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Friday, February 27, 2015

It's All About The Lips!!


You all know I don’t advertise on my blog, so if I am telling you about something it is because I have used it and loved it and want you to know about it.

Today it is……..It’s all about the LIPS!!

I take extra care of my lips in order to keep them soft and supple. I have already admitted I am a lipgloss, lipstick junky. I not only like the color but I also enjoy the feel. This is all well in fine for looks.

But when it comes to actual lip balms, or products that actually promote healthy lips I get really serious.


Yes, I have tried the at-home treatment of brushing my lips when I brush my teeth. I have also used Vaseline and sugar, which tasted good, but I found something better.

Recently I tried a new-to-me product that I am really loving and saw an immediate difference in my lips.
Really works! Tried and true!! I love this stuff. KS...Use this link to get $10.....http://goo.gl/n9lQM7
The lip perfecting scrub has a very, very fine grainy texture much finer than sugar, that sloughs off dead skin on chapped lips. 

I like to use it a few times a week, I follow it with the lip balm.

I use the lip balm every night when going to bed. I have seen a big difference in my own lips so I had to share it with you all.


If you would like to try this for yourself Here is a link that will give you $10 off if you are a first time buyer.

If you use it the duo is only going to cost you $10. Be sure and check out my tried and true product post for other products that I love Here!!

Here is the link for the $10 off…….


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SIX Switch-Up's For SPRING!!


It is time to switch it up for Spring!

Spring is by far my favorite time of year. I love all the colors, the fresh grass greens, pretty pink and yellow blooms, clear skies and white puffy clouds.

When Spring is getting close I like to add some elements to my room that will make my room feel a bit more fresh and happy.

I usually do this with pillows as I have shown in previous post, but there are other ways to decorate for Spring without becoming a totally thematic room, full of birds nest, eggs and bunnies. (all of which I dearly love)

First and foremost we have to be careful and use some……

We are not decorating a store so we need to keep a handle on just how much decorating we do so we don’t look like things just might have a price tag attached to our displays.

First Step!
Choosing Spring Accent Colors

Before we begin remove everything except the pieces that will always stay in your room, furniture pieces, wall décor and lighting.

Next look at the colors in your room and think about the colors that you love that could be added to your room to freshen it up.

Take a look at a color wheel if you need help in finding complimentary colors for your room. 

Find the main color in your room and go directly across to find it’s compliment. The group of colors directly across are the strongest compliments but you can choose color families from each side of the compliment color as well.

Such as Blue’s compliment is orange, yellow-orange or red-orange. Using any of these color families will make the blue more vibrant in your room.

If you want a softer compliment choose the color families on each side of blue, such as blue-green and blue-violet.

color wheel 
Another way to pull colors out in your room is to look at any existing patterns in your room and pull the colors from there.

These are just a couple of very basic guidelines.

Next is time to make a list of  Spring elements that are pleasing to you that you might want to add to your room.

Keep in mind to not choose things that are overtly Spring that could make your room look like a store display, as I previously mentioned.

Try to add elements with texture, color and life.


Flowers are a natural choice when it comes to Spring décor, but so are touches of natural greenery, or blooming twigs.

Kitchen Shelving

I like to use flowers and greenery in my home all year long, but especially during the Spring months.

This is the perfect time of year to display your favorite blooms.

Casual Furnishings....
White tulips are a favorite of mine and using this rough hewn bowl full of tulips will make anyone get in the mood for Spring!


Using clear colorful glassware is a nice touch to add a bit of sparkle to a room. You can use a single piece or a group…..

Tone on Tone: Whats New at Tone on Tone? Bottles from West Elm, Love these and all the colors

Adding some blooms to your composition looks very fresh and perfect for Spring…..

tulips in blue glass

Simple greenery from your yard is a favorite element I like to use in the Spring.
Good Life of Design: Summer Fun With COLOR!!!

Brightly colored books used as lifts for a decorative item, or just stacked on a table can add a touch of Spring…..

