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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Does Spring Make You Smile?

Easter is just a few weeks away and Spring is officially here. I love this time of year. I especially love Easter/Spring colors. They make me smile.

untitled (450x306)
I am sure you all have certain color combinations that remind you of Easter. The color combination that always reminds me of Easter is pink and yellow. Whenever I see that combination I am instantly  thrown into memories of Easter baskets, new dresses and white patent leather shoes.

BHG (360x300)
I thought it would be fun to look at rooms and  some accessories that can go in rooms that look like Easter!!! Obviously none of us will be doing a room completely over for Easter day, but I think we can look at each of these rooms for some fun ideas to add to our own rooms.

Shall we do a little Easter/Spring exploring?………….

1 (300x300)
via Pinterest

In the above image I can see a couple of items that  could possibly go into other rooms. Why not cover some of your books with spring colored papers for your book shelves. A couple of spring colored boxes on your coffee table to hold your remote controllers would be an easy thing to add to your room.

1 google (300x333) 

decorapd (444x555)
via decorpad

Purchase small artist canvas’s and paint them with Easter egg colors.You can use them in a grouping as they did here. Brightly colored lamp shades are another easy idea. Purchase inexpensive smooth white shades and use a high gloss paint in the color of your choice.

decorpad (468x599)

I think the addition of some Spring colored pillows is a quick and easy way to give your room a pop of Spring. Maybe lighten up your coffee table with a white table or wicker. Even an acrylic table would lighten the room up.

decorpad sarah richardson (406x538)
Sarah Richardson

I am not sure what the prints are above the sofa, but you could buy some great scrap book papers and inexpensive chrome or white frames from Ikea  and you will have some Spring art. Fabric is also a good option or vintage scarves.
The addition of clear or white objects will also lighten and brighten a room.

2 (450x600)
Don’t worry I am not suggesting that you paint your appliances pink!! I do like the colorful ceramic bowls on the shelves and also in the little hutch in the background. Even the spatula is bright pink. How about taking inexpensive wooden spoons and painting them Easter egg colors.

Etsy (570x460)

This seller on Esty has made a wonderful collage of varied sizes and shapes of frames and candlesticks. I think this could be so fun on a mantel. The frames would not have to be new they could be from Thrift stores or garage sales.

google (480x364) 

google (550x550)
Notice the brightly colored lamp base and shade (spay paint!!) can be our friend. It also looks as if they took some brightly colored ribbon and added it to their ottoman. Look around this room and see what ideas you can use for your own home.

house beautiful (360x460)
House Beautiful

house beautiful 2 (360x460)
House beautiful

Tobi Fairley (600x398)
Tobi Fairley

house beautiful 3 (360x460)
House beautiful

MSN Lifestyle (300x357)
An inexpensive wooden chair in a bright color really adds an extra smile to this room. Notice all the pretty sherbet dishes. Even the spines of the books work in the color scheme. I have purchased books from Goodwill for years based on the color of the spine when I am doing a display of books or using them to elevate an object. I call these color spots.

Porterhouse designs (490x326)
Porterhouse designs

Willey design decorpad (295x452)
Willey Designs

Did you see any of your favorite Easter color combinations? I hope you were able to get a few ideas from this post!!!  I know I did!!! I am thinking about where can I add a small bright chair, a stack of boxes and maybe make some book covers!!!

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Finding inspiration for your Spring/Easter decor.


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