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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Warming Up A Room With Baskets And Cutting Boards


In the cold winter months I like to add a bit of warmth to my home with textures. 

I have to be honest here and say that I am not very good at adding texture in the form of textural fabrics, however I have found a way to add texture that is appealing to me with two elements that I love to use.


In this image I have a basket tray sitting on a storage basket that holds some of my design books.

Under my desk I take advantage of storage space for design magazines in this stack of storage baskets.

I have a vintage French market basket that I use to put magazines in during the year, but at Christmas time I keep my wrapping paper ready and waiting to use in the same basket. ........

I am on the look out for a Tobacco basket for our new home. I think it would look great in our new house.

There is a great source on Etsy, however keep in mind the shipping is as much as the basket so I will be waiting to find one in California.

When I took a trip to North Carolina about 5 years ago I was introduced to tobacco baskets and I have been fascinated with them ever since that trip.

The other element that I use to add warmth to my home is.......


I love to add cutting boards to my kitchen counter top to add a touch of warmth. In our previous home I had a little display....

 I loved the way the wood looked on our marble counter top.

 You can see a few other boards in this shot. I use cutting boards and baskets all the time, especially for entertaining......

 Breakfast display of fruit is made prettier with a basket liner under the plate.

 In the summer time I like to have healthy snacks out on the counter and putting them on a basket keeps them looking decorative and inviting. Notice there is a cutting board in use as well.

Baskets and cutting boards just go together in my book. Both add warmth and textures to a home.

 This is a great use of both a basket and cutting boards. I will have to remember this and try using my French basket to hold some of cutting boards.

You can't add much more warmth than a combination of baskets and candles to your home.

 I use mine on top of a stack of books.

In our new home I have been looking for a cutting board to put behind my stove to break up some of the white and to add warmth.

I received a package from UPS with this beautiful round cutting board. A very dear friend sent it to Doug and I as a house warming gift. Little did she know I had been looking for several months for just this style of cutting board. 


Once I find the storage box that has my long handled cutting board and wooden rolling pin I will be stacking them with this beauty!!

If you are interested in the willow serving trays  you can find them HERE!

If you like the basket candle holders which can also be used as a vase you can find them HERE!

You can find cutting boards similar to mine HERE!

Since I love both baskets and cutting boards I have two pinboards dedicated to both that you can visit and get even more ideas on how to use them in your homes.

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