30 Ways to Make Every Room in Your House Prettier | StyleCaster

If you will notice the books colors are pulled together with the floral arrangements colors. The black of the vase is accentuated with the black and white spines of the books. 

Bright pink as in the flowers and even a pop of orange as in the center stamens of the flowers. Details, details! 

Coffee Table Styling LET US INSPIRE YOU ~ DREAM, CONCIEVE, CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME. www.ecojumrum.com the ultimate rural residential land release in North Queensland. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/... ♥

Another great example of how the flower and vase colors are pulled into the stack of books.

colorful books

If you don’t have just the right color of book spine, take a trip to the thrift store and purchase what you need for very little cost.

Covering books in colourful fabric... perfect non-commital way to add colour to my home
Another option is to cover your existing books with colorful papers or material.

This stack of rainbow-edged books from Heart Home magazine makes us want to take a pack of highlighters to our own paperback collection. #DIY
This is fun! Use brightly colored markers to color the ends of the pages!

If your artwork is not expensive, and it can easily be replaced for a minimum cost, changing it out can totally change a room.

I have found Etsy to be a great resource for some lovely prints that can be easily framed in standard size frames from hobby stores.

Let me show you a few that have caught my eye…….

Windsor's Chairs Interior Portrait 11x14 by driftwoodinteriors
This particular piece has all the elements I love in a room for my own home so naturally I gravitated towards this piece.

Kerri Ship has some brightly colored watercolors that will be sure to please your design aesthetics. You can find her work here. Colorful and affordable.

Art.com has some very affordable options in all different styles of artwork. I chose this one from my artwork pinboard which has many pins of artwork that is appealing to me, personally.

This particular piece is done by Lou Wall. There are many more colorful pieces on his page, HERE!
knot garden no. 1 watercolor reproduction print
Green is the color of Spring. Nothing prettier than the color of fresh, new grass. I love the depiction of this knot garden to add freshness and a touch of Spring to a room. This is neutral and could work in just about any setting. Found HERE!


If you are like me, you like a throw to wrap up in even in the warmer months. When I quit for the day, and lay down on my couch to watch some mindless TV, I like an adult blankie/throw!
anyone who knows me, knows i always need a blanket when i'm in the living room, even if it's 100 degrees outside.
This is where you can add pattern and/or color easily to your room. Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to choosing. 

There are so many sources for both rugs and throws on the internet.

Ikea and Target are probably the least expensive with some great variety to choose from when it comes to Home accessorizing.

If you are looking for more of an investment piece then your options are pretty limitless.

Just keep in mind your over all feel, color scheme, and patterns in the room. Keep patterns, and texture of the throw, light and airy for a Springtime feel.

Modern Living Room by Caitlin Wilson
However sometimes a pop of a solid color throw is a great way to introduce interest, and maybe a new color in a room.

If you room can accommodate some pattern and or color take a look at the options for lampshades. Target is a great source for affordable lampshades and they offer both color and patterns.
Threshold™ Diamond Ikat Print Lamp Shade
A happy yellow Ikat can mix well with many patterns.
I like to switch out my darker lampshades with white shades for summer.

You can add a little trim around the top, and bottom if you feel the need for a bit of embellishment, but keep it simple.

Or you can add trim just to the bottom like this homeowner did……

Lamp-shade with ribbon trim, tutorial


Clear room of all accessories.

Choose your color scheme based on existing permanent elements. (one primary color with two accents is a good guideline)

Start with one main print or star, if you are choosing any patterns, then work off of that pattern for colors and other prints that will coordinate.

Add Spring colors to your room by using lighter and brighter values of complimentary colors in your room.

Add texture with spring time branches in bloom.

Add life to your room with fresh blooms or simple greenery in vases.

Use everyday colorful book spines to use as lifts on tables, mantels etc.

Purchase some fresh, colorful artwork and frame in simple black or white frames purchased from the Hobby store.

A new fresh, cheerful color/patterned throw is comforting and will add a touch of Spring easily to your room.

