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Monday, December 7, 2015

Bright Green Is In My Christmas Color Scheme!!

Decorating for Christmas this year is so fun for me since it is the first Christmas in our new home.

Since I am just getting acquainted with our new home it took me awhile to come up with a color scheme and overall design plan.

Once I looked at the inspiration images I had pinned the overall design became more clear to me…..

Ribbet Edit 2015 Christmas Inspiration collage

Yesterday was a fun day of decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping a few gifts. 

This year I went to Spoonflower to purchase my main patterned papers. The quality of the paper and the clarity of colors is wonderful. 

I highly recommend getting paper from them. It might be more than you pay at the big box stores, but it can make just the right statement and set the whole mood for your Christmas decor.

When I choose my color scheme I look for papers and ribbons that will tie the overall look together. Remember those presents under the tree are part of the total look.

Ribbet collage 2015 Christmas wrapping paper

This is my original collage of wrapping papers. I did not get the plaid, but in looking at it again, I just might have to order it too.

P1150943 (800x600)

The malachite wrapping paper ties in nicely with the bright green malachite pillow I am using as my base pillow this year.

Ribbet collage 2015 Christmas pillows

I am using my woodland creature pillow from last years Christmas décor. It is one of my all time favorites and just seems to work in our home.

P1150953 (600x800)

It’s fun to see it all coming together. Of course there are some twist and turns along the way. 

Sometimes the design process takes on a life of it’s own. One of the many things I love about the process.

For instance. I was not going to put bows on my tree this year, however once I was done I realized I needed a tie-in to the rest of the décor. 

First I tried white bows, like I used last year. In my head they looked good, but in reality they were way too much for this look.

Next I tried a double faced ribbon of bright green with a red interior and it felt just right to me. 

You see our tree is full of family memories and almost every ornament has a story to tell so they are brightly colored and all different shapes and textures.

The little glimpse of red on the ribbon seemed like the perfect  addition on the tree.

P1150952 (600x800)
I wish the ribbon was a bit wider, but I used what I had on hand for this year. 

Who knows before the season is over the tree might have wider ribbon. I kept the streamers long because it felt more elegant to me. 

I love a touch of elegance with simplicity. I know our tree is not even close to Simple, but  this is our family tree, and it is perfect in my eyes because of the memories attached to it.

P1150954 (600x800)

I have a bright green velvet pillow that I will be adding to the white and black chair behind the JOY pillow. It is coming all the way from Ireland.

P1150955 (600x800)

In this picture you can see  my vintage Chinoiserie pedestal. This is a favorite piece of mine and I love that I can use it in our new home.

Speaking of Chinoiserie, that brings me to my next project……

P1140465 (600x800) Wreath
You might remember this from last year. This  picture shows the wreath in process.

I used an inexpensive black frame as my base. You can read HERE how I made it, if you are interested.

This year I will be hanging my pagoda wreath in our kitchen dining nook. I had to fill in more greenery on the sides so I worked on that yesterday. I will show you all the pictures once I get the dining area all dressed up.

I hope you are all having as much fun decking your halls as I am!!


BTW:  Just click on the underlined site.......Ribbon purchased from Nashville wraps, Paper mart and Ribbon shop.
The double faced ribbon that is green on one side and red on the other purchased at Costco.