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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Staying TRUE To MYSELF!!



Do you all have the need to please others when it comes to decorating a room?

I think most of us in some shape, or form want approval of others, or at least the people we are close too, or the people we admire and respect. 

If we care about people we care about what they think. It is only natural.

In decorating my family room I have made a choice on one of the elements that a few people have questioned. Some have actually told me they don’t really like it at all.

Now most people would be somewhat offended, or hurt by these opinions, however, I on the other hand don’t mind their honesty and candor at all. 

In fact it is quite the opposite for me, I love to hear their opinions.

I have worked in this field long enough to know that design will always be subjective. You have to be somewhat thick skinned, and you can’t take it personally in this business.

If you are wondering what element in the room I am referring to, it is my black and white striped rug…….

new sofa in room 001 (800x576)
I use blues, greens and yellows. Sometimes I even add a touch of pink in the Springtime. 

Soothing colors in of their own right and then POW!! I threw in a black and white striped rug.

My son doesn’t like it at all, my husband says it is too harsh with the soothing colors, but he is happy that I love it. 

I have a couple of friends that I admire, and respect their design opinions, and they say it does not work in their minds. 

They softened their opinion by telling me they are willing to see if it will grow on them. (I love my friends and love their honesty.)

I have to tell you all that as soon as this rug went down I began to smile, it is so “ME!”

From the moment you walk up to my front door and enter…….

……You will see black and white in my cushions and even a striped curtain hanging to the side of the porch. 

My entry and guest bath flooring are black and white marble.

Next you will see touches of black and white in my predominately green and white kitchen which is right off of the family room…….


Right outside the back door of the family room you will see my backyard patio/pool area………..

The back of my home is a soft green with cobalt blue and black and white striped accents.

You see dear readers I had to have a black and white striped rug in my home. It is so ME, I am staying true to Kathysue!

Am I justifying it to all of those that have doubt about this rug? 
Yes, just a little bit, but only because I love them, and want them to be as happy and comfortable here as I am.

Why am I writing about this? Because I can not impress on you all enough how important it is that you stay true to who you are. 

Make the choices for your home on what makes you smile!! If you are not smiling in your home, then you need to look around and figure out why, and make the changes that you can afford to do now!!

Am I saying not to listen to other's opinions? Absolutely NOT! We are all on a learning curve in the design world. Listen and learn from others. BUT, don't ever let it change who YOU are!


Once you stay true to who you are, you will find that decorating your home becomes such a pleasure and being in your home will always make all who enter feel the same joy and peace you feel there.

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