Area rugs are easy to change up. Use one for Fall/Winter months and one for your Spring/Summer months.

Remember, none of the above have to be costly, just well chosen. Make your plan of attack before making any purchases so you know it will all work well together.

Once your plan is made then the fun can begin. It takes time and patience, but in the end you will be so happy with your end results.

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:
Switching it up for Spring!


Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Tried And True Skin Care Products


It is almost Spring, and time to reevaluate our skincare, and make-up routines. 

It seems with each new decade my skin changes a bit, and not always for the better.  

Let’s just say at the age of 64 my skin has gone through a lot of changes, if you know what I mean.

This year in particular I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. I believe a lot of that is due to a very stressful year with health issues for my sweet hubby. (all is well and life is wonderful now)

I also have to admit I am a bit of a product junky. I read copious amounts of information about skincare and beauty products.

However there some products that are tried and true that I re-purchase over and over again.

Today I thought it would be fun to show you what is tried and true, and a few new to me products I am enjoying so far.

I guess the best place to start is at the base of it all…..

Facial Cleanser

I have used Lierac oil for several years now. It is a product from Paris, and it is such a wonderful cleanser. It is an botanical base, but don’t let that scare you. 

When water is added it emulsifies, and rinses off easily. It has a lovely fragrance and leaves my dry skin soft and satiny. I love this stuff.


Once my skin is all clean I apply a serum. Serums are new to  me, but I am now a believer. 

It takes about 4-5 weeks to see a difference, but all of the sudden I noticed the texture in my skin was softer, the lines less noticeable, and the pores smaller.

If you are not using a serum I would definitely look for one that suits your needs. This one suits my needs perfectly, and I have found it to be very effective.


This product is new to me. In the past I have used facial quality oils on my face, and have enjoyed the feel and the results. 

This particular oil has so many good botanical oils for your face that it is worth the try to see if it works for you.


You can probably tell I have dry/sensitive skin so I am very careful with what I put on my face. This next product is tried and true, and I have used it for several years and absolutely love it.

It gives my skin a great deal of moisture plus protection from the harmful rays of sun that age us so quickly. Protect, protect, protect!!  Oh how I wish I knew then what I know now!!


After cleansing my skin at night and applying my serum I use this as my night cream. 

This particular cream is new to me, but so far I LOVE it. It makes a great night cream because it holds in the moisture for 12 hours, perfect for a night cream.

Once a week I will use an exfoliant, not a scrub but an exfoliant. I have found my sensitive/dry skin can’t take more than once or twice a week.

After I cleanse my face I will apply this first……
This product is made to use everyday, but I have found I can not use it everyday so I use it once or twice a week. 

We all need to exfoliate in order to slough off dead skin cells so our products we are using can get down to our skin, and not just lay on top of the dead skin cells.

I am sure a professional could explain it better, but that is my layman terms trying to explain the, WHY of using an exfoliant.

Once a week I do what I call my puffing, and fluffing day. 

That particular day is where I put a mask on my hair, and face and leave it all day and hope and pray no one comes over. 

I would die if someone saw me all slicked up!!! Not a pretty picture.

I just ran out of both of the products I normally use and since I am a product junkie I am on the hunt for some new products to try. 

If you have any recommendations please leave a comment and SHARE!!!

When I am in the market for any new products for my beauty regime I go to  Beautypedia.com. 

This is an unbiased review source that reviews all kinds of brands and products. It is a wealth of information.

Keep in mind what works for me, just might not work for you, but I wanted to share what has worked for me and is still working for me.

You will notice that many of the products I use are Paula’s choice products. I highly recommend her products. 

I am not being compensated by her company, but I am suggesting these products based on my experiences in using her products, and reviewing of other products.

The offer below is for anyone who is a Paula’s Choice product user.

If you would like to try any of her products click on the code below and you will get $10 off your first order and I will get a $10 credit. A win-win for both of us…..

 click here:

Please leave a comment, and share what is working for you! We can all learn from each other, and besides I love reading comments from my readers!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mixing Patterns Has A Method!!


