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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Have The Key and It's Greek!

The lovely and talented Suzanne Kasler 
 What a beautiful bench covered in a Greek Key pattern.
(Definition of Greek Key: A continuous band decoration of interlacing, hooked squares.)

Lately I am loving Greek Key designs.  I think it is the clean lines and the grounding force they seem to make in a room.  A Greek key design can make the ordinary become classic.  I would love to incorporate this design somewhere in my home.  I am not sure where I will put it, but I think it is going to be in my future! My friend, Eddie Ross loves to use the Greek Key pattern in his designs and that might just be where it started looking so handsome to me.  I am a big fan of Eddie's so I study whatever he produces. He did a make-over post on two side chairs for his apartment in New York that turned out stunning.  He has the ability to see the ordinary and invision how he can make it new,fresh and classic with a twist.  You have to go to his post and see the before. The picture below shows the after in his apartment.  I love this room. It is so handsome.  By painting them in a classic gray and keeping the upholstery simple and clean, these chairs have become new! again.  Great job Eddie!

Eddie found another new piece of Heisey glass in the Greek Key pattern at the Alameda Flea Market where I got to meet him for the first time, it was truly a thrill for me.

These are pictures of Eddie's Heisey glass collection in the Greek Key pattern, He and Jaithan were so generous to share these pictures with me for this post. Aren't these gorgeous?

I am going to show you some other pictures of the Greek Key design used in rooms that I find very appealing.

The fabric on this chair is so stunning.

The Greek Key motif in black and white is one of my favorites, not to mention the matching lamps on the console. I believe those lamps are from Restoration Hardware.

Love this bedding.  Are you beginning to see how handsome the Greek Key design can be?

This is the same room as above showing the entire room. This is definitely a WOW! room in my book.

I LOVE this mirror.

What a sophisticated childs room. I would have never thought to use this in a child's room, yet I love this idea. (Note to self, remember this for playroom re-do)

Room designed by Nancy Corzine

This room was done by David Jiminez it pops with the use of yellow and then has the classic grounding touch with the use of the Greek Key design in the pillows.

Here we have the soft curves of antique furniture and then the wonderful structure of the Greek key on the window pelmet.

Hmmmm, maybe I should use a Greek Key in my bedroom? This is very close to the colors I have used and some of the same bedding.  I am starting to see where it might be going in my own home.

Designer Amanda Nesbit
Using it on top of pink is so striking.  Notice it is in the rug also.

Designer Johnathan Adler
I like the use of the rug and then a nod to the Greek design by using a pediment above the door, very clever.

You almost have to search for the Greek Key motif in this picture. It is used subtly on the table legs. I really like this idea.

This is another subtle use in the arm of chair in Katie Lee Joel's living room.

Palmer Weiss used the Greek Key fabric on this wonderful settee.

The Syrie Chair designed by Jan Showers

Last but not least, is a chair by Jan Showers-simple and classic at its best.  Notice the little turned up feet and the classic lines of this chair.  It is a beautiful design and the stunning black Greek Key is a show stopper.

" Enjoy the Process" Of: Thinking of ways to use Greek Key motif in your designs.