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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Using Natural Elements for Easter!!

 If you have a yard you can create an Easter/Spring vignette.

Easter is a perfect time to look to Mother Nature for beautiful elements to use on your Easter table.

The array of greens and flowers is so abundant this time of year. I personally have always used natural elements on my table for Easter.

Here is a list of some of the elements I have used in the past.
  1. Scotch moss(I like this kind because it is a deep dark green)
  2. Wheat grass ( I get it at my grocery store)
  3. Ornamental Kale (Perfect when placed  by a bunny)
  4. Miniature carrots ( produce section)
  5. rocks or pebbles ( I use these to border or just place in moss to look like a garden scene)
  6. Different types of moss, baby tears or blue star ground cover.
  7. Margarite daisies are a favorite of mine to add in the grass.
  8. Tulips, daffodils and daisies.
I have a few images of tables or vignettes that have used natural elements for Easter. I hope these help inspire you!! Easter is only “7” days away!!! Time to get a move on!!!………..

7 (290x290)

6 (200x234)

8 (427x640)
I love the simplicity of this arrangement. Several of these down the center of the table with some ivy trailing down the center  would be so simple to do. Basically twigs from the yard a little moss to make a nest. Ivy and a colored egg and you have all you need for a lovely table. Add votives in mass and it would be stunning.

Easter table 2010 005 (800x600)

9 (432x324)
This is one of my favorites. This could be done on any table with stones from the yard. Just make sure you put down plastic to protect your table. This would look amazing if they had a few daffodils and some blue eggs laying among the moss and succulents. Love this!!!!

2 (640x480)

untitled (381x315)
This is wheat grass and they used faux flowers and eggs. I would use real flowers and real blown eggs. I like to use real whenever it is possible.

2 (500x424)
Moss covered pots with grape hyacinth. Notice the darling checked cloth in periwinkle blue. The pop of chartreuse gives just the right pop.

Easter table 2010 007 (800x600)

3 (500x656) 

9 (230x253)

4 (500x750)
So simple and yet so sweet.

3 (400x300)

Gh1 (325x325)

good housekeeping (200x200)

untitled (639x548)

securedownloadCAC0Z9GH (524x652)
Time to go outside and look around your yard!!! If you open up  to it, you will find all kinds of elements that you can incorporate in your Easter table setting.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Using natural elements to create a Spring/Easter vignette!!