Choosing the Star fabric for your room!”

Sometimes decorating can be like casting actors in a play. 

After all aren’t we setting a stage, so to speak.

Today I am going to take you through one of the final processes in the coordination of fabrics for a room.

Once you have all of your swatches in hand it is time to start mixing and matching.

The first step is to decide on the STAR!!!

In playing with swatches for my Spring pillows for my family room I tried, and tried to make the addition of yellow the star.

I was considering this fabric by Schumacher…….

Schumacher yellow pillow

Since this was a standout pattern it was a natural for the role as the star.

So why did it not work?

As much as I tried different combinations of coordinates in supporting roles, this one particular fabric was just not strong enough to take on the role of, The Star!

When one star player does not work start looking in your stack of swatches for a new star……

Ribbet collage The contenders spring pillows family room

What makes a fabric a star?

Boldness of color
Scale of design
A Pattern standout.

At a glance I could see several possibilities, but for my particular design aesthetics the blue with white patterns felt like they could be the star.

So I began with my star possibilities…….

Ribbet collage Spring pillow Stars
(Samples are on their way!)

With one of these in mind, I began to play with lining up some supporting actors.

I knew that I wanted a blue, green, yellow and black and white combination so now I just needed to narrow it down.

I started with my next most important color to add to the room….

With the blue fabrics  scale, and design I knew it needed to be a very  easy on the eye, non-committal fabric, you know a pattern that could mix with just about anything.

For me, that would be a smallish sized geometric pattern.


The other thing I needed to keep in mind was the value of the yellow, not too light, and not too bright because that is what my room requires.

The next fabric choice  almost as important as the yellow was finding the right green. It needed to be fresh and crisp in order to elevate these two patterns to a Spring look.

I had three good options to work with….

Option #1
Ribbet collage spring leaf green
A larger scale pattern that both the blue, and yellow would work with. It is a good idea to vary patterns scale when mixing patterns. A general guideline is small, medium and larger scaled patterns will make a good mix.

Option #2

Ribbet collage Spring Green opt. 2
This is a very large scale pattern so this is also a possibility.

Option #3

Ribbet collage spring pillow opt. 3

This pattern is a bit more of an all over pattern in a med-large scale, but what is attracting me to this particular pattern more than the other two, so far, is it’s vibrancy and freshness.

You see, you need to take all things  into consideration when choosing fabrics for your room…….
What pleases your own personal eye.

The last but not least color option is the black and white. I have a black and white striped rug in my room so I only need a touch of black and white to add to the mix.

Again I have a few options, so lets see how they pan out.
Option #1

Ribbet collage Spring pillow Greek key in black
The Greek key pattern has always been a favorite of mine and I think it mixes nicely when used with a Chinoiserie pattern as in the blue fabric.

Option #2

Ribbet collage Spring pillow black trellis
The black and white trellis pattern is also very nice, but it might be shouting too loudly with the other fabrics, in this scenario. Of course all of these opinions are subjective based on my own taste.

Option #3

Ribbet collage Spring pillow Quadrille fabric
This is another trellis pattern but a bit larger scale and the white is more dominant in this pattern, which is a good thing since I am creating a brighter, more cheerful combination for a Spring look.

The next step is to mix, what you think might be your final choices with the other permanent elements in your room as far as patterns and colors.

My last collage………

Ribbet Edit Spring family room almost final
At this point in the decision making I am leaning more towards this combination. I will only make my final decision, once I have all samples in hand. It takes time and planning to get things right, but once it is done I know I will be happy with my final decision.

I have learned if something feels a bit off, or when in doubt, don’t. 

Remember doubt is always there for a reason.

 You might not see it right off the bat, but if you wait it out, it will reveal itself to you as you let some time pass before jumping in with both feet. 

This is actually a rule I try to apply to my life in general, not just design decisions.

I am in hopes that following along with me in this little exercise will possibly help you out in your next project where you have to mix patterns and/or elements in your room.