screen? Well, one came up from Wisteria so I started browsing.

I saw that they were having a sale with huge markdowns so I looked in the rug section and there it was!!!!
Wisteria (600x600)
checks in my home 001
wisteria striped rug for family room (600x616)
I could not believe the price it was originally $899 marked down 70% to $269.70 for a 9X12 cotton dhurrie rug. I was stunned!!  I emailed Delores and finally could not stand it any more and just called her to share the news!!!

The rug has been ordered and I am so excited!! Now my fingers are crossed in hopes that the description is true:
Bring a bit of spring indoors with this cheery, apple green striped cotton dhurrie. It’s the perfect way to brighten any room.

If you are in need of some new items for your home check  out…. Wisteria
w2 (781x474) 
Enjoy the Process of:

Finding a special deal on an item for your home!!