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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Step By Step Solution For My FALL MANTEL!


The next step in bringing in Fall into my family room is my mantel!

Now my mantel is not an average sized mantel. It is 17 ft wide. Not the easiest thing to decorate, I must admit.

I am not one that decorates in a thematic manner, but I like to add warmth with my every day elements for the cooler months.

As it gets closer to  Halloween and Thanksgiving you might see me add a white pumpkin or two, but for now I am going to warm things up. Trying to keep it simple, uncomplicated, and inviting.

In my last post you saw that I am adding a touch more black to the room, plus an addition of textural fabrics such as heavy linens and fabrics with embroidery……..
 winter look_thumb[5]ribbit

Here is a picture of my Summer mantel…..

The Before
summer mantel 2013 027a (800x535)
Simple, Fresh and uncomplicated. Perfect for a summer look, but not for a Fall look.

First I cleared it all away……
Fall mantel 003 (800x600) ribbit

Then I decided on what elements would look right for my room, and for the Fall/Winter season.

I made my list:

Books for warmth and texture
stack of books
Brass Candlesticks for warmth and shine.
brass candlesticks

Baskets and candles for texture and  a warm glow.

basket candles

Something that evokes warm memories of home…..

Clocks hold a special place in our family. 

My Dad collected antique clocks, and my Mother has carried on the tradition. Each of my boys that are married have received a clock as their wedding gift from my Mom.

With my list made now the decorating can begin!

I always start by placing the largest items first. Naturally I started at the center point with an antique clock that belonged to my Dad, and it just happens to be black!

Fall mantel 010 (600x800) ribbit

Next came the brass candlesticks flanking each side of the clock. I then filled in with the books, candle holder, and bookends…….

Fall mantel 019 (800x600) ribbit
I decided to add some black binoculars which we use all the time on our trips to the ocean, and even in our backyard to see all the different birds that visit.

Fall mantel 017 (800x600) ribbit
You can see my sweet little book ends that just happen to be black and white, imagine that. 

You will also notice how I stacked the books on this side of the mantel, and topped it with a basket candle.

Fall mantel 015 (800x600) ribbit
It is almost right, but the height of the candles is not right and something is missing!

I think I have figured it out……

Final Fall mantel 006 (800x600)ribit
Yes! That is it! I needed my basil green tall tapers, and the other little bookend! Now it feels warm and cozy for the cooler upcoming months.

Final Fall mantel 005 (800x600)ribbit

Still simple, and uncluttered with just the right amount of warmth for me.

I hope this has helped inspire you to tackle your Fall decorating from maybe just a simpler point of view!