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Monday, August 23, 2010

HGTV Design Star Wins with Outfit to Room Idea!!

Emily Henderson HGTV's New Design Star!
(Emily has her very own blog, The Brass Petal)

I knew once I heard Emily’s idea for a HGTV show that she would be a shoe-in. After all, there are no shows on the air where they take a homeowner's outfit or look and turn it into a room or in the case of her new show, a “Lifestyle”.

It just made me wonder if Emily and HGTV producers have been reading blogs?  I have seen bloggers do amazing outfits to room blog post. Although I am not sure Emily’s idea is an original one, it is still a good one. I think this should make a very interesting show if done well.

It is quite obvious that HGTV is hurting for some new ideas. I am so tired of the real estate shows and the fixer-upper handyman shows( You know exactly what I mean don't you?)

I think HGTV must also be hurting in the budget category. Did you notice on Design Star this season every task was done in teams so there were only two rooms being done on each show? I have a feeling there was lack of funds for this years contestants. I felt like we never really got to see the individuals abilities or talents with this kind of competition until the final three.

I would love to see some shows with some REAL inspiration!! Not the shows where only a college student would want to apply some of DIY ideas. I would like to see some real quality design shows  on HGTV.
We need more of Candace Olsen and Sarah Richardson type shows. I hope HGTV is reading this!

Until Emily, HGTV’s New Design Star, show appears I thought I would leave you with some of the amazing Outfit to Room  images that I have found throughout blog land done by some very talented bloggers. As I said before not a new concept, but could prove to be an interesting show!

Jenna Lyons
Jenna Lyons
Anne Sage
Anne Sage
anthro Augus
Anthropologie August 2010
Erin Elements of Styleoutfit by Erin Elements of style
Erin from Elements of Style
Debby Inspired Design
Debby from Inspired Design
Harmony and Home 2
Harmony and Home
Harmony and Home
Harmony and Home
gold pink
I even did a post on my own clothes matching them to a room in a post titled, Do Your Clothes Ever Remind You Of A Room?!
my clothes
So there you have it!! My take on Design Star and the new show that Emily will be doing! So what do you think? What kinds of shows do you think HGTV should be putting on the air? Did you like the format they had on this season's Design Star?  I think they need our in-put!!!

“Enjoy the Process Of:
Looking at your wardrobe to get clues of what you should have in a room!!

Is Decorating For FALL Hard For YOU??

Decorating for Fall can be hard for me. Don’t get me wrong. I love the fall as far as the crispness in the air and the changing colors of nature. The reason it is hard for me is because my design aesthetics lean towards a fresh, spring look. Using the existing colors in my home, which consist of:
  1. Maize yellow
  2. Spring greens
  3. Porcelain blues
  4. Watermelon pinks
  5. Black and white
As you can see more Spring-like than Fall! I still embrace the Fall season by doing something that has helped me over the years and it makes it much easier to make changes in my home.

I think of the colors of fall that I do enjoy, the textures  and the elements that I enjoy. Then I make a list!!!
  1. Wooden bowls
  2. Wooden turned candlesticks
  3. Wooden cutting boards
  4. Clear apothecary jars filled with beans in black, white and split peas for my pop of green.
  5. Pomegranates with their wonderful pinky red color
  6. Eucalyptus wreaths or leaves for the soft green
  7. Cream colored candles
  8. Basil colored candles
  9. Black silhouettes
  10. Crisp red and green apples
  11. Brass candlesticks that glow
  12. Pumpkins and gourds in white and greens
  13. Touches of cheetah print in pillows or throws
  14. Black lampshades in place of my crisp white shades
  15. Mums in white, purples and golden yellow
  16. Clay pots
  17. Artwork with black backgrounds or black frames
  18. Textural baskets
  19. Bakelite silverware
  20. Lanterns
  21. Nuts and acorns
  22. Branches in vases
  23. Leaf prints
By having a list of elements that are pleasing to my "Spring eye", I can bring warmth and texture to my home for the Fall season.
What would you put on your list?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Thinking of Fall elements to bring into your home!