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Friday, March 8, 2013

What Is The **STAR** In Your Room?


There are so many details, and layers to consider when you are designing a room.

Something I have noticed when guiding clients, and even in my own life is it is hard to not get caught up in making every detail a star!

What do I mean by that? When we get to re-do a room, and finally get to add some new details to our home it is hard to use restraint, and realize that not everything has to be the newest trend, or to be the star in the room. 

In fact it is better to have one, or two leading actors, and the rest of the elements need to be supporting cast members.

There needs to be an easy flow to a room. You do not want your eye jumping from one element to the next.

When I am talking about the star, I am not necessarily meaning the focal point of a room. No, I mean something that almost shouts out, “look at me!”

It could be a piece of furniture, lighting, artwork, flooring. Really just about anything.

Where we all can go wrong is when we want every element to shout, “Look at Me!”

This is a gentle reminder to you, and to myself……

Restraint in a room design is necessary,choose one or two elements that are the most important to you to be the stars in your room.

When I started formulating my ideas for my family room, I realized after studying the rooms I was attracted to that I needed to have a great piece of art in my room. 

Something that was bright, and cheerful that would grab your eye.

I realize I will have to be very careful when I add art to my room.

One of the important supporting actors was going to be the lighting in the room. Lighting is very important to me so it all has to blend well in my minds eye.

Look at a room in your home. Can you pick out the stars,do you have too many? Which pieces are your supporting actors?

These are important details to think about when you are putting together a room.

We are all going to be experiencing Spring fever very soon, and most of us will be making some changes in our homes. 

I hope this little exercise will help you when it comes time to edit and/or add any new pieces to your rooms.

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